Anubias, Java Moss and other aquatic plants! 

No Longer Available - Anubias, Java Moss and other aqu Please Contact

We carry Marimo Moss Balls, Java Moss and many other plants, our website will show all of our available stock and if they are still on there, they are still available! Place your order through our website today! >>> Orders can be ...

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Live Aquarium Plants Available Online
Please Contact
London 07/12/2019
Quality live aquarium plants, hardscape, and more available now. Can be shipped to anywhere in Ontario. Follow the below link to get a $5 discount (enter code on checkout):…
Java moss and guppy grass
London 06/12/2019
Guppy grass and java moss available. 2-4oz containers for $5 If ad up I still have
Salvinia, Amazon Frogbit, and others for Sale! 
Please Contact
London 04/12/2019
Floating plants are a great way to soak up extra nutrients and provide some shade to encourage shy fish to come out and explore, we carry a variety of floating plants! Take a look at our website and…
Anubias, Java Moss and other aquatic plants! 
Please Contact
London 03/12/2019
We carry Marimo Moss Balls, Java Moss and many other plants, our website will show all of our available stock and if they are still on there, they are still available! Place your order through our…
20 Gallon tank and stand
London 01/12/2019
Includes everything you need Lid with high grade plant growing light Filter with 3 brand new cartridges Whisper 60 air pump 2 air stones Small container of plant substrate Selling because I upgraded…
Aquarium Plants: Water wisteria, Java moss, and Floating plants
London 29/11/2019
If you want to try new aquarium plants, you want a certain aquarium plant, or you are setting up an aquarium, theses plants might be for you. Here are the plants and and prises. Water wisteria: $3…
36 Gallon Bowfront Fishtank
London 28/11/2019
Would make a fantastic Christmas Gift! 36 gallon established community tank Comes with everything: - artificial plants - 1 Marimo Moss Ball - artificial log/cave - all gravel - filter (replaced 2019)…
Amazing Deals on Easy Aquatic Plants!
Please Contact
London 25/11/2019
Save on the easiest aquatic plants out there! We also sell a variety of livestock and dried goods! Looking for easy beginner plants? Check out our website! >>> We ship throughout…
Betta tank 5 gallon
London 23/11/2019
1 betta Breeding snails Love plant Water conditioner and plant conditioner Selling all as a bundle great for aquascaping or minimalists. Filter is built in.
London 19/11/2019
Have few bunches of Rotala Rotundifolia for sale, each bunch have around 15 stems. Each stem is around 4 to 7 inches. $5 for 1 bunch or 3 for $10.
Jungle Val 50¢
Please Contact
London 17/11/2019
Only 50 cents a plant. Young plants 3"-4" tall. Pick up only Clark and Trafalgar area. The more you buy the better the deal.
Live Food baby fish fry vinegar eels microworms walter worms
London 15/11/2019
Lots of different Live foods for your aquarium fish. Great for young tropical fish nano fish guppy and other small aquatic animals Vinegar eels Microworms Walter worms Scuds Ready to feed 16oz…
Dwarf Shrimp Red Blue and Orange Neocaridina in Store
Please Contact
London 15/11/2019
Lots of dwarf shrimp Available. Live plants snails food hardscape
Pea Puffers dwarf pufferfish instock Gems Aquarium fish plants
Please Contact
London 15/11/2019
Cut healthy Pea Puffers are back in Stock @ Gems Aquarium. Dewormed and ready to go
Selling 3 gallon aquarium set up
London 13/11/2019
Selling a 3 gallon aquarium set up. Everything you need to get started!! Perfect gift for Christmas. Will need Cleaned! Includes; Tank, Light, Plant, Rocks, Fish food, Cleaning magnet, Fish Scoop
Multiple Aquarium Plants
London 10/11/2019
Weeping moss: $5 for golf ball size Rotala rotundifolia: $5 one available cryptocoryne balansa: $5 one available (in a little rough shape but new growth is coming in) cryptocoryne wendtii bronze: 4…
Bucephalandra 12 speeches Buce Aquarium terrarium Plants n Store
Please Contact
London 31/10/2019
Lots of Buce @ Gems Aquarium. Small plant 3-4 leaves $5. Large 6-8 leaves $10
Thrive complete Aquarium plant fertilizer Now Available n London
Please Contact
London 31/10/2019
Full line of Thrive Fertilizer available @ Gems Aquarium. Rated #1 aquatic fertilizer by customers on YouTube Reg 27.99+ on Sale all November nifty fifty 2 bottles your choice 50$ inc tax
Aquarium Plant Root Tabs
London 31/10/2019
Root Tabs For Sale 00 tabs of Osmocote plus 6 month release 10 tabs for $5
Tons of aquarium plants hard to find fish tank
Please Contact
London 11/10/2019
Tons of new aquarium plants in stock!! Swords starting at 4.99 Huge potted Crypts Anubias Buce-Bucephalandra, Val and lots of other steam plants starting at $1.00 per stem.
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