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    Welcome to the new 2023/2024 Curling Season and hopefully another great season on your lake, pond, river, backyard rink or community arena. As well as providing the best quality curling stones and accessories for outdoor use, Grampa's Woodshop and our new "Rock the House" curling brand, now offer FREE DELIVERY to our customers in Southern Ontario!! Details are outlined below. Of course you can always pick up your order at our North Bay, Ontario area location. For our customers outside the Southern Ontario area, we offer delivery by Manitoulan Transport.

    2023/2024 Season Prices Stones Packages Regular Price 4 Stones .............. $360.00 8 stones .............. $720.00 12 stones ........... $1,080.00 16 stones ........... $1,440.00 *** Minimum 4 Curling Strone Order Accessories Regular Price Curling Brooms ......... $89.00 Push Sticks ............ $89.00 Broom / Stick Combo ... $129.00 Curling Hacks .......... $89.00 Boot Grippers .......... $20.00

    Grampa's Woodshop also offers Bundle Deals in two different flavors!!!! A) The "Community" Bundle created for large families, neighborhood groups or community organizations. It includes: 16 Curling Stones (two different colors) 1 Set of Hacks 4 Curling Brooms and/or Push Sticks 4 Sets of Boot Grips (8 in total) - 3 different sizes Combined Normal Price....................$1,965.00 Bundle Total.............................$1,800.00 Save $165.00 B) The "Let's Get Started" Bundle is for small families or neighborhood groups. It includes: 8 Curling Stones (two different colors) 1 Set of Hacks 2 Curling Brooms and/or Push Sticks 2 Sets of Boot Grips (4 in total) Combined Normal Price..................,.$1,027.00

    Bundle Total...............................$950.00 Save $77.00 . Hey Curling Fans! Thank you for considering our Outdoor Curling Stones and accessories, and want you to know that if/when you purchase our products, you are buying the best design, the best quality and at the best price. They are made to stand the test of time and our record shows it. Of the count- less orders we have fulfilled, not one has been returned due to any quality issue. The testimonials are endless on the enjoyment our clients have received on their lake, pond, river and backyard rinks. Trust us folks, you are buying the best from a proudly Canadian company who designed the original Outdoor Curling Stones and stand behind our wonderful products. Many others have now entered the market, but we encourage you to check out the rest, but invest in the best! Our original rocks we produced from a high carbon steel shell in our traditional gun metal grey; has been changed so that we now offer three different shells in red, blue and yellow. Additionally, we have updated our rubber handles to provide more cushioning and colors to match the new shells. Plus we have increased the thickness of the pans to provide an even stronger stone. The curling stones still provide you with the feel of a real curling stone but for a fraction of the price. The high carbon steel shell is teflon coated and will not rust. It is filled with high strength concrete, has a thick rubber bumper for better take-outs, is topped with a HDPE board and has a solid galvanized steel handle. They weigh about half the weight of a real 42lb curling stone, and can be thrown while simply crouching; or out of a curling hack (which we also sell if you require) or thru a push stick for us older folks. They slide really easily on normal ice, do curl a bit and the rubber cushioning allows for great take-outs without damaging the stones. Trust me folks, they can take a beating. The stones have been used in many high usage environments and there have been no issues with wear and tear reported, but even if there was wear to the pan, replacement shells can be purchased from us and swapped out for each stone. These stones should and will last a very long time if you follow the maintenance instructions. All skill level of curlers have used our stones on the lake, which tested their performance and durability, and they came thru with flying colors. Feedback from many customers has been very positive and has added another level of fun and excitement to their families/community activities. Various organizations and charitable/service clubs have purchased the stones for events they hold and have provided great feedback. As mentioned, new curling stones are outrageously expensive and used ones are rarely found and also are very expensive. I just saw a used set of 16 for sale for $3,000!! A new set of 16 curling stones are going to cost well over $12,000.00 if you add the tax!! Other competitors sell theirs for well over approximately $200.00 per rock and then you have to add taxes and shipping. There are some competitors that offer the shell of the stone only and require you to fill them with sand. Remember that sand does not offer a solid structure and the shells will dent/wear out substantially quicker, than a shell re-enforced with concrete. And they are selling at double the price of our stones! So get your creative juices flowing and imagine yourself, your family and friends throwing rocks this winter on your lake, pond, river, backyard rink or community arena. It's a great sport and these stones will help you enjoy curling. Many of our customers have used the rocks to build a game called Crokicurl, which is a game combining curling and crokinole. For a video of the curling rocks in use, visit the Global News Toronto website https://globalnews.ca/video/6207630/crokicurl-lands-in-toronto to see the rocks in action. We also sell accessories like curling hacks, curling brooms and push sticks. The hacks are built of wood with a rubber push-off pad; and can be drilled into the ice and allow for a more realistic and authentic game of curling. Additionally, we also sell Olson curling push sticks for those that don't want to crouch to throw the stones. We also sell curling brooms to help with the push off and sweeping. Plus, we have a curling broom/push stick combination where the stick has a broom on one end and the push stick adaptor on the other. That way you are getting two great functions in one!! Grampa's Woodshop is located in the North Bay, Ontario area and can delivery the stones on a bi-weekly basis to customers located in Central and Southern Ontario (minimum $720.00 order pre-tax), however, if you need the rocks asap then you'll have to travel to the North Bay area to pick them up. We also have stones and accessories available in the Lindsay area for you to pickup. We use Manitoulan Transport to ship our equipment out of the North Bay terminal. All you have to do is pick them up from their respective terminals in the city nearest to you when they call you. You'll have 24 HOURS to pick them up or they may charge you for the storage. Below are a list of the Manitoulan Transport cities that are included in the offer and the expected turnaround time once delivered to the North Bay terminal: City Turnaround Quebec City, PQ 2-4 days Montreal, PQ 2-4 days Ontario South 1-2 days Ontario North 2-4 days Winnipeg, MB 2-4 days Brandon, MB 2-4 days Saskatoon, SK 3-5 days Regina, SK 3-5 days Calgary, AB 3-5 days Edmonton, AB 3-5 days Vancouver, BC 4-6 days We'll provide you the expected arrival date at your cities/towns depot when we ship from North Bay, as well as the Bill of Lading number, address of the depot and their phone number. Packaging and handling costs are $6.00 per stone and set of hacks. Push sticks/Curling Broom packaging and handling are $10.00. TAXES apply to all stones, accessories, shipping and packaging/handling. Sorry folks but the government still wants to get their share. We stand behind our stones and offer a solid three month guarantee from the date of purchase against normal wear and tear. We can spot damage caused by abuse folks so please remember this. You will not get a warranty like this on any high impact sporting equipment. Our thanks for considering our stones and know they will provide you and your family with tons of fun and many memories for you, your family, friends and neighbors. *** This product is PATENT PENDING*** so please do not reproduce. *** Exciting News - We now accept payment thru Visa/Mastercard and Debit. But note that prices quoted will be increased 3% to account for the charges Visa/Mastercard charge us. There is no additional charge for debit payments. We also accept cash, cheque and e-transfers.

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