Reiki and children

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Robyn Anne - Soul spa Reiki Offers healing energy medicine sessions in person and distance Reiki.

Reiki treatment beens proven to be helpful adding children/teens with ADD/ADHD, inattentiveness, general anxiety, irritability,emotional issues, hyperactivity, defiance and In infants showing sings of stress in “fussiness” or colic. The balancing energies benefits regardless of the type of “disorder” reiki is gentle and noninvasive nature has a calm soothing energy for children with special needs. As in some causes, like autism-are yet to be unknow, and a deep controversy surrounds it- The balancing Reiki does in the body is non invasive to sensory sensitivity, which benefits in soothing moments for parents and children.

As a Reiki practitioner with a background in ASD educational childcare, I feel it’s important spend time with the child prior to treatment. Conducting Reiki for a child can be similar as for an adult laying down. It can flow as the child is laying on their parent, colouring, playing with a favourite relaxing toy, or simply being in the same room as the child- without using hands on treatment. It all depends on the comfortability of the child. It’s important in letting the child guide the session. However the session flows, When the child becomes more comfortable and as the energy begins to work, changes can be made how the child receives Reiki.

Children are incredibly intuitive and will often choose their own stones or crystals to use during this session that end up correlating with the energies they need. I believe being in touch with your child’s emotional, physical and energetic needs and wellbeing - is one of the best attributes you can do to support your littles growth as a parent. I also encouraged parents to learn Reiki - so, their child can receive daily treatments from them too. I am a certified Usui Holy Fire® Reiki 111 Master and Level one Algonquin quantum shamanic Reiki practitioner. If you feel connected please reach out. I look forward to meeting you. Blessings, Robyn Anne.

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