Looking 4 support/help for a heavily disordered clutter issue-

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I am up against some serious impending losses as a result of being unable to sort and clear my clutter myself. I know I am not alone. My 2 questions are 1- is there anyone anywhere who can help, who needs some other form of help in return, or just someone with time and understanding? 2-Are you looking for support/help for a heavily disordered home or near hoarder situation? Other questions- -can we help and support one another? -once out of the woods re: after my impending deadline date, can we work to help other -can we form a support network? -can we form a community?..a fraternity? -.....a place to talk, share, support, and celebrate successes possible because we banded together? -what other way is there? It's too overwhelming in isolation with zero help. Asking for and giving help is the way out and through...as it is with most things...support and community of like struggles, like minds, like interests...make things happen. This struggle is one which is aquifer and is developed through experiences of trauma, abuse, loss, and isolation...life altering events very difficult to cope with. It is not laziness and judgement, shaming, berating, criticism doesn't help and actually prevents progress. I am alone and struggling with many losses trying to find persons to have an honest, mutually supportive reciprocal friendship and/or mutual support agreement with to assist one another with clutter. I struggle with too much stuff and clutter, find it overwhelming. Find myself distracting from thoughts of abandonment and abuse from my ex etc. Could really use to talk about this or just receive some encouragement or assistance and allow myself to assist you too, constructively, if you too have a house of too much stuff and clutter. I find my productivity raises when around positive encouraging respectful people and you'll find frequently in me a very light hearted playful happy go lucky demeanour when I feel hopeful and supported, feeling things are possible, and grateful for some visible progress. I did have an agreement with an older man whose home was like none I'd ever seen. He accepted all my help with excitment at what he saw was getting done, exclaiming I "worked like six men", but when it came to returning the favor, he vanished despite the fact of my home being clean, clear, orderly ( far from it) in comparison to his and him getting the better deal. I've always given a lot of myself and fail to find those with the honesty and integrity to return the favor. Perhaps they are just dealing with their own difficulties and issues. I don't care if your issue is loss, abuse, anxiety, depression even addiction ( as long as you are not dishonest, disrespectful, don't steal from me. . .....so in the instance someone does decide to cause me or my property any threat, theft, or harm...(know I have nothing of value my ex who brags he makes more money that he knows what to do with has taken my items of value as he needs them more than I do) and I'm just saying I will trust someone dispite their issues but won't tolerate abuse, harm, or men that offer help in exchange for trying to get "some" BECAUSE THAT WONT HAPPEN lAND I FIND THAT OPPORTUNISTIC DOUCHY ABUSE OF WOMEN TO BE DEPLORABLE/AMORAL....and will deal with any threat, theft or hard to self or property quickly Now if you are struggling and honestly would like to exchange help, I do need some and will give plenty in an attitude of gratitude in return. I will respect you and keep your confidences, as I'd also expect in return, ....so....if you would like to extend/barter help/assistance or talking/friendship to one another, please do send me a line. My time line is short and stand to lose my home if unable to manage this. When alone with this s I feel down and overwhelmed as if in quicksand. People have shamed me for this ( but those who shame are saying more about their own issues and lack of coping than your own) but to them, I'll ask where would you be with friends moved away, no children, no warm kind non scapegoating family with contact a mere once a year and no coworkers. It's easy to say you'd manage with no one to experience care, warmth, belonging. Now what about during times of difficulties which all experience in life...or worse...death of loved one, loss of job, loss of love, abuse/assault. I go out and hear people everywhere gushing about their family, one lady telling me her daughter is everything, her world, her rock and she wouldn't know what to do without her during times of wellness and without difficulty!!. Going through tremendous loss and trauma in complete isolation of care, companionship, belonging is near unbearable at times and my hope is I'll find a friend who understands. You'll be met with gentle respect and kindness and if you have a clutter home, we'll help one another. Thunder Bay has no support in this area that is practical, knowledgable, respectful, client driven and inexpensive. I've included a picture of a support group in Toronto. Why doesn't Thunder Bay have something like this? I find that no one speaks of this. I began and in a short time, had three people confide they have the same problem, but had I not shared first, I'd have never known. This leads me to realize what a prevalent yet hidden problem it is here, yet there is no infrastructure programming support to help.. People are more apt to admit they have a dream g or alcohol problem or worse than to admit to having issues and struggling with heavy clutter and disorder or near hoarding. There is so much shaming from other people that occurs that people feel too uncomfortable asking for help. Later, I'd like to start a support group to talk and share feelings and difficulties but right now I need immediate physical help, so would like to hear from anyone who can help remove CLEAN clutter, help organize whether you share this difficulty or not and I will help you with something in return as am able and/or anyone who also needs support and we can support one another clearing stuff from each other's home, eventually creating a group as more people speak up. There will be people who will read this and respond in a nasty way. It's happened before, but I do know when they do, they are telling me much about themselves, and little about me. Speaking up and asking for help is healthy. Being fearful to ask for help is not. Please reply and tell me what your situation is, hopes dreams, needs. Let me know if you can assist me, as my timeline is drawing to an end and if you are ready and willing for some help in return. Thank you

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