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Here's a list of our computers & accessories lot:


Qty. Item

1 COMPAQ 7550 Monitor (15 pins male)

1 COMPAQ 7550 Monitor (13 pins male)

1 Flat screen monitor Video Seven display for you TCO’03 Displays Model: L19WA DC Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz 1.5 Max S/N: 77-n0D4112 Made in Taiwan

1 AOC International Color Monitor Model # : 5V Power rating: 100-240V -50/60Hz 1.5A FCC ID: ARSCM5690 D569TLC7SPD S/N: BDJ781223451 March 26 1998

Keyboard & Mouse (Palm Rest included)

Qty. Item

5 Wise Tech : AirClick Navigator Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

7 BenQ x805 Wireless Desktop Companion Profile Series Keyboard & Mouse

1 Everex Architech Microsystems Keyboard

3 White Used Keyboard (6 pins)

5 KB-8963 Palm Rest D/N :89630030 T/N : E.H (1) F/D: 1-15-97

1 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse M/N: Twin Touch Wireless Receiver Rating : 5V / 30mA K300B070-A Wise Tech N1 Wireless Mouse K300A213A Model # : TM2701-3 FCC ID : FSUGMZG7 S/N: CE1801302153 Rating : 3 VDC 14mA Keyboard for this set is missing

1 Mouse Model #: H3003 S/N : K0305003292 (6 pins)

1 Mouse with flickering light at bottom (6 pins)

1 KEIO Mouse Model : N3 + Optical Class 1 LED Product S/N: B44806604734 Rating: 5V 70mA K300D108-A

1 Radio Shack O1A99 Mouse Cat. No. : 26-8001 FCC ID : IOWCM-PS2C

1 Retail Plus Model : OptiEye TM Mouse (USB)

3 Optical Scroll Mouse No. : 0010206 (6 pins)

1 Mouse with ball Model : 0K-520 (6pins)

1 KEIO Mouse M/N: P816 PAT. US5, 530, 455 Input: 5V / 70mA CE2C06904867 K300C132-A

2 Wise Tech Mouse M/N: P816 PAT. US5, 530, 455 CB1602303826 K300B016-A

24 Kensington Value Mouse TM USB 3 Button USB Mouse works with Windows 98 or 2000 Model # : 19430 Serial # : A002053577

29 Genica PC Scrolling Mouse GN-115

1 Reliable Wireless Freedom (Wheel Mouse) Special Edition

1 Mouse Port Compatible Mouse FCC ID: C3KMMP1 Part # : 37963 5V 20mA Microsoft Corporation Made in Malaysia Serial # : 0021331 (6 pins)

