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  • Mini caméra 1080P HD, Camera vision grand angle (Wide Angle) lentille version C2
  • C'est une caméra très versatile, cette caméra peut être utilisé de plusieurs facon, Comme caméra action, caméra de surveillance, caméra spy, dash caméra et autre...
  • Cette caméra a une dimension de 2x1x1 pouces et un poids de seulement 1.2oz
  • Elle peut être utilisé autant comme caméra de tout les jours, caméra ajouté à votre drone, bicyclette ou autre...
  • Elle est munie d'une lentille ultra-wide-angle pour une vision de 131 Degrées.
  • Elle peut enregistrer jusqu'à 19 heures de vidéo HD avec une carte mémoire optionnelle de 128GB ( carte mémoire non inclus).
  • Vous pouvez choisir le mode LOOP qui permet l'enregistrement en continue ( ce mode enregistre sans arrêt, il enregistre en boucle par dessus l'enregistrement précédent quand la carte mémoire st pleine).
  • Vous pouvez choisir deux mode de résolution vidéo : 1080p-30fps ou 720p-60fps ou 720p-30fps.
  • Trois mode de qualité vidéo: Super, Standard, et basse (Low)
  • Le mode 1080p-30 fps donne environ 18,000 kbps. pour un détail de grande qualité. Le mode 720p-30 fps video donne environ 5800 kbps.
  • Pour une résolution de 2048x1536, 1920x1080, ou 1280x720 (native pixel sizes - no up conversion)
  • La fonction Time lapse photos pour un délai entre chaque images. (le délai est de 0.25 à 60 sec.
  • Accepte carte mémoire microSD jusqu'à 128 GB ( Carte non inclus)
  • Batterie rechargeable intégré 820mA (durée approximative d'utilisation 2 heures d'enregistrement)
  • Note: la batterie AA sur la photo est seulement a démontrer la dimension de cette caméra
  • Livraison gratuite !

    Livraison estimé 2 à 5 jours.

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  • The 1080P HD Action Camera Wide Angle - C2 Lens is a versatile camera that you can use to protect yourself against reckless drivers.
  • You can also use it to record awesome action videos on your bike, with a drone, or on your next vacation.
  • This Camera shoots full 1080p HD video even in low-light conditions and it comes with an ultra-wide-angle lens with horizontal field of view of 131 Degrees.
  • The camera can store up to 19 hours of HD video when you purchase a 128GB memory card. If you need more storage space, the camera also comes with loop recording.
  • This means that the camera will automatically write over your old files when the memory card is full.
  • Two user selectable video modes, toggled by the mode button after power up. Either mode can be set to record 1080p-30fps or 720p-60fps or 720p-30fps.
  • Three movie quality settings (Super, Standard, and Low), which will vary the recording bit rates suitable for the user-selected frame size and frame rate. The Super setting with 1080p-30 fps video gives an approximate average total bit rate around 18,000 kbps. with a high detail and motion scene.
  • The Low setting with 720p-30 fps video gives approximately 5800 kbps on the low end.
  • Movie flip (180 deg. rotation) | Movie sound (off plus three volume levels) | Photo capture mode with frame sizes of 2048x1536, 1920x1080, or 1280x720 (all native pixel sizes - no up conversion) |
  • Time lapse photos with delays between images. The targeted delay times range from 0.25 to 60 sec.
  • HD Video, Miniature Size & Dash Cam Functionality Make This the Best Bang-for-Buck Mini Camera on the Market

    The Mobius ActionCam is everything you could ever ask for in a mini camera. At 2x1x1 inches big and weighing only 1.2oz, it’s both smaller and lighter than the average deck of playing cards - and packed full with an incredible array of features. It can record video in super sharp 1080p HD resolution and includes WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for recording in low light situations. A time lapse option allows you to take still photographs at timed intervals, and for recording fast-moving scenes (such as when driving) the camera comes equipped with a setting for shooting at 720p and 60 frames per second - ensuring you can spot even the briefest details during playback. It can also be connected to your computer in order to shoot live video. One of the most popular uses of the Mobius is for use in your car as a powerful dash cam. With the Mobius at your side, roadside disputes no longer need to rely on word of mouth, harassment by authorities can be documented on video and audio, and hit-and-run perpetrators can now be identified with ease.

    HD Video Recording

    The Mobius ActionCam records in either 1080p HD resolution at 30fps, or in 720p at 60fps. By shooting in 60fps, you can achieve excellent slow-motion results and analyze footage frame-by-frame. Additionally the bitrate for the Mobius is nearly 18,000 kbps, which is over 3 times higher than the recommended bitrate for HD YouTube videos. All of these features for under 100 makes the Mobius one of the most cost-effective video cameras on the market.

    131 Degree Wide-Angle Lens

    The wide-angle lens Mobius Camera comes with a Japanese built glass lens (not removable) that has an approximate horizontal field of view of 131 degrees with minimal fisheye distortion.
  • Tough, Classic Design with Hard-Button Controls

    Whether you’re riding atop a mountain bike or skiing down a mountain, the Mobius Action Camera 1080P HD Mini Sports Cam Wide Angle Edition with C2 Lens preserves your experience in gorgeous Full HD video with audio. A proven leader in rugged yet lightweight construction, this camera will meet all your sporting needs. When your need for speed transcends common sense, you can switch to its 60-frames-per-second setting to capture those especially fast sequences at twice the normal frame rate. The Mobius comes with a lens cap, mounting sleeve, tripod screw hole and touch-fastener strip, so it can be worn or fitted to your gear. Optional accessories are available for a variety of placements. The camera’s top-located buttons enable fumble-free video- and photo-capture.

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