8 Types of Roommates You Are Most Likely To Run Into!

Choosing a roommate is hard! Which one of these roommates have you come across? Which one is you?

What Kind of Roommate Are You?

Choosing a roommate is a bit like moving in with someone after only one date; you’re handing over access to your private life to a person you barely know. Living with a roommate means taking your chances on any number of odd personality quirks coming up once you’ve already signed the lease.

The most effective way to find a roommate with whom you're truly compatible is to take your time and meet several people before you decide on the one. Kijiji is an excellent place to find your new roommate – and you can even find your new place there, too.

To help you find a good roommate, we compiled a list of roommate types you might want to steer clear of; read on before you begin the roommate hunt.

The Neat Freak

Having a Neat Freak for a roommate sounds great on the surface – someone else to do all the cleaning!

But the same qualities that seemed ideal at first can take a strange turn faster than you can say "scrubbing bubbles." Next thing you know, you're constantly getting the evil eye for (unknowingly) putting something in the 'wrong' place, can’t find anything after the latest 're-organization,' and are being shadowed by someone armed with a fully-loaded sponge, an armament of disinfectant, and a hair trigger.

The 'Sharer'

Speaking of sponges…

The 'Sharer' takes the 'sharing' part of being a roommate a little too far, believing everything in the house is up for grabs.

The food you bought disappears without explanation, your shampoo is going down oddly fast, and your favourite hoodie somehow gets a ketchup stain while in the closet. If you want to keep anything to yourself, the first thing you need to buy is a lock for your door.

Well, not everything in the house is up for grabs. Interestingly enough, a very common trait amongst 'Sharers' is that when you want to borrow something from them, the 'sharing' concept suddenly disappears as fast as that food you bought…

The Spoiled One

Likely having grown up with a lot of money and very little responsibility, The Spoiled One has no notion of shared responsibilities or how to do the dishes (or any other chores reserved for 'commoners').

In fact, the entire concept of doing their part has been surgically removed from their DNA. As such, not only are they incapable of it, they have no intention of learning such banalities.

Not only does this person expect to have everything done for them, they likely will look to you to take up the slack now that they find themselves without a housekeeper.

Prepare to put up with a lot of entitlement – and a consistent flow of snooty comments about your taste in clothes.

The Music Lover

You both love music! This is going to be great!

Until they move in with a subwoofer bigger than your refrigerator…

Because feeling the music – it's part of the experience, man.

Prepare to be treated to a lot of bass and conversations held at shouting volume over the music, because your new roommate just knows you’re going to love this next track!

The Ghost

Roommate?..........What roommate?

You know you have a roommate – well, you think you have a roommate, but you never actually see the roommate.

The rent check appears on the table every month like clockwork, but every now and then you consider dusting for fingerprints to determine whether it was placed there by an actual person or invoked by some elusive spectre. On the bright side, The Ghost will never disturb your sleep – except for those sleepless nights you spend wondering if your roommate can walk through walls.

The Note Writer

Your walls are already wallpapered. But get ready for whole new design.

The Note Writer has a lot of opinions on what needs to be done and only one way of getting them across. Post-its. Lots of them.

Your home is riddled with 3" x 3" dictums: posted on your walls (I need you to feed my cat again.), posted on the fridge (We need milk!), on the bathroom mirror (Your turn to buy toilet paper!), and on your bedroom door (Please keep the music down!). With the Note Writer, passive aggressive is a way of life.

The Slob

The opposite of The Neat Freak, The Slob roommate doesn’t clean anything – and finds that completely normal.

The laundry piles up, dirty dishes are left everywhere (literally – everywhere –<shudder>, and there’s a science experiment under the bed. No amount of hinting or complaining will get The Slob to change his or her ways. But hey, they promise to clean up tomorrow! Don't hold your breath.

Wait. Yes hold your breath. It's vital to overcome the smell emanating from their room.

Well, just don't expect they'll ever clean up anything, anytime.

The Couple

When you shook hands on the deal, you invited one roommate. But suddenly, somehow, you've acquired two.

Your roommate’s new love interest instantaneously seems to be a fixture around the house. They have a toothbrush in the bathroom, eat whatever they want from the fridge, take endless long, hot showers, and magically even their own key to the place.

There is one thing they never do, however. Pay any sort of rent, utilities, grocery bills, or any other cost, in spite of the fact that they have clearly moved in.

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