1 Keyboard Model # : KB-9908 Power Rating: 5V 200mA S/N: 0212090942B Made in China

Computer Tower

Qty. Item

5 Genica ATX Mid Tower Case (white)

1 Computer Tower Case (yellow)

1 Computer Tower Case (grey)

2 One Power Max ATX Computer Tower Case (black)

1 Black and Silver Computer Case Tower (Model # : 07289)

3 Computer Tower Case (silver)

Built Computer Tower

QTY. Item

1 Lime & Black Built Tower

1 White with changing lights on sides resembling lava lamps Built Tower

1 Basic White Built Tower

Cooling fan

Qty. Item

1 Intel Pentium 09708S 109X4412H603 DC12V 0.06A PAT SANYO DENKI Cooling fan

6 Spire SPX33B0 RackSper VII CPU Cooler ISO 9001 Certified

3 Spire SP708s3-1 CPU Cooler ISO 9001 Certified

4 CFA80S4 CPU Cooler ISO 9001 Certified

4 FAN-S423HSF-WB CPU Cooler Slot A / Slot 1 & K7, Dual-Fan, 550mhz, BB.

2 AVC CPU Cooler (Mega-Cool) ISO 9002 High performance cooler for Pentium 6 CPU DC 12V 0.9W Pantent # : 29511342.1

2 CP5-6J31C Cooler Master

2 5R266B1H3G MASSCOOL Fanner Tech USA CPU Cooler ISO 9001 Certified

42 FOXCONN CPU Cooler IBM FRU 06P2446

2 Intel C91968-002 N541D J1 F09A-1283S1 01AC1H2 DC12V 0.42A NIDEC CORP. Cooling fan

3 Intel A65061-001 110114P 109X9412T5H036 DC12V 0.16A PAT SANYO DENKI Cooling fan

1 Intel A38001-002 100105P 109X9812T0H046 DC12V 0.21A SANYO DENKI Cooling fan

36 Case Fan 3X3’’ to power supply w/pass- Thru Connector 11214A

1 Intel A50933-003 N1201DL F07R-12B4S1 03AC1 DC12V 0.17A Nidec Corp. Cooling fan

1 Intel N0823DH F06R-12B951 01A DC12V 0.08A Nidec Corp. Cooling fan

1 Rotary DC Fan Brushless CIDICOM Type: FD06015B1M Ball Bearing DC 12V 0.17A

1 Vantec cooling fan Ball Bearing Made in Taiwan


1 AMD AVC AV-112C86FBL01-1203 Cooling fan

2 Globe Fan Sleeve Bearing S011388 12H DC12V 0.23A Cooling Fan

1 Intel A09526-001 010130A 109X7612T5S03 DC12V 0.17A PAT SANYO DENKI Cooling Fan

1 CPU Cooler 0.06A 12VDC Made in Taiwan

1 Cooling Fan Top Motor DC12045M DC12V 0.08A Dynaeon Industrial Co. LTD., (Taiwan)

1 Intel A50441-001 080110A 109X7712T 1S03 DC12V 0.17A PAT SANYO DENKI Cooling Fan

1 MCD Brushless DC Model: N5010B1-8 12VDC 0.07A Y9750 Taiwan Cooling Fan

1 Top Motor DC1205BH (DC1205BH-B) DC 12V 0.18A Dynaeon Industrial Co. LTD., Cooling Fan

1 Rotary DC Brushless CIDICOM Fanner Tech Ball Bearing Model: FD05015B1MC 12V Cooling Fan


1 Intel N9831V E Nidec Corp. F06R-12B3S1 01A DC12V 0.08A Cooling Fan

1 ChamPion Tech Inc. DC12V 1W HP-5010 D12B (Taiwan) Cooling Fan

1 Cooling Fan

1 CPU Protector

Thermal compound

Qty. Item

36 N.W: 1.0g of Thermal Compound Thermal Conductivity: >7.5W/M-K Thermal Resistance: >0.06 C-in2 /W 10% Silver for CPU Cooler


Qty. Item

2 Intel (Costa Rica) Plll800FC Pentium 300/256/133/1.7V 3049A083-0090 SL 4 CD Processor

4 Intel ’01 (Costa Rica) Plll933FC 933/256/133/1.75V 3124A 110-0067 Pentium 3 SL52Q Processor

1 Intel ’92 ‘95 Pentium w/MMX TM tech FV 80503166 SY059/2.8V A4 C708054W 0992 Processor

1 Intel Pentium ’92 ’93 A80502133 SY022 ICOMP INDEX =1110 C6200733-0573 E6081546 CE A4 A80502133 SY022/SSS iPP Processor

1 Used processor ACS 1425 E7344234 AC MALAY

1 Processor SDA2200DUT3D N Duron 1000 AMD (Malaysia)

1 Processor PO # 016269 AMD Sempron TM SDA 2800DUT3D Z552825K40457 BCXJB 0525RDCW 1999 AMD (Malaysia)

Computer Belts

Qty. Item

26 Computer belts

10 Looks like computer belts… but thinner, some are attached to adapters. VSO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. MSI P/N: K13-1034034-V03 (Belt like)

