Tesla Model S/X Jacking adapter

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Tesla owners who like to jack up their cars to change a tire or even have a third party garage work on their car will know that a special adapter is required to jack the car properly. This is because there's a dedicated space the size of a small rectangle to place the jack which is near the battery enclosure. Tesla also incorporated 3 holes in this rectangular area to align the adapter and to prevent it from sliding. What I'm offering Tesla owners is a jacking adapter machined out of solid maple that offers a peace of mind that; 1- No damage occurs to the battery enclosure 2- 2- Adapter will be easy to align with the dedicated jacking spot 3- 3- Adapter will align with the jack via the machined cutouts. There are DIY versions where people makes this out of pine, but finds out that pine do not last long since it is a softwood. These adapters are slim enough to use on the low clearance model S provided it is used with a slim jack. You can order just one to change the tires or brake pad replacement or a set of 4 so the garage can use as a safeguard against damaging the battery enclosure. you can purchase one on this site or we can meet up in laval for cash pickup. IF this ad is still up, they are still available! Thanks

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