Looking for an Indian ringneck

No Longer Available - Looking for an Indian ringneck Please Contact

Looking for a tamed female Indian ringneck parrot with no feather plucking and no biting habits under 5 yrs of age. Thanks

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Looking for
Please Contact
Edmonton 14/04/2021
I am looking to find and buy like this bird cage
Looking for Black Headed or White Bellied Caique
Please Contact
Edmonton 13/04/2021
I am an experienced bird owner looking to adopt a caique of any age. Last year our caique of many years passed away of old age, and we are looking to fill the void she left in our family. Please ...
Love Bird(s)
Please Contact
Edmonton 13/04/2021
I am looking for 1 or 2 love birds . I had a love bird for about 11 years and i would like to get another . im looking for a cage as well . iv seen alot of high price birds here and i cant afford ...
Looking for a Female Green back Gouldian
Please Contact
Edmonton 11/04/2021
Looking for a Female Green Back Gouldian, Approximately 1 year old
Looking for a male Eclectus parrot
Please Contact
Edmonton 08/04/2021
I am looking for a male Eclectus parrot of breeding age. I may sell the female also if I cannot find one, she is ready to start laying again.
ISO Brown Headed Parrot
Please Contact
St. Albert 04/04/2021
Looking for a brown head. Please let me know if you're got any leads whatsoever. Thanks!
Looking For a Male Green back Gouldian Finch
Please Contact
Edmonton 31/03/2021
Looking for Male Classic Green Back Gouldian, Approximately one year old. To buy or trade for of same Female.
Rosey bourke pair
Please Contact
Edmonton 29/03/2021
Looking for a breeding pair of rosey bourkes.
Male English Budgies
Please Contact
Edmonton 27/03/2021
I’m looking for a male English Budgies. Message me if you know of someone that sells one or if you do, thanks!
ISO Small Parrot/Conure
St. Albert 24/03/2021
Hi! I'm looking for a friend for my little girl. I'd love to give a home to a bird that needs attention. I'm a stay at home mom, and have experience with birds. If you are looking to rehome your ...
Bar headed, or Lesser  white fronted geese
Please Contact
Edmonton 14/03/2021
Hi looking for anyone selling or knows of any one selling bar-headed or lesser white fronted geese, any info would greatly be appreciated,
ISO Female budgies
Edmonton 10/03/2021
I’m looking for 3-4 female budgies. Preferably at least a year old. Colour doesn’t matter. Thanks.
Iso: gold laced wyandotte hens
Edmonton 01/03/2021
Looking for POL pullets and hens Only looking for gold laced Wyandottes Located just outside Winfield. Willing to travel a considerable distance
Wanted: Citron Crested Cockatoo
Please Contact
Edmonton 27/02/2021
Hi! I'm looking for a Citron Crested Cockatoo, not to be confused with a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. I currently have a green cheek conure, and I'm planning on getting a second conure. They would ...
Wanted ducks and chickens
Please Contact
Edmonton 25/02/2021
I am looking for cheap or free ducks and chickens also looking for duck or chicken hatching eggs
Looking for male parakeet
Please Contact
Edmonton 24/02/2021
I have 2 female parakeets and i am looking for one male to buy or to trade one female with one male
Looking for young female rosey bourke parakeet
Please Contact
Edmonton 23/02/2021
Looking for one that is 6 months to a year preferably. Would consider a Normal bourke as well Contact if you have. Reasonable price only.
Sun or Blue Throated Conure wanted.
Please Contact
Edmonton 22/02/2021
Looking for a Sun or Blue Throated Conure, open to others as well but would be happy with either of these. Can pick up. Please email
Strathcona County 22/02/2021
Looking for female rollers will swap for polish orlics if good rollers
Looking for homing pigeons
Edmonton 18/02/2021
Looking for homing /racing pigeons Preferably young birds , banded would be great Looking to start a new loft Nothing fancy
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