Vintage Rare Bank of Montreal Perpetual Wall Calendar

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Kirkland, QC H9H 3X3, Canada(Afficher la carte)


This very rare Bank of Montreal perpetual wall calendar is in good condition considering it's age. No missing parts. Calendars of this style were ubiquitous on branch bank walls for many years and were also giveaway items for commercial bank customers to hang in their own premises.Made of painted metal with a bevelled edge, this calendar comes with a full set of two sided cardboard numbers and all the months, four to a card. The calendar measures 12" wide by 18 1/4" long.Visible in the photos, there is some white discoloration on the cards, as if normal wear dissolved some of the ink. Otherwise there is very minimal wear to the edge of the cards from sliding in and out of the window. There are no bends in the cards and no scratches to the painted metal. There are two vintage commercial decals that were adhered to the calender at the time.The logo puts this calendar in the 50s or early 60s at the latest, and it may be older.

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