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Located in Pictou. Text phone # only. 》MARITIME BUS: send to any maritime bus location $75 minimum plus bus fee (normally around $25) ☆☆☆will resume when temps are warmer☆☆☆ 》PICTOU: $10 Minimum, pick up pictou 》NEW GLASGOW: $20 minimum, drop off free when there, or $5 gas for special trip 》TRURO(millbrook): $20 minimum Tues.-Friday deliverys/ deposit required •◇■¿¿¿¿NEW TANK SET UP????■◇• Free seeded sponge to new set ups or new people to the hobby with purchase ------------------------------------------------ ■FISH■ 1. Bristlenose plecos ▪1" normal and albino colour bn plecos $10 ▪1.5-2"normal and albino colour bn plecos $15 (SALE 2 for $25) ▪☆☆☆ (These guys are great diatom algae eaters) 2. Assorted Male platys $3 3.☆☆☆ 4. Pink convict juveniles $3e or 4 for $10 (not community fish safe) ■SNAILS■ 1. Brown Maylasian trumpet snails(MTS) $.25 each / 50 for $10 / 100 for $15 2. White/cream maylasian trumpet snails $.25 each. 2. ASSASSIN SNAILS $2 ■LIVE PLANTS■ -all plants may contain snails/shrimp/duckweed/fish eggs -none of these plants need co2 they are being grown with and/or without 1. Duck weed $5. 2. Water lettuce $5 3. Vallisneria $5/2 plants (co2 used) 4. Anacharis $5 for 6, 6" stem(co2 used) 5. Rotala $5 for 6, 6" stems(co2 used) 6. Water Sprite $5 (co2 used) 7. ☆☆☆ ■FOOD AND LEAVES■ 1. Large Almond catappa leaves 7/$5 -Natural leaves for food/health beneifits/ and tannis 2. Spirulina algae tablets(approx.20 pieces) $1.25 or 3 for 3.50 -Fish food tabs for any fish or shrimp that eat omnivore or herbavour diets ■SHRIMP■ ▪recommend drip acclimation, almond leaves, and spirulina tabs with shrimp 1. Red cherry shrimp 2.50each or 11 for $25 2.Blue velvet shrimp $4 3. Bloody Mary (red) $5 4. Yellow Neo shrimp $4 5. Green jade neo shrimp $7 6.☆☆☆ ■CRAYFISH■ 1. Self cloning cray fish aka Marble crayfish 1- 1 1/2"+ $5 each or(5/$20)*not suggested to go with shrimp/snails/ fish/plants, great to raise as feeders for cichlids or bigger fish. Adult size ~3-4" ■New Dry Goods■ 1.(1) Fluval co2 20 kit $20 2.(1)Internal FILTERS 10/20 Gallon $15 3. Sponge filters(air driven mechanical/biological filtration) ▪Small $5 ▪Med. $8 ▪Large $12 4. (0)Quiet usb air pumps $12 great for small tanks, running airstones or sponge filters, one was even running fine in my 125 gallon. Everything is spawned and/or raised in our care, we provide a very diverse diet with high quality foods. We work hard to supply you with healthy aquatic animals we are not responsible once they leave our hands, thanks for your understanding

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