Hard Drive

Qty. Item

1 Maxtor Hard Drive Model: 91024D4 HAD: 04A PCBA:06A UNIQUE: 52A Code: NSN4251A S/N: W40E772A 10GB

1 Western Digital WD Caviar 310100 Enhanced IDE Hard Drive 10GB LBA: 19807200 10141. 2MB MDL: AC310100-32RN CCC: N1 14 SEP 98 DCM: CRCBKRPBOBAA S/N: WT639 WD P/N: AC310100 – 32RNN1

1 Fujitsu Hard Drive 10GB Model: MPG3102AT - E ID: EFIN Part #: CA05761 – B511000E S/N: VH00T1509SM7 Date: 2001-05

1 APL Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8 Hard Drive 40GB ATA/133 HDD Date: 11 SEP 2003 Code: NAR61590 LBA: 80293248 Rated: +12V 790mA, +5V 647 mA 3.5 series

1 SAMSUNG SV0844A Hard Drive CYL 16383, HD 16, SEC 63, 8.4GB Rated: DC +12V; 0.5A DC +5V; 0.6A S/N: 0101J1FK624742 V684

2 Western Digital WD Spartan TM 102AA Enhanced IDE Hard Drive LBA 20044080 10.2GB S/N: WMA0M 259 3373 MDL: WD102AA -35ANA0 Date: 17 APR 2000 DCM: HSBA BVHAD

1 Hard Drive Samsung Electronics CO., LTD. Spinpoint S/N: S00QJ10Y622957 SP1203N 120GB/7200rpm/2M/PATA LBA 234.493.056 120.0GB PALO REV. A Rated: +12V/+5V, 0.5A, 0.6A

2 Western Digital WD800 S/N: WCAM9E316605 Enhanced IDE Hard Drive WD Caviar SE Drive parameters: LBA 156301488 80.0GB MDL: WD800JB-00JJC0 DCM: HSBHCTJCH Date: 17 DEC. 2005 5VDC 0.35A 12VDC 0.50A

1 Hard Drive Samsung Electronics CO., LTD. Spinpoint S/N: S06QJ20Y765794 SP0822N 80GB/ 7200rpm/2M/PATA LBA 156, 368, 016 80.0GB PALO REV.B Rated: +12V/+5V, 0.5A, 0.6A

1 Western Digital WD2000 WD Caviar SE Enhanced IDE Hard Drive Drive Parameters: LBA 390721968 200.0GB WD P/N: WD2000JB-00GVC0 Rated: 5VPC 0.65A, 12VDC 0.90A

2 IBM Deskstar TM Hard Drive Rated: 5V 300mA, 12V 500mA DC E182115S Model: IC35L040AVER07-0 41GB P/N: 07N6654 LBA: 80, 418, 240 Sectors ATA/IDE RPM: 7200RPM MLC:H32368 CHS:16383/16/63

2 IBM Travelstar TM Laptop Hard Drive Model: IC25N020ATCS04-0 4200RPM 5V 1.0A DC 20.00GB ATA/IDE Made in Thailand MAY-02 Part ID: 2517037 P/N: 07N9271 S/N: D2D7ZX9B

Floppy Disk Drive

QTY. Item

1 Panasonic Model No. JU-226A243FC REV. W Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. Yokohoma Japan Assembled in China S/N: FY103243751 P/N: 5502192

1 Panasonic JU-226A243FC REV.V Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. Made in China S/N: FY102232344 P/N: 5502192

Graphics card

Qty. Item

1 Graphics card NVIDIA Corp 180-P0026-0000-B IBM FRU 25P4058 11S24P9693ZJ1NK22721MU

1 Jetway Graphics by ATI Chipset: RADEON 9200 SE Bus Type: AGP 8X/4X Core clock: 200 MHz RAMDAC: 350 MHz

Sound card

Qty. Item

4 Sound Card – Sound Blaster Live! GUY941121487067 Environmental Audio Creative EMU10K1-SEF Creative Tech ‘97

Memory card

Qty. Item

1 Memory 1GB PC3200DDR SDRAM 128M x 64 1GB 1GBUGURZSXBA

Ethernet card

Qty. Item

4 Parallel Tasking 3COM (Ethernet Card) 40-0336-004 9721K 14909885 LUCENT 40-03364 S/N: 6KK1329798 EA: 006008329798 FCC ID: DF63C905-TX 3C9055-TX 3COM


