Private music lessons. Guitar, Piano, Music theory, RCM & McGill

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My guitar class is ready for new students. Book trial lesson and reserve place for September 2019. Why start with learning the guitar Did you know the guitar is adaptable to any musical setting, highly portable and relatively affordable; the guitar has inserted itself into every musical culture in the world. From classical to rock, the guitar can both lead and accompany any style.

There are many benefits of learning the guitar Research suggests that the brain of a musician works differently than that of normal people. Mastering the art of playing chords and melodies, reading music, keeping a steady beat and understanding the harmonic progression of music develops areas of the brain associated with spatial reasoning, language and attention. The guitar is a great instrument for building social skills as well. Learning to play guitar is a great way of making friends. Concerts, festivals, competitions, examinations and playing in ensembles are great opportunities for social interactions. If you’d like to take lessons, Musamuse is one of the best private music schools to begin or continue your learning experience. We’ve been teaching for years and have continuously been innovating our teaching methods to make lessons effective and fun. We offer reasonable prices for both children and adults. Give us a try by calling 514-781-4338 or by visiting to sign up for a trial guitar lesson today!

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