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Original Electrolysis Kangen Water Ionizers Made in Japan now as low as only $1490!

Try the water for free at our distributor office location near Pearson Airport by appointment only! Try a machine for free for 15 Days at your home!!

Made with high grade constant power supplies. Stay away from other ionizers that do not have "constant power" power supplies. Only Kangen Water is the original with all the medical and industrial standards approvals worldwide

Our bodies are over 70 percent water and our Brains over 80 percent water. Do not take it for granted. Give yourself only the best water in the world from a high end Japanese-made medical-grade water machine. Original Kangen Water! Often imitated, but never duplicated in quality by other water ionizer companies!!

Call today 416-505-0759 for more info or book your appointment !!!

Kangen Water by Enagic is approved as a medical device by the Japanese Ministry of Health and is given to patients in hospitals in Japan. Used by Over 6500 Doctors in Japan - this is one of the reasons why Japan leads the world in life expectancy rate for the last 30 years.


Free refill program from this distributor's office for 2 weeks worth of Kangen water for you to try. OR...

Free for 30 Days Alkalized water trying out a machine in your home!

Machines available at a promotional offer. So call today! And now you no longer have to spend 5000 on a machine because Enagic now offers a smaller levelukR for under 1500 dollars!

Save money long term on eliminating bottled water purchases in cheap plastic. Now you can be able to fill your safe bottles every morning with the worlds highest quality water machine only! We will also provide all the info you need as to what bottle are safe and which are not safe to drink out of.

Endorsed by Dr. Michael Donaldson, Dr. Corrine Allen and Hiromi Shinya MD - Chief of Surgical Endoscopy and Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

It is scientifically proven that the healthiest water on earth comes from springs that were in contact with lightning that has ionized and micro-clustered the water. Many people travel all over the world to drink such water because they believe it heals them (strong in hydrogen ions with a nigh negative ORP rating). Now, Japanese technology has been able to replicate this super water through the worlds highest quality electrosys processing in Kangen water machines!

Only Enagic has machines with the highest grade power supplies which unlike other alkalizers on the market, supplies constant consistent wattage power to the worlds highest grade platinum/titanium plates used in the inudstry (fully solid and not mesh-based plates.)

Kangen Water Allows the body to heal; better hydration on a cellular level because of micro clustering into a thin viscosity and active hydrogen; antioxidant high negative orp rating, and extremely clean.

Used to treat a wide array of medical problems including:

-Diabetes -Heart Disease -Acid Reflux and Digestive problems -Stroke -High Blood Pressure -Food Allergies -Seasonal Allergies -High Cholesterol -IBS -Fibromyalgia -Premature Aging -Immune Problems -Electrolysis process from the world's highest grade platinum/titanium plates

Kangen Water both filters and processes water in the following multi-step process: triple filter > microcluster > remineralize > ionize > alkalize through electrolysis. 4 different drinking modes! 2 cleaning modes with an electrolysis enhancer. (only for the cleaning modes)

The Following People Use Kangen Water: Bill Gates (Database shows 18 Machines purchased) Elvis Stoijko Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Tiger Woods Evander Holyfield Tyra Banks Steven Segal Barrack Obama (Reccomended by his Cardiologist Dr. Gerald Bresnahan) Leonardo Dicaprio Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher Magic Johnson And numerous Reputable MDs, Physicians, Surgeons, Scientists, biologists, etc..

Dr. Hiromi Shinya - Inventor of the Colonascope and Non-Invasive Colon Surgery, is the the leading Gastrointerologist in the world. Currently, he is the Chief of Endoscopy at the Beth Israel Medical Center, NY, and the Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Dr. Michael Donaldson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgC24D0VWFc

Dr. Horst Filtzer - world famous doctor, Vascular Surgeon who invented and developed the heart Stent.

Dr. Corrine Allen - Advanced Learning and Development Institute is a recognized healthcare leader for her alternative methods of stimulating permanent changes in the brain for dyslexia, ADD, Autism, Asperger's, learning disabilities, academic and behavioral issues and brain injuries. Since using Kangen Water in her practice she has seen a 35% increase in the speed of healing.

Dr. Dave Carpenter, ND - runs 300-500 gallons of water through his Enagic Kangen machine daily for all patients.

Dr. Peggy Parker - a traditionally trained Naturopathic Physician, internationally renowned teacher and lecturer who resides in Spokane, Washington.

Try it out now for free for your own independent verification to see if it works for you. And join a large community of Kangen Water consumers and learn of their healing stories including here at our office.

Also inquire about becoming an independent distributor, because the Enagic company believes in healthy physical, mental and financial well being for its members! (Enagic does not do business through traditional wholesale, distributor, retail models.)

Contact us try it free today!!


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