Qty. Item

1 Chaintech VNF4 ULTRA Series Zenith Value Edition NVIDIA nForce 4 Ultra Chipset Supports AMD Socket 939 Athlon 64/64 FX Hyper Transport bandwidth allows for up to 1 GHz (2000 MT/s) CPU-Northbridge link and Dual-Channel memory architechture. It also features PCI-EX16, PCI-EX1, GbE, 7.1 CH Audio, SATA2 (300Mb/s). Motherboard

2 Chaintech Motherboard Summit Series Socket 939 SNF4-2 NVIDIA nForce TM 4 4X

5 AOpen AX4TII P4 Motherboard Intel 850 Chipset/ Socket 478/ATX

2 SOYO SY-7IS2 Motherboard

3 M7VIG Pro Motherboard

1 M7VIW Motherboard


Qty. Item

82 CD/DVD Markers Dual Point (3 pcs)

4 CD-Re Writer 52 X Write, 24X Re Write, 52X Read KH CRW522452 (K Hypermedia) (Nero Express Burner Software)

10 ARTEC 16 X DVD-ROM DRIVE (94E-0206-G50)

2 USB 2.0 External CD-ROM DRIVE Size: 146 X 132 X 18 (mm) Weight : 308g Interface: USB 2.0 CD-ROM DRIVE Speed: 24X

1 Butterfly Media HI Copy CD Copier Device (Microsoft Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 2000 & MAC)

1 CD-RW DRIVE LITE-ON IT CORP. Model: LTR-48246S DC 5V 1.5A/12V 1.5A S/N: 282425000683 Manufactured: June 2004

3 CD-ROM DRIVE LITE-ON IT CORP. Model: LTN-486 DC 5V 1.0A/12V 1.5A S/N: 282419004253 Manufactured: May 2004

1 DVD-ROM DRIVE Model: GDR-8161B 5V / 12V Manufactured: April 2003 3850H-1346E ROM. VER. 0100

1 Futurama Volume 5 Disc 1 By Matt Groening DVD Video 2010 FOX. All Rights Reserved

12 DM00044XM HP Brand DVD-R R4.7 120 min. video 4.7GB Recordable 16X in 50pk cake box Made in Taiwan

7 XMEDIA -50p DVD-R 8X 50 Discs C/No.: 527

1 Blank DVD + 25 Discs

1 PC CD-ROM Software Counter Strike TM Source TM Also includes Half-Life 2 : Death match & Day of Defeat : Source TM By VALVE Corporation Content rated for Mature 17+ by ESRB (Blood & Gore, Intense Violence) Game experience may change during online play. ISBN: 0-7845-3885-9


Qty. Item

1 OPTIMUS Speaker System (2 pieces, white)

1 LABTEC LCS-150 Computer Speaker System (1 piece, white, 2 pins)

1 Multimedia Speaker System (3 pieces, white)

1 Speaker system Intertech 3170440 Model: CA-5402 Made in China (6 pieces, used)

Headphones, Headset & Mic

Qty. Item

20 Socket Headset (with speaker pass-through cable, so you'll still be able to use your external speakers!)

1 Sony Stereo Headphones MDR-ZX100

26 Andrea Electronics Corporation Headset & mic (comes with a mic signal adapter) IBM Mfg P/N: 4229572 Made in China Still in plastic!

