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HELP International tree seedlings for sale for shelterbelts and environmental programming

Order Trees for 2020 Spring and Summer Planting Now

Special Notice: HELP field research shows that trees planted in full leaf survive and grow at higher rates than seedlings planted while dormant especially in drought years. The seedling leaves provide shade, attract night dew and the active roots all prevent seedling dehydration in first weeks after planting. HELP also hyper grows seedlings in early May through a new patented process providing customers with larger than typical seedlings at no extra cost to the customer.

Bigger Incentives for Tree Pick Ups in Weyburn for 2020

HELP is providing unprecidented incentives for customers who sacrifice time and gas to come to Weyburn to pick up their trees. Incentives now include (in addition to the normal 5% extra trees of each variety that all customers receive):

I) Bonus 10% of your global order in additional mixed large willow (mixture of white, acute, and other large willow varieties). For example if your over all tree order is for 200 trees then you will receive a bonus of 20 additional large mixed willow seedlings.

II) Extra Large Seedlings: HELP will provide the largest seedlings HELP has available for the varieties you ordered.

III) Extra Large Root Balls: HELP will provide 170 ml or even 340 ml root balls in any variety you ordered that HELP has the larger root balls instead of the industry standard 110 ml rootballs.

Pick Up Customers Paid by HELP who Offer to Make Uber-Like Deliveries of Other Customer Trees

HELP will pay any pick up customer who agrees to delivery trees of one or more other customers who are enroute or at the destination of the pick up customer. Tree handover would be at major fuel stations along the way or any other handover location agreeable to both parties. These deliveries are typically same day deliveries and the trees arrive the happiest because they are transported in open containers compared to courier company deliveries and trucking deliveries.


Go to to order on line


Order by phone: 306-861-0814 (You can also leave a text messages on this number)


Trees Available | Seedling Size | Growth Rate per Year | Mature Height | Mature Canopy Width | Suggested Plant Spacing |

Golden Willow 12 to 20 " 1.5-4 ft growth rate/ year 23-36 ft 25-35 ft 10 to 12 ft spacing

Laurel Leaf Willow 4-10" 1.5-4 ft/ year growth rate; 26-50 ft 35-50 ft 10 - 12 ft spacing

Silver Leaf Willow 8 - 14" 1.5 - 4 ft/year growth rate;25 - 60 ft 25 to 40 ft; 10 to 12 ft spacing

Acute Willow 8 -20 " 1.5 - 4 ft/year growth rate; 25- 40 ft 20 - 30 ft; 8 to 10 ft spacing

Large Mixed Willow15-24" 1.5 - 4 ft/year growth rate; 20-30 ft 20-30 ft 10 to 12 ft spacing

Pussy Willow 14-16" 1.5-2 ft/ year growth rate; 15-30 ft 15-20 ft; 8 to 10 ft spacing

Acute Willow: 12 - 20"; 1.5 - 4 ft/year growth rate; 18 to 25 feet; 10 to 15 ft; 6 to 8 feet spacing

Cluster Shrub Willow 12-16" 1.5-3 ft/ year growth rate; 12-16 ft 6-10 ft 3-4 ft spacing

Tristis Poplar 12- 16 " 2 - 3.5 ft/year growth rate; 30 - 50 ft 10-15 ft 8 ft spacing

Prairie Sky Poplar 12- 16" 2 - 3.5 ft/year growth rate; 30- 50 ft 15-20 ft 8 ft spacing

Okanese Poplar 10-14" 2 - 3.5 ft/year growth rate; 30-50ft 6 - 10 ft 8 ft spacing

Walker Poplar 10 -14 " 2- 3.5 ft/year growth rate; 30 - 50 ft 8 - 10 ft 8 ft spacing

Hill Poplar 8 - 12 " 1.5 - 3 ft/year growth rate; 30 - 40 ft 12- 20 ft 8 ft spacing

DN-34 Imperial Carolina Poplar: Fast Growing, more saline resistant

Mixed Poplar 10-16" 1.5-4 ft/year growth rate; 30-50 ft 6-13 ft 8 ft spacing

(Multiple Variety)
Red Ozier Dogwood 8- 15 " 1 ft/year growth rate; 4-8 ft 6-10 ft 3 ft spacing

Velosa Lilac 8 - 14"; 0.5 to 0.9 ft/year growth rate; 12 ft; 8-10 ft; 3 ft spacing

Manitoba Maple 10 - 16"; 1ft/year growth rate; 20 - 30 ft; 20 to 40 ft; 8 to 10 ft spacing

Blue Spruce 10 - 12 "; 0.9 ft/year growth rate; 35 to 60 ft; 15- 25 ft; 10 to 15 ft spacing

White Spruce 10 - 13"; 1 ft/year growth rate; 35 to 60 ft; 15 - 25 ft; 10 to 15 ft spacing

Scot's Pine 8 - 12"; 1.5 ft/year growth rate; 35 to 50 ft; 10 to 15 ft spacing

Tree Costs:

Specials: 300 or more purchased of Large Mixed Willow, Golden Willow or Pussy Willow at $1.25 per seedling. Less than 300 for these varieties the cost is regular price. Price for all regular tree orders: $1.75 for over 300 orders of these trees and $2.50 for under 300 of these varieties ordered. Except for special on white spruce: $1.25 if 300 or more; $2.00 for white spruce if order is under 300.

