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Online Personal Training Coach (15$ Once)

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Montreal, QC H2G 2S1, Canada(Afficher la carte)


This will be a 30 day course with a meal & fitness plan tailored just for you! If an individual is looking to lose or gain weight, build muscle or just to stay lean & feel good. This program is all dependent on your own goals!! The Process Once signed up, I’d have to get an idea of who you are, from your age, weight, body type, current diet, & your goals. After that we’ll be set to begin making great changes. Communication Options: -Email: -Phone: 514-550-8153 PAYMENT One time payment for this program. Payment will be done via E-transfer or PayPal DO NOTE I will only be accepting a limited number of clients. About Me: I’m a novice personal trainer currently in the works of becoming a certified/licensed dietitian. My goal is to improve my client’s overall health along with transforming their physique. Currently 19 years of age and still attending school with 5 years of training experience.

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