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Sci-Fi Movies/Mini-Series & Television/Documentaries VHS & DVD

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VHS: *A Boy And His Dog *Aftershock *Alien 3 *Alien Resurrection *Alien Visitor *Armageddon *Babylon 5 *Battlefield Earth *Battlestar Gallactica *Beowulf (1999) *Border Patrol *Captain Power & The Soldiers Of The Future ( Television Show Three Episodes) *Close Encounters Of The Third Kind *Cocoon *Cocoon: The Return *Communion *Conan: The Destroyer *Congo *Contact *Dark City *Daybreak *Deep Impact *Deep Rising *Def-Con 4 *Dreamcatcher *Enemy Mine *E.T. *Evolution *Excalibur *Flatliners *From The Earth To The Moon *Galaxy Quest *Gattaca *Godzilla (1998) *Highlander *Highlander II *Hulk (2003) *Independence Day *Intruders *Invasion *Journey To The Center Of The Earth *Jurassic Park III *Lexx *Lords Of The Deep *Lost In Space *Lucifer Complex *Men In Black *Meteor *Mimic (1997) *Mystery Men *Nautilus *One Million B.C. (1940) *On The Beach *Operation Intercept *Outloud *Phantom *Planet Of The Apes (2001) *Quest Of The Mighty Sword *Real Men *RoboCop *Shadow Warriors *Signs *Solaris *Soldier *Space Fury *Species *Sphere *Spiderman *Stargate *Stargate SG- 1 *Starship Troopers *Starship Troopers II *Star Trek: First Contact Star Trek: Generations *Star Trek: Insurrection *Star Trek: Mudd's Women (Episode 4) *Star Trek: Nemesis *Star Trek: The Cage (Episode 1) *Star Trek: The Final Frontier *Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture *Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (Still Sealed) *Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Still Sealed) *Star Wars *Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones *Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi *Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back *Star Wars: The Phantom Menace *Star Wars Trilogy: Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back/The Return Of The Jedi (Three-Tape Set) *Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines *The Abyss *The Andromeda Strain *The Apocalypse *The Arrival *The Arrival II *The Avengers *The Bionic Woman *The Day Of The Triffids *The Fifth Element *The Handmaid's Tale *The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (BBC 1981 Series) *The Incredible Adventures of Marco Polo on His Journeys to the Ends of the Earth *The Incredible Hulk (Pilot Episode Of 1978 Television Series) *The Island Of Dr. Moreau *The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen *The Light At The Edge Of The World *The Lost World: Jurassic Park *The Outer Limits: The Inheritors *The Road Warrior *The Saint *The Stepford Wives (1975) *The 13th Warrior *The X-Files (1998) *The X-Files: Sleepless/Duane Berry *Three Stooges In Orbit *Threshold *Total Recall *UFO Chronicles *Until The End Of The World *V-The Original Mini-Series (Two-Tape) *Virus *Virtual Encounters *Willow *Volcano *X-Men *X-2: X-Men United

$1 each for VHS.

Documentaries/Movies/Television Show DVD:

*Aliens And UFO's: The Secret Agenda (7 Feature Collection Two-Disc Set) ($10)

*Alien Autopsy: Fact Or Fiction ($5)

*Alien Paranormal: Bigfoot, UFO's And The Men In Black ($5)

*Alien Sign: The Message ($5)

*The Alien Files: UFO's Under Investigation (Five-Disc Set) ($10)

*Deep Blue Sea

*Flash Gordon (1980)

*Flash Gordon/The Last Star Fighter/Battlestar Gallactica/Dune (Four-Movies)

*H.G. Wells And The War Of The Worlds: A Documentary

*King Kong (1976)

*One Step Beyond (Television Show) (Three DVD)

*Planet Of The Apes/The X-Files: Fight The Future

*Quartermass And The Pit (BBC Mini-Series 1958)

*Sci-Fi Classics (50 Movie Pack)

*Sci-Fi (Four Movies): Abraxas: Guardian Of The Universe, First Spaceship On Venus, They Came From Beyond Space, Voyage To The Prehistoric Plant

*Sci-Fi Flicks (Three-Disc Set): Disc One: The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues, The Brain That wouldn't Die, Teenagers From Outer Space. Disc 2: The Phantom Planet, First Spaceship On Venus, They Came From Beyond Space. Disc 3: The Atomic Brain, The Last Woman On Earth, The Giant Gila Monster, The Amazing Transparent Man, Bonus Feature: A Brief History Of Sci-Fi Movies

Sci-Fi Movies/Mini-Series & Television/Documentaries VHS &DVD

*Stargate SG-1: Children Of The Gods (Final Cut)


*The Tomorrow People (Television Show Four-Disc)

*UFO Files: Canada's Roswell

*Unexplained Mysteries (Two-DVD Set)

*Westworld (1973)

*The Book Of Encounters (UFO Paperback Book) $2

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