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    November 26, 2018
    (1 year old)

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    One-Year-old neutered male seeking a new home. Mercury is a very affectionate boy who LOVES cuddles and attention! He’s free. I’m asking $150 to cover his neuter and last vet visit.


    Mercury, AKA Apexpride Mercury of Autika, is a snow lynx Bengal. He was purchased for $3000. We had high hopes for him as our new stud for our small cattery. He is registered with both TICA and ACFA. He attended his first cat show in April in the USA and took 9 out of 10 top 10 finals! One of the judges said that if there had been an award and prize for purring, Mercury would have won :) In May, he started displaying some odd behaviour. He would tilt his head. But everything else seemed fine. He was active, happy, eating, and drinking. In June, the tilt was worse until one day we found him in a corner howling, unable to stand up. He was suffering terribly and had horrible vertigo. He was rushed to the vet. The vet figured it was an ear infection, although the otoscopic exam did not yield discharge or evidence of infection. He was started on multiple meds. Weeks later, he's back at the vet. While the vertigo improved, his head tilt did not and his personality was showing signs of changing - he was aggressive towards my other cats. He was x-rayed and examined and tested. He was again put on very strong antibiotics for suspected ear infection. A month or so later, he's back at the vet. He was officially diagnosed with a vestibular disease of unknown origin. This is not life-threatening. But it has left him with permanent deficits. His head tilt remains. He is uncoordinated and will randomly flop over. If he jumps he lands on his head. He shows aggression to my other cats and can no longer be out with them at the same time. As a very small family cattery, our hopes were crushed. He can no longer be shown nor bred and we cannot offer him the type of environment he needs.

    His future home: - will not have stairs or will have only a couple - will not have other cats. I am not sure how he would do with a dog - will not have young children. he is good with my older kids - will be patient and loving - will maintain a raw diet or soft food diet

    Mercury is a cuddle bug. He would love nothing more than to cuddle with you and purr non-stop. He's an amazingly friendly big boy with gorgeous blue eyes and a large loving heart. He is neutered and up-to-date with vaccinations including rabies. He is microchipped. He will come with vet documentation etc. He is on a raw diet which he finds easiest to eat. He has a very hard time with dry kibble.

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