Otherwise, costing for orders of all other varieties the cost is as follows:

25 to 49 trees ($5.00 each)...any combination of varieties in groups of five or more.

50 to 299 trees (do not have to be of the same variety) $2.50 each

300 trees or more is $1.50 each (can be a mixture of different tree varieties to equal 300 or more)

Shipping Cost:

Shipping: 30¢ per seedling (minimum $40 charge)

0 shipping charge if trees are picked up in Weyburn SK.

Special incentives for Weyburn Pick up: 10% extra trees in mixed large willow (in addition to regular 5% extra of each variety ordered that all customers are given; Larger Root balls of 170 ml or 320 ml if available for any varieties ordered for pick up customers only.


Two Ways to Order:

i) Online Ordering

Go to and click on"store"

Under Notes to Seller Write: I would like: "Weyburn Pick Up May 24 to June 7" or "Shipping May 24 to June 7" (only write ONE option)

If you note : Weyburn Pick Up then we will refund your shipping within two business days of your tree purchase.

Note that container root trees can remain healthy and growing in the containers you receive them in for several weeks maintaining not more than 1/2 inch of water in the bottom of the open shipping containers!

ii) Telephone Ordering

you can call us at (306)-842-2433 to place a telephone order. We will need: your name, telephone number, email for followup receipt,credit card information, name town and city nearest your residence and your preference for shipping or Weyburn pick-up. Please order on line if possible due to HELP being pre-occupied this winter with overseas promotion of the floating tree production system.


Spring Planting Advice

Spring planting can be carried out any time in spring and throughout June and even into the hotter summer months so long as there is adequate ground moisture. 90% of tree survival and growth rate depends on moisture availability. However do NOT put trees on constant drip! Instead water them like Mother Nature does ...a good watering of ten liters per seedling or so and then one week without watering till first inch depth of ground surface is dry. For land preparation please deep till to 8 inch depth and soft like a rototilled garden so you 'sink up to your ankles' when walking on the prepared soil. Plant the tree seedlings deep! I.e.: plant the full root plus two inches of the bottom portion of the stem underground to ensure the root is well sealed from aerating to the surface and ensuring the roots reach the subsoil clays so plant is not so dependent upon surface rains and irrigation. After planting you must either:

I) commit to constant weeding, hoeing and cultivation for weed control


ii) constant chemical weed control applications without chemicals touching tree leaves!


iii) applying plastic mulch film by machine (four foot wide plastic mulch)


iv) install individual plastic mulch pad over each tree


v) apply chemical mulch such as triple rate triflurulate such as Treflan incorporated into the soil just prior to or after tree planting into the top one to inches of soil. This essentially sterilizes the soil by eliminating pre-emergent weeds and grasses for a period up to four years. Please rely on your own research on effectiveness and safety precautions when applying chemicals of any kind!

Plant deep: The full root plus two inches of the stem underground; Ensure adequate soil moisture (water the ground if necessary after planting and whenever the top inch depth of soil profile is dry.


Plastic Mulch Film (4 ft wide x 1,500 ft rolls)

HELP strongly suggests you use the thickest mulch plastic available to avoid damage by deer perforating the plastic. Your first defence is to have your land finely worked like a garden so that the plastic lays very flat against the ground! Plastic mulch rolls purchase: due to prohibitive shipping costs for shipping plastic mulch rolls outside of Saskatchewan, HELP recommends you purchase these heavier items from plastic retail suppliers in your province i.e.: You might consider Crawling Valley Plastics in Bassano, Alberta or Jeffries Nurseries in Portage, Manitoba.


Contracted Tree Shelterbelt Planting Services

HELP International assists with shelterbelt design and provides contracted planting, plastic mulching, and grassing services.

Consider assisted planting for May, June or July, 2018 planting! Additional fall planing bookings are also available. (Note: HELP utilizes largest seedlings it has available and the largest root volumes available for contract plantings. Likewise HELP utilizes thicker plastic mulch film than available in the marketplace i.e.: 3 mil plastic for contract plantings.

Contact us for more information at or

Licencing Opportunities: HELP is now marketing licencing for tree and plant producers in a newly patented low cost floating tree and plant production system developed by HELP's lead researcher. The system dramatically reduces labor, water, land space, and infrastructure is being launched world wide.

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