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Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Its not about being perfect, it's about how much effort you put into what you want and what you do with that effort every single day! You can have the perfect plan, but if you aren't willing to work for it, then say goodbye to your goals! This is the core ingredient of how you will achieve your fitness and health goals.

Ever since I was a child I had always kept a lean physique by staying active and doing cardio! I have always enjoyed eating healthy and I feel is the biggest reason why I am able to keep a physique I am proud of to this day. My early 20's is when I wanted to help others achieve a physique they were proud of because it was the first time in my life I noticed it became much harder to keep the weight off myself. It was the first time I could relate to anyone having weight issues and gave me a quick reality check. I knew I had to change my routine so I started to weight train and I noticed a major difference in myself. I soon created a new lifestyle that I currently love to this day by enjoying the foods I love and maintaining an exercise regimen I can adhere to, even with my busy schedule! Excuses will always be there, but together we will kick them to the curb!

Last year I was pregnant with my first child. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me! Unfortunately it also came with a whopping 40+ lbs! The struggle was REAL! The scale showing a higher number every other day can really play with your mind. I remember being told countless times - "your pregnant, don't worry about it." Being told that fueled my fire and I knew there was some hard work ahead once the pregnancy was over. I wanted to prove to myself that I can get back down to my pre baby weight before my wedding, which was only a few short months away. I wanted to give my baby all the nutrition she needed during my pregnancy which might have added to the weight gain. But I put my weight loss goal to work right after having her. With great nutrition and a proper exercise program I achieved my goals and you can to!

Your story may be similar or completely different than mine. However, each of us have a fitness goal! Each of us have our own journey with our own struggles! So how can we be the best we can be? I know life can be a battle at times, but today is the day that all changes! Together we will power our way to your fitness and health goals! Together we will make the rest of your life the best of your life!

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$100 - $180 per month


Online Training Package deal

Nutrition coaching Workout regimen Skype one on one calling Program revisions 24/7 assistance with any questions Discounts on clothing and supplement line

Additional Notes:

* Learn about the incentive program for major $$$ savings!!! * Every plan is customized to meet each individual’s needs. * If prices do not fit your budget we can customize a program that will best suit you.

I hope you are willing to take the next step in your life and transform a new you!!

Contact Information:

Phone: Email: Website:

I have 2 spots open. Clients are on a first come first serve basis so contact me asap to start a new you!

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