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Hello there, Are you tired of waiting for your guitar or bass for weeks for a minor repair? Tired of paying for work you didn't need done and still have the same problem? If you are interested in the BEST rates in Alberta, the BEST guaranteed warranty work for the lifetime of your guitar, the BEST in stock part selection of all major manufacturers, the BEST turnaround service and working with an honest guitar tech give me a call. Burlesk Custom Guitars and Repairs is at your service. I specialize in guitars and all aspects of them from strings to amplifiers and everything in between. We are....Your one stop custom guitar shop in YYC. "There is no ego here or attitude, I have worked with many truly talented and passionate musicians from beginner to professional people just like you, who just want it done right. I treat your guitar as if it were my own and GUARANTEE my work for the LIFETIME of your guitar. I have a full restoration shop and one of the finest selections of luthier tools in the city to do the job right. I always have the best rates and service in Alberta...that's a promise. We don't have to advertise discounts on our rates or any particular service as our clients know this is the place to get your guitar, bass, amp or pedal fixed with the best results and at the best price anywhere in Alberta. - CHECK OUT OUR NEW HUGE WEBSITE we feature all our clients repairs and builds in the gallery. ****Like us on FACEBOOK and follow us on INSTAGRAM to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in repair technology *** -BUSINESS HOURS: MON-FRI: 10am-7pm SAT: 10am 1pm *** LOCATED IN THE NORTH WEST MACEWAN*** -THE BEST RATES ON SERVICE AND PARTS IN CALGARY ALWAYS GUARANTEED. SHOP RATE :$40.00 per hour -FULL SUPPLY OF PARTS FOR ALL MAKES AND MODELS: FENDER/GIBSON//FLOYD ROSE/DIMARZIO/LACE/WILKINSON AND MANY MORE. -CUSTOM FLOYD ROSE BIG BLOCK MODS . **NEVER GET A GOOD SETUP ON YOUR FLOYD ROSE?? “I guarantee you will be 100% happy when I am done with it..NO EXCUSES HERE!" *** - ON THE SPOT INSPECTION AND QUOTE.YOU GET TO TALK TO THE PERSON WHO WILL BE WORKING ON YOUR GUITAR. -ERLEWINE NECK JIG USED ON ALL FRET WORK AND BUILDS AND MEASURED TO WITHIN 1/1000th. -PHOTOGRAPHS ARE TAKEN DURING THE ENTIRE PROCESS OF BUILDS AND REPAIRS AND ARE AVAILABLE ON LINE FOR YOUR VIEWING OR CAN BE SUPPLIED TO THE CLIENT UPON REQUEST. -FULL PAINT AND FINISHING IS AVAILABLE AS WELL (SEE PICS ***BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU GET TO REFINISH YOUR GUITAR IT IS NOT A QUICK JOB AND IT CAN COMPLETELY DE-VALUE THE INSTRUMENT IF NOT DONE WITH ORIGINAL FINISHES OR COLORS)*** -FULL CUSTOM BUILDS ALSO AVAILABLE- we are very proud to offer you scratch built custom made guitars to your specifications. ***We were featured in the March issue of Alberta Venture Magazine for custom built guitars, Check the link below.*** -BOSS PEDAL MODS AVAILABLE AS WELL FOR: DS-1, GE-7, SD-1, MT-2, CE-2&3, CS-3, TR-2, BF-2 AND BD-2. **CALL OR TEXT PLEASE FOR FASTEST REPLY FOR THE BEST CARE ANYWHERE.. GUARANTEED! James : 403-809-8018 Testimonials: "A big thanks to James Burley for bringing my 65 Fender Jazzmaster back to life. Absolutely amazing job. I cannot say enough about the pride James takes in his work! If you live in Alberta the only person to touch your guitar should be this man." Nigel Gavet, Calgary. "If anybody’s out there has a dream or a guitar idea that they thought of and don’t know how to achieve it. They really should call my friend James Burley from Burlesk guitars, not only has James set up numerous guitars for me but he has also made one of my dreams come true. James made a roasted maple dual radius neck with LED markers for me, something I have always wanted from the 80’s. Not only is his work second to none, his prices are more than reasonable. James can do anything from a simple string change to making you custom built guitar of your dreams. Give him a shot, you won’t regret it." Neale Hanna, Musician "Krank'd", Calgary "Hey Calgary, For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to have James (Burlesk Guitars ) perform the magic he does, he’s second to none, his work is beyond exemplary! He’s approachable , a great problem solver, I’ve come to him with many an issue and the boy has come thru !! For those of you using the big box stores, give him a shot at your set up etc. your pocket book will appreciate it also!" Jim Humber, Musician, Bassist Calgary AB. "James is the man.Have I mentioned that before? James is the man. I came to him with a bunch of wacky ideas, and the result is even cooler than I could have imagined. I love precision basses, but wanted something more than the typical precision sound. I wanted to be able to have two separate outputs, one traditional P pickup, and then an added mudbucker near the neck, so I could run a clean line for low end, and then a distorted line for midrange and high end. Thanks to James, I'm having the most fun I've ever had with an instrument. I have gnarly, punchy midrange, and enormous, clean low end. The sounds I'm getting out of this thing sound like the result of hours of tweaking in the studio. I can even add an octave pedal on the low end only, and still have snarling, biting high end. This is too fun. I can go from huge punchy bass, to pipe organ, to screaming demon from