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I have advanced education and experience in weight management. I offer private one-on-one counselling and coaching to get you to your goal weight. I provide this service to you directly in your own home through Skype or Facetime.

I do not use any diets or gimmicks, just straight medical and physiological principles. Weight loss only occurs when you use more Calories a day than you take in. I help you figure out how many Calories you need to take in to lose weight, and how to figure out how much you are taking in. We stick with the foods you are used to - no special diets - because we need healthy habits that are realistic and sustainable.

I teach you all about foods and the nutritional info that you need to lose weight. We also discuss how fat is stored and how it is broken down. Eating healthy is not the same as eating to lose weight, and I make sure you know which healthy foods are not good for weight loss.

In addition to addressing Calorie intake, I teach you how to burn more Calories in a day just by adjusting when and how you eat. Exercise is not needed for weight loss, but it does help. If you are interested in exercise I help you design a program that you find enjoyable and effective. If you don't enjoy exercise you won't keep doing it, so finding something that agrees with you is key.

If you are an "emotional eater" I provide counselling to help you address the issues behind your need for comfort food.

I offer better than competitive rates, and unlimited access to my support. I am available daytime, evenings, and even night-time upon request.

Please feel free to message me with any questions or to discuss how I can help you. You can message me here on Kijijii or by text at 289 696-1729.

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