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Need help to clean your apartment during the moving season? Need to disinfect or sanitize your apartment/condo during the Covid-19 epidemic? We would love to help you, and make things easier for you!

We offer a premium, comprehensive deep-cleaning of your entire apartment/condo/unit that includes: -All floors -Walls -Ceilings -Kitchen cupboards, countertops and sink (fridge and oven optional) -Bathroom (toilet, shower/tub, shower walls, sink) -Closets (that have been already emptied) -Doors -Windows (interior)

Prices: - 2 1/2 = $185.00 - 3 1/2 = $205.00 - 4 1/2 = $225.00 - 5 1/2 = $255.00 - 6 1/2 = $300.00 Add tax.

We use top-quality natural cleaning products, and each of our employees has passed a RCMP-certified criminal record check. We accept payment by debit, credit card, cash and eTransfer.

Check out our Radiator Deep-Cleaning service, our Mover's Special, as well as our other cleaning services and specials at SHINERSCLEAN.CA .

We also offer radiator cleanings, and many other unique top-quality services and promotions. In response to the Coronavirus/Covid19 outbreak, Shiner's also offers sanitization services to clients managing apartment/residential and commercial/office properties. Contact us today for a quote.

Shiner's Cleaning Services Montreal 514-55-SHINE (514-557-4463) info@shinersclean.ca Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5pm (weekend appointments available upon request)

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