hell, to idling diesel truck. All with a few turns of the volume knobs. Of course, the whole process with James was awesome, and along the way gave me a bunch of amazing suggestions, things I hadn't heard of before, AND ideas for future basses. I really need to stop hot rodding these things and just get James to build me one of his scratch builds! It's so refreshing to find someone that seems to have removed the words "I can't do that" from their vocabulary. Every suggestion I throw out is met with enthusiasm, and 2 or 3 more cool suggestions. On top of the amazing sounding electronics, he has once again set up the bass to play absolutely perfectly. I have a new favorite bass, and that's saying something, as I didn't think I could ever put down the last bass that James did for me! I'd love to keep typing more, but I have a bass to play!" Gordon Price, Musician, Bassist, Calgary AB. "Hi James, Thanks again for the care you showed my guitar and for the advice on proper care it plays amazing. My Best," Holly Blazina, Flamenco Guitarist, Calgary, AB . "James, well, just plugged it in...Holy #%*$ dude! This thing sounds and plays amazing! What a tone! Love it! Doesn't feedback either. SO impressed! Thanks again for the great work you have done and brought this guitar back to life for me! You’re the go to guy from now on! Cheers! " Dean Richardson, Musician, Guitar, Strathmore, Alberta. "Hi James, My Bass was playing pretty good before I brought it in for the new pickup install but with the fretwork and setup you did it has become effortless so smooth and easy. I just wanna play and play. Can’t wait to jam with it, post this on your ad so other guys and gals can see it is possible to fall in love with your instrument all over again! Great Work! " Thanks again. Derrick Remington, Musician, Calgary AB. "Amazing refinishing done on my Les Paul and the fret work is outstanding. No one else is touching my guitars from now on, finally a place where I know I can get things done properly, thanks again James." Arch H. Musician, Guitar, Red Deer, AB. "So I did not know that my Charvel or Satriani could be this good. Thanks Mr. Burley you are the best." Rod Moysey, Musician,Guitar, "ROUGE' Calgary, AB. “After an unfortunate refret by another local tech I was left with my favorite guitar unplayable for the better part of a decade. I took it to James on a recommendation from a friend and he got it playing better than it ever has! He did a full proper refret and gave it the once over it needed. He's now the only guy in town that I will let work on my guitars." Jay Scraba. Freelance guitarist, Calgary AB. "James did an incredible job fixing my Martin! It sounds even better than before and he educated me on how to properly take care of the things that my guitar needs in order to keep playing beautifully. I was very impressed with his work and would trust him with any guitar down the road. He was also very easy going and it was easy to ask him questions because I never had that kind of help in guitar stores. He is very meticulous with his work and puts a lot of care into what he does. Thanks James!" Danae N. Musician ,Calgary, AB. "Well I have to say that I'm impressed with the improvement to my Strat. James hit it on the nose with these new pickups. Great tone and what I notice is how crisp and punchy they are. They are definitely going to test my picking skill now which still needs to be honed since I'm a hobbyist. Anyways totally happy with my Strat now and the extra work he did is much appreciated." Guido K. Musician, Calgary, AB. "Hey James just wanted you to know my Strat plays so smooth now its way better with the frets done. I can bend forever now no buzz or dead spots ANYWHERE and the new tone pot and capacitors really sweetened the tone, I can’t remember the pots working so nice, she is a joy to play again, great job thanks so much again." Jason H. Musician, Carstairs, AB. "James, Fantastic job on the Les Paul! It's been a long time since I've literally laughed from pure joy playing one of my guitars, Thank you sincerely." Nolan H, Guitar Teacher/Professional Musician, Olds, AB "I tried the acoustic when I got home. Amazing! It's like a new instrument and I'm able to play without so much hand fatigue. I will certainly recommend you to any person I encounter who will benefit from your services. Very Impressed! Thanks James" Lorne P. Music Teacher and musician. Calgary AB. "James at Burlesk Guitars in Calgary has given my Charvel ST's the best set ups they've ever had!!! Great work...super friendly ...wouldn't hesitate to take any of my guitars to him!" Rod D. Musician, Guitar/Bass, Breton, AB. "After discovering James, and having my guitars set up by him, I was blown away by the attention to detail he paid to my instruments. I never even knew how good my guitars could sound until after James was done with them. On top of being a great guy, his knowledge and passion for guitars is second to none. If you want the best set up you’ve ever had, I highly recommend James for the job. I won’t be taking my guitars¬ anywhere else from now on." Mitch W. Professional Musician Calgary AB, the Sweets " Hey James, thanks again for working on my Jaguar Bass, I played it for a couple hours this morning and had a really hard time putting it down, it sounds and plays unreal. Great Job!" John B., Musician Calgary AB.

