Animal rescue program at Morona Santiago Zoo, Ecuador

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In this project, volunteers will support a little zoo, located near Macas in Morona Santiago in the Amazon region.

The zoo started in early 2006 as a "rescue center" for wild species to respond to the inadequate treatment of these animals who were hunted and sold to citizens as pets, were hold captive in confined spaces with inadequate diet, hygiene, etc. That was the reason to create the center to rescue mammals, reptiles, birds, etc. We started with the rescue of a tapir (Tapirus terrestris). In April of 2006 a 7-month old male jaguar (Panthera onca) was brought from San José de Morona. Other animals were brought to the Center by the Ministry of Environment or individuals. This led to the need of a larger area where to build dens for each animal and provide the right habitat.

We need volunteers to ameliorate the difficult economic situation of the zoo due to the lack of involvement of local institutions and the government. If you want to help us feed the animals, learn about them, you are welcome to tis project.

Special requirements: Basic knowledge of Spanish is required.

Duration of the project: The program is running all year round. Minimum time for volunteering is 4 weeks, up to 12 months.

Accommodation: Accommodation is provided in local host families.

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