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Waitress/Waiter needed

  • Entreprise
    Diablos BBQ
  • Type d'emploi
    Temps partiel


Diablos is looking for a part time Waitress or Waiter for our upcoming opening. Experience is a plus, however we have an open mind so feel free to come and see us. SO THIS IS WHAT WE CAN OFFER Flexible scheduals from 5 to 25 hours per week. Competitive pay (and we are not just saying that, we actually pay well) however it does depend on your experience. Full training on all aspects of our front of house. Menu, food orders, drink orders, bar (we will teach you how to make all our drinks). Super friendly and interesting staff to tell your bad jokes too who will laugh to make you feel better about yourself regardless if the joke sucks. Some exceptions apply With COVID19 it will be a challenge to navigate the new reality of social distancing but we feel that we have a set up that will potentially allow us and you to respect the new rules. Location, location, location. Diablos has a new location with a very large terrasse and we are in the process of setting it up so that the work environment is as comfortable as possible. BASIC REQUIREMENTS 1.1 Must be able to tell time and know the difference between AM and PM 1.2 Must remember what days AND times you’re expected to be at work 1.3 Must shower at least 3 times a week minimum (Preferably on the days that you are working) 1.4 Sociable, must like “talking” to people. No, typing super-fast on twitter does not count! 1.5 Likable, you might like talking to people, but if people generally walk away from you in the middle of your sentences that is a bad sign! 1.6 Sense of humor, no need to be a comedian but know how to have fun with clients. 1.7 Coachability, being open and positive about learning new stuff is a must! 1.8 You must be willing to wear a full hazmat suit equipped with integrated oxygen tanks for your entire shift, even if it is 35 degrees outside.

DO NOT APPLY IF 2.0 If you have, been into contact with, spoken on the phone with, text messaged, seen from a distance, or even heard of somebody who knows somebody with the Corona virus. We can’t take any chances. 2.1 If oversleeping if a rule and not an exception 2.2 You have no alarm clock 2.3 You have to go court often (To defend yourself, or as a witness!) 2.4 You have to give friends rides to work later than you start work (Refer to point 1.2) 2.5 You experience flat tires every week (Especially on the days that you are working) 2.6 If you are afflicted with Gluedtohanditis. (Your cell phone is glued to your hand all day). 2.7 You just have to know what your friends are doing and have to check Instagram or facebook constantly or you will start hyperventilating. 2.8 You need to smoke at 10 minute intervals 2.9 You'll need Saturday nights off because your folk /death metal /reggae/ Michael Bublé fusion band has a gig. 2.10 You think that we don’t know that that vodka smelling liquid in your water bottle that you brought from home isn’t water. (Dude/Gal, we know) Did you know that bats always turn left when they exit a cave? Me neither, fun fact. Also they are the only mammal that can fly. To be clear we are a BBQ Tex Mex restaurant, we smoke A LOT of meat, although we do not discriminate, only non-preachy, non-judgmental vegans need apply. We respect your life choices so respect ours. After all vegans eat the food my food eats. Please send your CV to – no phone calls please.

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