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Hello, I am Quinton a professional tennis player with Quintennis Academy. Can follow on Instagram at Quintennis to book tennis lessons today. Class levels from beginners, intermediate, high performance to expert. Email to order. QTA Phone # 416-524-7647 Will be available for private lessons, semi-private with 2 players on same court or as a hitting partner. Coaching lessons will be held at Jeff Healey Park On the Queensway at Location #1 Also at Queensway Park Tennis Courts near ROYAL YORK and QUEENSWAY at Location #2 Rate: -Private lessons $ 70/ hour

$0 for court Fees. *Option of me showing you a live recording of yourself. Breaking down your tennis stroke or serves technical error or footwork flaw. To than make your swing more smoother with a balanced momentum going forward into the ball. New orange and yellow soft balls will be provided for beginners. Green hard balls will be provided for intermediate and above. Please bring towel,water bottle, sunscreen, running or tennis shoes. Will teach you how to play tennis in 1 hour with professional techniques to continuously get better with ease for as long as you continue to play. Hand Sanitizer will be provided FREE TIPS for PLAYERS of ALL LEVELS

FH=FOREHAND BH=BACKHAND 1. Always Hit FH/BH in front of your stepped foot. 2. Bend with your knees to get low and close to the ball. 3. Create a semi-circle above your shoulders to than drop your wrist both downwards/back below the tennis ball. 4. Rotate your hips than torso, dragging your loose arm/arms behind you as you than swing your racket from low to high with a closed racket face pointing towards the ground at a 75 degree angle on either FH/BH side to than follow through across your body as you gradually rise up from your knee bend. Racket head will then end facing downwards towards your other elbow to create drastic top spin on both FH/BH side, imitating the motion of a windshield wiper. 5. Breathe out during rotation of the body at ball impact for extra paste. 6. Create large strokes. 7. Use a Loose wrist on your serve than a loose wrist on the FH/BH during the point duration. RETURN OF SERVICE 1. When returning serve. As soon as your opponent tosses the ball into the air. Off put your momentum forward onto your tippy toes throwing yourself off balance. 2. SPLIT STEP forward. Stay low on the FH/BH with your wrist below the ball and a short swing in front of you skipping the semi-circle. Follow through from low to high. 3. Stay low and finish the return before recovering back to center of the court. 4. If you feel you hit a good return, move forward towards the net. Split step just before your opponent hits the ball and hug your side line closest to where you hit the ball to anticipate the volley. *To hit FH/BH INCREDIBLY HARD. Get low with a wide leg base and then PREPARE LARGE STROKE EARLY. Run and get close to ball. Slow down to stop and throw momentum forward rotating your torso quickly as your arm whips from behind you like a wet towel striking the ball with your racket far in front of you. Lean into stroke with a strong base on top of the tennis ball for extra brute force.

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