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This demo unit has a list price of $8,800 so hurry and call us now.

It is a self-contained, all-in-one unit is compact, lightweight and rugged. Design integrates controls, monitor, 48-hour digital recorder & text overlay. Versatile system negotiates tight bends and elbows to inspect as far as 100‘ into 1–36” diameter lines.

System Features

The Pilit system captures video images from inside pipes, tubes, ducts, chimneys, and similar structures. It displays camera images onscreen, and records and plays MPEG4 video. Bundled software allows images and video to be annotated with data, text and audio.

The command module houses the electronics and controls to operate the system, plus an LCD display for viewing. The Pilit can be powered by an external 12 VDC, 3A source, or by mains power. The Pilit includes an MPEG4 recorder for capturing and replaying video, as well as software that allows titles, date, time, distance and audio commentary to be added to captured images. The Pilit also includes a video-out feature allowing video to be recorded by an external recording device (VCR or video camera).

Cable Reel: The cable reel is used to store and deploy the 100' reinforced pushrod cable. The Pilit is equipped with a stainless steel reel that holds up to 200ft/60m of 10 mm cable. Reinforced with epoxy/Kevlar, the pushrod cable travels considerable distances along a pipe, but retains sufficient flexibility to pass through tight bends and P traps. A sensor measuring how much pushrod cable is deployed is housed in the reel, and the length deployed is displayed on the control module and the video display. A spring termination assembly is used to mount the camera to the pushrod cable, and provides additional flexibility to push the camera around bends and through P traps. As an option, the spring termination assembly may include a transmitting sonde, enabling it to be located from the surface using a 512Hz, 640Hz or 33 kHz locator (limited functionality with 33 kHz). When supplied, the sonde is positioned approximately 16"/400mm behind the head of the camera.

Camera Module: The stainless steel cameras head houses a color CCD camera module and ultra-bright LED illumination. The number of LED varies with the diameter of the camera.

This demo unit includes:

Pelican type transport case (32"x22"x20")

The PILIT Owl: 1.375” diameter super low lux adjustable focus camera for Pilit system. Capable of illuminating up to a 36” diameter line. The Pilit Side View Kit: detachable 90p DoV mirror adapter and Pilit WA camera head.

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