2000w Wind Turbine Kit

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2000 Watt Wind Turbine System

The following wind turbine is available as as a near complete package. It includes all the things listed and should require only a suitable battery package.


This Wind Turbine package includes:

UP2KB Wind Turbine kit -2000 Watt turbine generator -blades, tail, hub and nose cone -2000 Watt resistive dump load -HD2000 3 phase turbine controller -Hookup Wire -6M tower assembly (3 parts, bolt together with guy lines and anchors)

Fuses: Wind Input Fuse and Holder

Cable: Wind hookup wire

Can I install this downtown/uptown/in town? No. Wind turbines are something that is best left to people living outside the city. We have solar packages available for city residents. Feel free to contact your local municipal official to express your desire for wind to be accepted within your municipality.

What do I need for batteries? This package is set up for a 24V battery package. Options include new high capacity batteries, reconditioned forklift batteries and more. This is something best to drop in and discuss in person with us. Coffee available for longer conversations.

What can I power with this system? With an inverter, you can power your usual small appliances such as TV, lights, pumps, fans, computers etc. The amount of power generation depends on the amount of consistent wind in your area. Runtimes may vary. Please discuss your intended equipment with us to match your battery capacities and generation system to your needs.

Can I run my microwave/stove/hot water tank/dryer/baseboard heater? No. It is not recommended to run high amperage devices such as microwaves, electric heaters, electric stoves or electric dryers using these systems. Hot water is usually made with a combination of solar heat collectors and propane 'on demand'. Although it is technically possible to run these items, the turbine and battery package requirement make it prohibitively expensive.

Can I feed the power back into the grid and retire off the money I make? For grid tied wind in NB and NS, the restrictions, requirements and inspection costs make it too costly to break even in a reasonable time. You are welcome to discuss the option with us and your local utility.

Drop in and see us any time.

Unplugged Power Systems 200 Millennium Blvd 1-877-496-3797 www.theotherpowercompany.ca

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