A Survivor's Right: Time to Change Canada's DV/Divorce Laws

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This group came about from online discussions of troubled women in Domestic Violence groups wherein we have all recounted the same problems/experiences with our Canadian court system. The end result is our Canadian laws don’t do enough to protect women and children once they phone 911. Domestic Violence is normalized in Canadian Society.

What was recounted was minimal jail time for their abuser, charges were dropped since this was the first charge laid, a conditional release and/or the Abuser pleading guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for no criminal record.

Can you imagine the built up anxiety of the woman or child who knows their Abuser is out and about and has always threatened to retaliate against them if they ever let anyone know? Let alone the retaliation from the Abuser being "arrested"?

We the Victims know this all too well! It is this anxiety and fear that is used against us by the Abuser and his legal team in our court. The Abuser presents well and the Victim doesn't. The courts/judges don't take in the PTSD, physical harm caused to the VIctims from the abuse and the threats. Our courts and judges instead look to the "Best Interest of the Child".

Courts need to understand that the "Best Interest of a Child" is to no longer: 1) be abused, 2) live in an abusive environment, 3) be controlled, 4) be threatened, 5) be subjected to sustain life long injuries from their Abuser, and/or 6) be killed.

The end result is the Abuser, who typically has more money than us, takes us to court and files for "Sole Custody". Imagine the panic of knowing his threats to take your children away are being played out by him. Again, Victims in a heightened emotional state don’t present well to the court because of this threat. This is a formula that a lot of us Canadian Victims of Domestic Violence have experienced and are currently experiencing through our courts.

Often Victims of Domestic Violence phone 911 thinking that we are about to be killed, and often we are right. The fact is although it may be our first call in to 911 the abuse has gone on for years. The courts and police treat this call as if it is a one time only situation when in fact it is made with great hesitation and is made because we fear that we may be killed as well as our children. Therefore the laws need to be changed to protect us. The system is complicated and stacked against us the Victims who are seeking protection and support.

Canada's "No Fault Divorce Laws" don't work in a Domestic Violence Divorce.

If Prime Minister Trudeau won't negotiate with Terrorists, why do Canadian Victims of Domestic Violence and their Children have to in our Courts?

Our facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/asurvivorsright/

Our petition page is:


Please support our cause because it is for every Canadian woman and child who experiences abuse and wants to get out. Let’s help them to succeed in and through our courts.

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