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These are brand new, never been used, YuGiOh cards from the Premium Gold series. I'm offering to sell cards from the Premium Gold series as single cards. The value of each card is listed. Minimum $5.00 purchase. Mix and match. Local pick up only! Please send an email if interested.

Gimmick Puppet Dreary Doll (QTY: 2) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN001 $1.50

Gimmick Puppet Magnet Doll (QTY: 3) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN002 $0.99

Chronomaly Tula Guardian (QTY: 2) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN003 $0.25

Big Belly Knight (QTY: 2) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN004 $0.25

Power Tool Mecha Dragon (QTY: 1) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN005 $0.99

Junk Puppet (QTY: 2) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN007 $0.75

Chronomaly City Babylon (QTY: 1) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN008 $0.25

Utopia Buster (QTY: 2) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN009 $0.50

Gimmick Puppet Humpty Dumpty (QTY: 3) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN011 $0.50

Gimmick Puppet Shadow Feeler (QTY: 2) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN012 $0.50

Silent Wobby (QTY: 2) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN013 $0.25

Dynatherium (QTY: 2) Gold Secret Rare PDLG-EN014 $0.25

Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons (QTY: 1) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN016 $18.99

NC6: Chronomaly Chaos Atlandis (QTY: 1) Gold Secret Rare PDLG-EN018 $1.99

NC40: Gimmick Puppet of Dark Strings (QTY: 1) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN020 $1.25

NC9: Chaos Dyson Sphere (QTY: 3) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN022 $0.75

N31: Embodiment of Punishment (QTY: 1) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN024 $0.75

Tri-Edge Levia (QTY: 2) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN026 $0.50

Rank-Up-Magic Argent Chaos Force (QTY: 1) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN027 $2.99

Gagaga Academy Emergency Network (QTY: 3) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN028 $1.50

Ghost of a Grudge (QTY: 2) Gold Secret Rare PGLD-EN029 $1.75

Lonefire Blossom (QTY: 3) Gold Rare PGLD-EN034 $3.99

Honest (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN035 $2.99

Effect Veiler (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN036 $5.99

Gagaga Magician (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN037 $0.50

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN038 $1.99

Lightpulsar Dragon (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN039 $1.50

Darkflare Dragon (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN040 $0.99

Crane Crane (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN042 $0.50

Colossal Fighter (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN043 $0.50

N32: Shark Drake (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN044 $2.99

Brotherhood of the Fire Fist: Tiger King (QTY: 3) Gold Rare PGLD-EN045 $0.75

Solar Recharge (QTY: 3) Gold Rare PGLD-EN046 $1.99

Forbidden Lance (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN048 $8.99

Forbidden Dress (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN049 $1.99

Fire Formation – Tenki (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN050 $0.99

Jinzo (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN051 $4.99

Breaker the Magical Warrior (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN052 $0.99

Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World (QTY: 3) Gold Rare PGLD-EN054 $0.35

Swords of Revealing Light (QTY: 3) Gold Rare PGLD-EN057 $0.99

Reinforcement of the Army (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN058 $2.99

Necro Gardna (QTY: 3) Gold Rare PGLD- EN063 $0.75

Prime Material Dragon (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN065 $1.99

Caius the Shadow Monarch (QTY: 3) Gold Rare PGLD-EN066 $3.99

Mind Control (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN067 $0.50

Gold Sarcophagus (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN068 $4.99

Bottomless Trap Hole (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN069 $3.99

Phoenix Wing Wind Blast (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN070 $1.50

Exploder Dragon (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN071 $0.75

Judgment Dragon (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN072 $5.99

Mezuki (QTY: 3) Gold Rare PGLD-EN073 $0.99

Blackwing Armor Master (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN077 $2.50

Blackwing Armed Wing (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN078 $0.75

Icarus Attack (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN080 $1.50

Morphing Jar (QTY: 2) Gold Rare PGLD-EN081 $0.99

Gravekeeper’s Spy (QTY: 3) Gold Rare PGLD-EN082 $0.50

Chaos Sorcerer (QTY: 3) Gold Rare PGLD-EN084 $1.99

Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN085 $18.99

Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN086 $0.75

Tytannial, Princess of Camellias (QTY: 1) Gold Rare PGLD-EN088 $0.50

Trap Stun (QTY: 4) Gold Rare PGLD-EN090 $3.50

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