9 Thrustmaster Headphones & mic (comes with adjustable volume & mic options on or off) Still in plastic!

1 Small mic with pin for computer (white)

Web cam

Qty. Item

1 Refurbished D-link webcam (white)

Printers, scanners, copiers, faxes & ink

QTY. Item

1 LEXMARK X73 Printer, scanner & fax GNZ01 Machine type: 4402-001 30VDC 0.83A

1 LEXMARK X75 Printer & scanner GNZ01 Machine type: 4402-S01 30VDC 0.83A Mfg: 2002/08

1 Acer Scanner S2W 4300U Scan to Web Model # : 6678-AVA Serial # : 99S0861AVA14804244SSM000 S Mfg: Nov. 2001 Issue: BAC

1 HP All-in-one Printer, scanner & copier without cables S/N: MY37U1D431 Q3500A Jul. 30 2003 Made in Malaysia PSC 1300 Series Regulatory Model # : SDGOB-0303

1 Kodak Personal Picture Maker 215 without cables LEXMARK Corporation S/N: 21114348342 Machine type: 4103-001 30VDC 0.5A

3 Kodak PPM215 Printer, ink included.

1 Canon BJC-2100 Colour Bubble Jet Printer, ink included. Designed for Windows & Mac.

2 Innojet TM Multi-Brand Ink Cartridge Refill Kit (Color) Up to 6 refills, for Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother & Xerox.

1 KRT Original KO-REC-TYPE Inkjet Refill Kit FILLZ-ALL # U100-x 30mlX3 (Color)

6 Print-Rite black 9ml

6 Print-Rite color 9ml

5 Remanufactured Ink Jet Cartridge for Canon BC-02 Black

1 Hewlett-Packard (HP) Part # : RG5-0141-000LN RMA/CSO # : 20140761301 CE: 8000120 (176B) Ink Roller

Laptop Battery

Qty. Item

1 Toshiba Li-ION Battery Pack Model: PA24874 DC 10.8V 3600mAh P71013005016 960715MS


Qty. Item

1 Efficient Networks Speed Stream 5200 Ethernet/USN ADSL Modem Part # : 060-E240-033 MAC: 000B23065596 US: 6SYDL01B5152 IC: 3271A-E240A08 HW: 059-E240-A19 Mfg: Taiwan 12VDC, 700mA

3 Internal V.92 PCI MODEM (Data/Fax/Tam) OS Support: Windows 9X, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP. System Requirement: Pentium 2 compatible processor and higher, 64MB RAM or higher, 50MB of free disk space for driver install, CD-ROM DRIVE.

1 Refurbished 2Wire Gateway Bell Modem S/N: 511019008920 P/N: 4200-023002-005 MAC: 98: 2C: BE: 29: 98: 88 SS ID: BELL920 KEY:71123164966505164455354573 Model: RG2701HG-00 FCC ID: PGR2W2701 US: 6KRDL02BTW2701 ICES/NMB-003B 5.1V 2.2A IC: 3439B-2W2701 Made in China Slightly used; still in box!


Qty. Item

1 ASOUND Petit Switch Router SR02120502695 AL 500-S3

Network Switch

Qty. Item

2 Network Product Fast 10/100MB Lan Switch compatible with IEEE 802.3 X 10 Mbps


Qty. Item

1 bag Ethernet connectors

44 Ethernet cables (different lengths)

14 Network cables (Ethernet) (Pack of 5; 5 colors: orange, green, yellow, blue and white.)

Serial Interface Card

Qty. Item

1 EPSON Serial Interface Card C823051 0100

Serial Switcher

Qty. Item

1 Serial Switcher AS2-1 Serial to Serial

Power Supply

Qty. Item

15 X-Power Dual Cooling fan ATX Switching Power Supply complies with ATX VER 2.03 & ATX 12V (550W)

4 ECHOSTAR Switching Power Supply complies with Intel Pentium 4 & AMD Mainboards (ES-580W)

5 ECHOSTAR Switching Power Supply (ES-680W)

1 POWMAX ATX Power Supply (ATX 350W) supports Pentium 4 & AMD Athlon CPUs complies with ATX VER 2.03 & ATX 12V VER 1.1 specifications


QTY. Item

1 Genica Net Connect Datawork Cabling Systems (In box, slightly used from)

AND a variety of Adapters!

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