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-S/N: 6371005299 -Model: Electric Strong Trim EL130 equivalent to today's Electric Power Trim Plus -Cutting length/thickness: 51"/0.188" -Forward/reverse motor: 110 V, 6.3 A, 60 Hz -Complete with paper holding bar and paper collection curtain -Machine controls were improved to reverse the cutting head with dual action foot pedal -Short life problems of the urethane steel belt were solved by replacing the 15 mm wide belt with a 25 mm wide belt -40" ruler with 1 flipping stopper for mass production cuts -Suction slot along cutting anvil to remove trimmings and cutting dust, connected to a 5" diameter suction inlet, is part of the machine -5" diameter x 84" long flexible hose is part of the CB 7.5 hp dust collector -Equipment size: 69" long x 20" deep x 42" high (ruler extend 30" in front of machine) -Weight: 100 lbs

Spare parts: -Two sprockets 14T for 25mm belt -One pinion gear for the ratio motor

From the manufacturer:

This high-speed, medium duty workhorse of a paper cutter, features a reinforced cutting head mounted on a square chrome plated guide rail with ball bearings. Cutting head cuts in both directions at twenty inches per second. Trimmer design facilitates horizontal output of trim edge for hand pickup or receiving table delivery. Either the convenient "touch bar actuator" or foot pedal can be used to initiate each trim. Paper cutter is shipped with an adjustable reference guide, stand and lamp; the fixing bar is a factory-installed option.

THE PRICE IS FIRM. Cash only. Call 514-453-6506. We also speak French. NO TEXT PLEASE!!! We will remove this ad immediately after the sale. PLEASE STOP ASKING IF THE ITEM IS STILL AVAILABLE. Thank you.

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