"James has done a couple set ups and pickup replacements on my les Paul and on a Strat and they both sound and feel killer!! He has the best service of anyone in Calgary and the best price around. Great guy and all around great service! Can't say enough good things about Burlesk guitars!!" Brett H. Musician, Calgary AB "James what you have done for all 4 guitars I dropped off for you to work on is absolutely amazing. I will now be giving you all my guitars from now on... Hands down the best work I have ever had done on my guitars." Robin D. Professional Musician Calgary AB, "Rockbottom" "My number one guitar is back thanks to James. Thought it was beyond repair but it was up and running in a day. Think I have found my new tech. Thanks buddy!" Steve S. Professional Musician Calgary AB. "The Syndicat's" "I would highly recommend taking your guitar to James of Burlesk Guitars. He was a true professional to deal with and his knowledge was nothing short of amazing. I have used many other services in the past but no one has compared to the level of quality and detail that James provided me. I will definitely be using him again in the future." Bryan T. Musician Calgary AB. "Just got home. Tried the Tele and Strat out. WOW is the only word I can think of without swearing. Transformed these two beasts into things of utter beauty. Thanks so much James. I will be bringing some more guitars down to you real soon." Lorrens H, Musician, Olds,AB "James brought my acoustic back to life and did a great job on my Tele too (switched neck, pickups and a setup). Great work, great prices and a great guy to deal with!" Dan S,Musician Calgary. "Hey James, I've had a chance to plug in both the Gibson and Fender. The guitar shop I bought these two guitars at couldn't set up either guitar in four tries.(not exaggerated) I'm extremely pleased with the work you've done. Both guitars sound incredible, smooth to play and enjoyable now that you've done your magic. Thanks again James." Steve B. Musician, Sundre Alberta "Hey James! A a big ole slap on the back for a job well done! I took my highly stressed new guitar into James and in one week out came the awesomeness of what a guitar should sound like. High in sustain and a low end growl is what I like and I got it! Don't bother wasting your time to anyone else's ads for guitar repair. I will save you time and money, and tell you to go see James. Brilliant James Brilliant!" Tim K., Airdrie AB. "Hi James, Just wanted to drop you a quick note telling you how pleased I am with the work you did on my Fender Strat. Without a word of a lie, it seriously has never played so nice. I’ll be popping around your place with my Gibson and let you have a go at that as well. Thanks, Neil , Airdrie, AB. "If you've never used James for guitar repairs etc .. check him out. Super fast turn around and quality work every time! He has done a few guitars for me now and very sure he will see some more! Great work and great prices too. Thanks James!" Jamie L. Proffesional Musician Calgary "JUNK" " Burlesk Guitars and repairs is the best!" Andre Scott. Professional Musician Calgary "JUNK" "Hey man, Tele was great all weekend. That capacitor you put in really changed the functionality of the tone knob a lot. It sounds great. Thanks again for your work, and super-fast turnaround time." Mitch J. Professional Musician, Guitar/ Slide, Calgary "I want to find the right words for a short but sweet review for you but so far it's beyond words, like really I can't thank you enough, the pedals are all serious upgrades in dynamics,range,sound quality and background noise. The set up on the Tele is like a Swiss Piano now excellent precision! And turning the Squire that seemed more like a toy into a playable instrument with superb playability is just awesome! I pass at least 13 guitar shops from the other side of town to get to you and it's well worth the trip. I would do it in Rush hour traffic both ways while having to pi** myself with a car full of live cobras before I would let one of the big name shops or anyone work on my guitars again!!! You have given me many reasons to get excited to play now! Cheers." Terry L. Musician, Guitar, Calgary AB "I have been playing guitar professionally for years. Recently nominated ACMA Male Artist of the Year for my guitar skills. In the past I've had my guitars worked on by techs for Bryan Adams and Waylon Jennings to name a few. James has become my new favorite...he brought my favorite guitar back from disaster to delight. James's attention to detail, not rushing the job and working with the artist is second to none. I highly recommend James...there are none better..." Scott Slade- Professional guitarist - ACMA Nominee Calgary, Alberta "Hey James Just wanted to say thanks for the work you did on my Les Paul. It sounds and plays amazing. Pulling out that circuit board and