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Parting out a 1968 Cessna 172K

Airframe: Stabiliser, ailerons, flaps, rudder pedals and torque tube, brake master cylinders, steering rods and boots, complete nose gear assembly with castings, complete main gear assembly with axles and U-bolts (flat leaf spring type gear), cabin doors, baggage door, R/H wing strut, R/H wingtip fairing with nav light and strobe, trim tab actuator assembly (new), wing mounted landing light lens, fuel selector valve assembly, vacuum regulator. bracket air filter, flap motor, flap position sender, static wicks, fuel tanks, nose cowling, tail bulkhead, pitot tube.

Firewall and forward: exhaust, engine mount with good flex mounts, carb heat airbox and bracket, oil cooler, fuel strainer, Starter Sky-Tec NL149, battery box, starter contactor, starter coil relay, GPU power socket, Brackett air filter, ring gear, tachometer cable.

Electrical: Ignition switch (new), push-pull type switches master, landing, pitot, nav, strobes, tail nav light, flash strobe tube.

Controls: flap switch, throttle cable, mixture cable, carb heat cable, fuel strainer cable,

Instruments and gauges: DG Sigma-tek, ASI, VSI, Digital clock Davtron, EGT and CHT gauges Westach with probes, ammeter, vacuum gauge, carb temp gauge, compass, stall warning lift detector (electrical type).

Prop: McCauley 1C160/DTM7553 with spacer and bolts

Avionics (14v): NAV/COM King KX155 (photocell needs replacement), NAV/COM ARC 328T with VOR indicator, ADF King KR86, PTT switches.

Interior: most plastic parts including new center console, cabin air vents.

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