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This guy came out and did a poor job on my garage door installation. I paid him to install new track and the doors. I called him back cause the doors would not close properly and the sensors were losing sight of each other when the door made it 3/4 of the way down. I met him there while helping this guy fix his own shoddy work I kept hearing excuses and watching him guess at what was wrong. At one point he told me he installed the doors wrong because he thought it would work and be ok and he would charge me to do it the right way. That’s when I had enough of his excuses and told him to get his stuff and get off my property.

Below are a list of things he did before I told him to beat it and stop him from hacking this even further.

Whatever adjustments he made caused the cable to fall off the roller causeing the door to come crashing down

He loosened the spring didn’t even bother tightening it properly because the door would just fall down and wasn’t balanced. He kept saying it’s okay like that. At which point I said get up there and fix the damn spring right.

He “shimmed” the support bracket for the track with literally garbage pieces of wood and a bunch of leg bolts and left them loose. Not even shim the whole support bracket. Just half cause you know.....that’s good enough. I even went and got 1/4” steel square washers to replace his garbage shims that fell out. And told him put these in and stop with that garbage.

When he tried to adjust the track he made it so crooked and wonky (think of an s curve) I told him he wasn’t going to leave it like that and come back here and look at the track.

He kept claiming the sensors were and I quote “too sensitive. I’m gonna see if I can adjust the sensitivity” to which I replied I’m an electrician and there is nothing wrong with them. If the eyes are losing sight of each other while the door is operating there is something wrong with your track Installation. And James’ solution for this? Let’s take a 1/4 wind out of the spring to help the door opener.

Then he started trying to blame me Saying you wanted the torsion spring we should have just put in the side springs. I said what does that have to do with anythingTHE OTHER DOOR STILL WORKS.

Around this point is where he said he installed the doors wrong and pointed to the casing around the door and said people take these off this how it’s done but I didn’t do it cause it would look like s**t and went on about weather stripping and him not installing it cause it was extra. To which I responsed. I told you when I hired you I would install the weather stripping. If you knew the install was wrong and you did it any way because of weather stripping that I told you I was gonna put on why did you do it? He responded with “well I thought it would be okay and work but it isn’t”. I said well if what your telling me is true why is the other door working. So he starts backpeddling and says well some people do it like that it’s not mandatory and he would charge me to do it that way knowing he did it wrong to begin with. At this point I got fed up and told him to take his stuff and get off my property. I was sick of hearing this guys excuses and he clearly demonstrated to me he has no idea what he is talking about and looking to make excuses for his poor work

I fixed the sensor issue myself 15 minutes later after I saw it.....he didn’t shim out the top section of the door. Honestly. 1” gap with nothing behind there cause who needs shims right? . I shimmed it and guess what the door works. I guess you just have to do your job right in order for things to operate right.

When I called him and told him what the problem was his response was “oh” “oh”James? “Oh” isn’t professional work was my response.

Google this guys business. Do a search in the Ontario registered business non existent. Learn from my mistakes. I don’t usually hire people. I’m not telling you not to hire this guy. I’m giving you a review and letting you make that decision for yourself.

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