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It is Lonely during this Pandemic. If you need someone to talk to, knit or crochet, play cards, find your spiritual path, walking. I also can teach some courses on Metaphysical subjects:

Emotional Well-Being-Stop Emotional Spinouts, Develop Habit Of Positive Thoughts Learn how to keep your emotions from spinning out. Follow the emotion back to its source and go underneath the emotion. Create new emotional habits in your life that will have profound effects on what you attract to yourself.

Meditation Skills-Observing Thoughts Letting Them Go, Deepening The Silence, The Breath & Observing The Body, Object As Focal Point, Falling Through Layers Into Stillness, Relaxing From Toe To Head History of meditation and the methods different cultures use to gain access to places of the divine within the self are discussed along with scientific study on the benefits of meditation. Included are concentration and visualization practices so the student may have direct experience of various methods commonly taught in metaphysics.

Hypnosis and Beyond-Hypnosis techniques are given for self hypnosis and the hypnosis of others. Learn how to monitor someone when he or she is under hypnosis, and what type of journeys would be most useful for particular types of sessions. Learn how to induce age regression, past life regression, triggering unconscious memories, and other topics for hypnosis.

Psychic Skills ; ESP-A discussion of psychic skills, ESP, and how to access it in yourself. Learn several games you can play with your friends in order to improve your psychic skills in a fun way. Techniques for remote viewing, telepathy, sensing with the sixth sense, and other systems for knowing the unknown are outlined.

Channeling Skills I-Becoming A Clear Channel, Speaking As Your Guide or Higher Self A discussion of channeling and what it really is, this course is for connecting with your deeper guidance and getting into “the zone” for bringing through messages. Prepare to speak as your deeper self or guide. Very specific techniques are explored. Covered is well known channeled information, old and new alike. It is important for the metaphysician to be familiar with these authors because they are so well read by spiritual seekers. Covered are Seth writings by Jane Roberts, Edgar Cayce, Kryon, Lazaris, Pleiadians, Ramtha and many more. Dreams & Dreaming: History, Recall and Interpretation-This course covers the historical aspects of dreaming and how dreams were used in ancient practices. Included are Greek, Egyptian and other philosophies around dreams, brain states for dreaming, and scientific discoveries about dreams. Included are techniques for dream recall and interpretation. Also included is a comprehensive list of common dream symbols and how to interpret events in dreams.

Reincarnation-Past/Future/Simultaneous Lifetime Explorations Receive information about your past incarnations, as well as your future and simultaneous lifetimes through meditation journeys. The written material discusses karma, reincarnation, how to psychologically handle collecting life memories, good vs. bad lifetimes, mass consciousness banks, and other subjects connected with incarnation explorations.

Manifesting Skills-Seeing Yourself As Abundant, Being Magnetic To Abundance, Being Carried, Working With Pre-physical Energy, Surrendering Will, Abundant Future Manifest with ease and effortlessness by working with the energies that exist underneath physical reality. Learn how to adjust your own energy and become magnetic. Manifest in a simplified way by letting yourself be carried, rather than efforting things into being. Energy of Money-Learn how to align yourself with the energy of money. Find limiting belief patterns you may have about money and shift them.

Relationships-There is a lot of written material on relationships and how they work, or don't work. Communication skills are discussed, problem solving skills are included, and other useful techniques are introduced as creative ways to keep relationships healthy. Relationships are sometimes complicated, yet there are some very simple techniques for preserving them.

Intuitive Skills: Lucid Dreaming-Lucid dreaming is also a spiritual power, or siddhi. Learn techniques for achieving lucid dream abilities, learn what uses lucid dreaming has, and use charts for triggering and tracking your progress.

Aura Viewing-Seeing auras is another spiritual power, or siddhi. Learn techniques for achieving the ability to see auras, learn what the meaning of different layers of the aura are, and view examples of auras. Astral Projection-Astral Projection Techniques are explored in Meditation Journeys Learn techniques for achieving out-of-body experiences. Astral projection is a spiritual power, a siddhi, and it can add quite a bit of excitement to meditation or sleep time. This spiritual power is discussed and journeys are included for inducing out-of-body experiences.

Hypnosis II-Conduct an experiential journey with a willing friend who will allow you to practice on him or her. All that is required is that your friend write a brief description of his or her experience with you as the hypnotist. (This course does not license you to be a certified hypnotherapist, further study is needed.)

Channeling Skills II-The purpose of this course is to assist the student with tapping into his or her deeper wisdom and experience finding wise answers from within the self. Finding Your Life Purpose/Life Work & Soul Agenda-Learn how to find your purpose and find out what work you are meant to do on the Earth plane. You are awakening in the dream for a reason. Travel into your future and find out how your life will look as a fully awakened being.

Awakening to Your True Self-Exploring Consciousness, Who Are You? - Find out who you really are and let go of the human condition. Each person has been under hypnosis since birth, believing you are the body, the mind, a name, or the experiences in this human lifetime. This is not who you are.

Attracting Clients-Adjusting Your Energy, Becoming Magnetic, Calling Souls To You, Choosing Your Brightest Reality, Transmission Skills, Becoming A Visible Light Bearer Learn energy techniques for drawing people to you at the soul level who will benefit from what you have to teach or your healing practice. Journeys include different techniques for making your metaphysical practice magnetic to those who can be assisted by what you have to offer.

Physical Exercise for Spiritual Well-Being-An overview of the benefits of exercise for the physical body, which also affects the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the body. Exercise effects all levels. Different kinds of exercise are discussed along with spiritual perspectives on exercise.

Spiritual Nutrition, Eating & Cooking-Guidelines are given for how to create live food without losing the life force of the food, and outlines are given for healthy eating and cooking for spiritual integrity and vitality. Also discussed are food combining, weight loss, and other topics, including arguments for or against some dietary concepts.

Death ; Dying-Learn how to assist those who are dying or experiencing the death of a loved one. Also explored is the subject of death and what really happens after death.

Trauma Recovery-Healing Trauma This is a very important subject for future teachers. Many students or clients will come from dysfunctional or tragic backgrounds. Learn about psychological processes & symptoms that people who have been in very dark spaces may be experiencing.

Herbs &; Natural Medicines-A comprehensive list of herbs and what their medicinal uses are, how to make tinctures and formulas, and how to use them. Learn some history about herbs as well. (This course is for your personal knowledge, and does not license you to prescribe herbal concoctions for clients in a medical context. Further study is needed.)

Anger Management-included are particular techniques for handling anger in constructive and useful ways. Transform anger back into the life-force energy that it is and use it for creation purposes rather than destruction purposes. Learn how to be at peace, even in the midst of anger.

First Causes-Core Issues-Finding Core Issues In Childhood Find the core issue that is at the root of many branched out belief systems within human psychology. Finding the first event where you created a belief about the nature of reality is a powerful way to eliminate large chunks of negative programming all at once. Create peace where the first decisions about reality were made.

Inner Child Work for Adults-Working With The Wounded Self, Innocence, The Wounded Healer, Following Anger To It's Source Learn how to find your inner children and help others find theirs. Discern where inner dialogues come from, reassign unruly inner personalities, and find healing for the parts of the personality that express unpleasantness in daily life.

Juicing, Fasting & Cleansing-Discussed are several fasting and cleansing techniques that have been used throughout history. Colon health, liver health, blood health, and other systems are discussed.


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