installing the new electronics was a must but including the treble bleed was a great suggestion. I will definitely be using you for all my guitar work and will spread the word around. Thanks again" Dave S. Musician & Artist (Fantom Custom Airbrush ) Airdrie, Alberta. "I have tried a lot of techs in the city to work on my guitars. I have never found anyone who does as good of a job as James. He makes sure that it is working 100% before I get it back and always goes above and beyond to ensure it's perfect. Thanks again. It sounds great! Talk to you soon." Al G. Musician, Calgary, Alberta. "Im always a little cautious when buying anything on kijiji, but after reading some of the testimonials on James' and I thought I would give him a shot. I wanted my Vox V845 wah pedal wired for true bypass. Rather than pay a large premium at one of the major music stores here, I decided to go with James after he gave me a great quote for the work. Right away I was impressed with his professionalism, honesty and friendliness. His work is equally as good. My pedal sounds incredible now, and no longer sucks the tone from my guitar. He even cleaned it up for free! I would recommend his work to anyone. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a boutique pedal, take what you have to James and he will make it sound like one. Thanks James, I am now a customer for life! Zach A. Musician ,Calgary “I first took my Strat to James to have the re-string and intonation set. While he had it he took the time to assess everything and improve, did a fret dress to improve playability on the neck..just for the love of it. I've recently had other work and upgrades done and I always come away with a smile on. James goes above and beyond." Doug S. Musician Calgary AB. " Hi James, After some extensive playing and a good recording session I can definitely notice the improvements. Bending is a pleasure now and tuning stability is much better. Bringing it to u was seriously the best thing I could have done, I was contemplating selling her at a big loss! Sadly I am moving to Manitoba next month, so I won't be able to get your help with my other instruments, which sucks. I'll be sure to recommend you to my musician pals before I go. Take care and thanks again." Jonas P-Calgary AB. “Awesome attention to detail and fretwork to die for!" Rob V- Professional Musician and Teacher Calgary AB. "Hey James, "I LOVE the new pedals, some of my other pedals sound a bit muddy compared to the clarity I get out of the DS-1." Rob D. Musician Calgary AB. "As a budding home recording engineer I was struggling to hit that sweet spot with my guitar mixing. Tried everything from A to Y like you do in the quest for the perfect sound. So I get to plan Z, pickup change #21, mic placement position #3127 and no end of messing around with Guitar Rig and Amplitube. I think it's time to try a different guitar tech! Lucky me James walks the talk with him custom wiring and "boom" it's there. Just found out there was nothing wrong with my guitar sound after all that and that SM57 really does work as it should." Phil P. Musician/Engineer Calgary AB "My experience in dealing with Burlesk Guitars would be rated as 5 stars! I received exceptional service, quality work, and a fabulous price. I contacted James after my seven year old experienced a problem with the Fishman pickup on her Mini Martin guitar. Admittedly, I had made several calls prior to speaking with James in an effort to find a repair shop capable of returning the guitar to her in a reasonable time frame and with a solid quote. I simply was not comfortable with an invoice that would rival the price of a whole new guitar! Plus, she required the guitar back in time for her weekly lesson a few days later. I had no luck in reaching anyone willing to offer a turnaround time of less than a full week, until I contacted Burlesk. James responded in a prompt, friendly, and professional manner. He diagnosed the problem immediately and explained how he felt we could best resolve the issue and avoid a recurrence in the future. I heard back from James in less than 24 hours with news that the guitar was repaired and ready for pick up. The price was very reasonable. We found that our expectations were not only met- they were exceeded! He went the extra mile to see to it that my daughter would have her guitar delivered with plenty of time before her lesson, he showed her the modification made to prevent the same incident in the future. The quality of the work that was done is evident. She is impressed, I am impressed. James definitely went above and beyond. A very personable, honest individual with a genuine passion and interest in what they do. It’s awesome. I’d highly recommend checking out Burlesk Guitars for repairs & customization." Holly Sousa Airdrie, Alber

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