Keyboard player needed for wacky avant-garde rock band

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Jam Apr 10th 12-4 at Musicopratik The Maximum Chill is looking for a keyboard player to join our merry band of freaks! We are currently drums, guitar, bass, saxophone and clarinet playing rock / fusion in a similar vein to that of Frank Zappa, Brian Eno, Grateful Dead, etc. Lots of crazy songs and improvisational extended jams. Band members range in age between 21-30 but we are open to having members of any age group in the band. We are gearing up to be busy with shows and small tours when concerts become a thing again and have around 2.5 hrs of original music and covers to work on, and also are working on our second grant proposal for a wild rock-opera album. Check out the songs and more on YouTube and Spotify and PM me if interested:

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