Six Nations Decanter & Cups "Clans of The Iroquois" Dee Martin

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For your consideration is a wonderful Dee Martin Six Nations pottery decanter and 4 cups. Beautiful incised decoration - the decanter has the following animal decoration - turtle, beaver, deer, snake, heron, fox, bear, plus an eagle and a snipe. Each cup has also been decorated with an animal and all pieces including the decanter have a beautiful robin's egg blue glaze on the interior. Markings: The underside of the decanter is signed Clans Of The Iroquois - 1974. There is an incised Flint & Feather design with the initials SN (Six Nations) in it. Also off to the side is the name DEE for Dee Martin. The cups are also marked with the Flint & Feather, initials SN and name DEE. Each cup has a different incised animal or bird on the front so the name of their clan is identified by the picture: Heron Clan, Wolf Clan, Deer Clan and Bear Clan. Approximate Dimensions: Decanter - 12" in height including the stopper and 17 1/2" in circumference, 4" diameter base and the stopper finial of 5". Cups vary in height from 3", 2 5/8" and 2 7/8". Because of them being handmade there is a difference in size. Also they are dated on the bottom 1973. Overall Condition: In very good condition. Chip out of the rim of one cup as seen in photo. Please refer to the pictures as they are part of our description. This is a rare find and would make a wonderful addition to your Six Nations Mohawk, , Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Seneca and Tuscarora nations pottery collectable's and a complement to your Canadian Art pottery. About the Pottery - The first concerted effort came from a few dedicated women and men at the Six Nations Reserve in Canada in the late 1960's. The late Elda and Oliver Smith along with Sylvia Smith, Dee Martin, and Karen Williams began to create a form of pottery which became known as Mohawk Pottery. While using an electric wheel and kiln, they produced pots which were Haudenosaunee in design yet modern in function. These artisans developed a brown wash which resembled the colors of the ancient pots and studied the geometric design elements to decorate their pots. In time they also began to use the clay as a canvas, incising into the clay, designs which symbolically represented events in their history or meaningful values such as a tree of peace or clan animal.

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