Tommy Armour 845 V-31 Mens R.H. Stiff/Titleist 990 DCI set

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Brand new grips plus free Adams Hybrid number 3.These beauties have an awesome job to do. They have to make people forget the venerable Tommy Armour 845’s. From the initial look and feel of them they just might be able to pull it off. The EVO V-31’s are an impressive looking set of golf clubs – absolute knock-outs. More than one of our regulars have thought them to be the equal of any new club on the market when it comes to appearance and style. As with the Hogan Apex’s, it seems a shame to mess them up by playing with them.

The graduated cavity designs of the heads radiate modern, engineering expertise, but these new elements have luckily been incorporated into the 845’s with a fine sense of traditional beauty and feel. Our testing says that Tommy Armour has a clear winner on its hands. National response has been positive and sales have been brisk, as well. These irons hit as good as they look. The first four testers who used the EVO’s gave the new irons high marks in every category. Subsequent testers have not all been thrilled by the clubs, but most have rated them highly. They greatly impressed one of our regular PGA pros who has been hitting the older 845’s for ten years. He loves the new renditions and especially appreciates the considerable extra yardage that they give him over his old 845’s. Though he is on the staff of another major, high-end manufacturer, he actually prefers to hit the EVO’s.

The sister version of the new 845’s is the EVO V-25 Forged. This version is geared a little more in the direction of being “players irons”. The forged heads add $200 to the price tag. The differences are not great, however, and the V-31’s will appeal to many low-handicap players. While both of these are serious irons, some better players who prefer straight away, blade-style irons do complain of the extra offset given to the long irons in the EVO V31. To remedy this, Tommy Armour has come out with a brand new “reduced offset” version of the EVO 31’s. This gives a less expensive (and more durable) option to those who dislike added offset. The majority of golfers can use a little help getting their long irons properly squared away through impact and will perform better with the regular vision. Both EVO 31 versions have a bit more perimeter weighting than do the V-25’s.

Most testers have commented on the sense of confidence they have in their ability to work and manipulate these irons at will. They impart an aura of control and sensitivity. One tester who places control as his paramount consideration said, “These feel like precision tools”. The EVO’s inspire a golfer to hold the irons lightly in their fingertips and swing carefully within themselves. They are not “bangers”.

The EVO’s have a swingweight of D3+. That coupled with a lively feeling shaft make them feel very crisp at impact. Some golfers may prefer the more solid, heavier feel of clubs such as the Hogan Apex Plus. In fact, many of our testers have preferred the feel of the Hogan’s or even that soft/solid feel of the Ping i3’s. The Armour’s have a lighter, more sensitive feel that some thought felt thin when not caught flush. Those who chose the EVO’s as favorites cited the lighter feel as a primary reason, however.

The short irons are almost pure, muscleback blades. They communicate nicely to the hitter and provide a particularly excellent sense of control and sensitivity. Like all segments of the EVO set they have a thin topline at address and provide for easy alignment. The look and feel is reminiscent of fine, traditional blades and wedges. Workability is very good. In fact, some might be inspired to become a little too “cute” with their shotmaking attempts, trying to work the ball more than their talents allow.

The appearance of the EVO’s at address is very traditional. They look compact with a relatively thin topline. Side by side comparisons with the small Ram Tour Grinds reveal a very similar look. The Rams have a shorter sole, however. Offset is minimal in the shorter EVO irons. The V-25 forged version is even more traditional and blade-like in its look at address. Registered nos. on irons ES306884 and pw. ES103137 stiff mens right hand. Titleist DCI 990 mens R.H. reg shafts 3-pw

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