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    17 septembre 2021
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    25 septembre 2021

Description Please review my fundraiser and SHARE it if you are not able to support my cause financially (even $1-$5 helps). My journey with Stage IIIB Stomach Cancer was the most fearful time in my life. With an immediate death sentence, I managed to survive a total gastrectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy. Recovery included learning how to eat again, and understanding how my body works without a stomach. Living with chronic fatigue, fear of death, the aftermath of my cancer, I managed to complete a memoir that is ready for publication in November 2021. I detail on my GoFundMe page what the money is for (things like professional editing, photography, book cover...) These are costly, and though I don't expect others to pay for these expenses, a few dollars from everyone can help me put out a beautiful book that I hope will help patients, families, and friends get through critical illness and life and death experiences. All contributions to the fundraiser and all book sales include a donation to cancer foundations and women's shelters - a promise I make to my readers. You can check out my social media for proof that I have written this book, and that it's ready for publication... - - @PatriciaRodiMtl Thank you for your support.  

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