Rare Gnosis Singularity (-) Pre-Workout by Omar Isuf

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Selling 3 sealed and unopened bottles of Gnosis Singularity (-) pre-workout by Omar Isuf for $60 each. Singularity is a very popular pre-workout supplement in the fitness industry that had it's last batch made in late 2017 so this pre-workout is nearly impossible to find. I got these as a gift but I prefer to use a different kind of pre-workout. Contains 5g of creatine, 8g of citruline malate and 4g of beta alanine per serving. Expiry date of 07/2019.

Pick up is at the Michael Angelos plaza on Erin Mills Parkway and Folkway Drive. Send me an email or text for a quick response. If this ad is up then the pre-workout is still available.

Product Description:

There are several hundred ingredients used in supplements marketed as being effective. However the vast majority have not been proven to be useful (no evidence to support using them). Most are an absolute waste of time and money. “Only ingredients that work” is our motto. We determined which ingredients to include based on what available evidence we have from the scientific community. Rather than market unproven and unreliable ingredients to make our product sound exotic, we believe in obtaining the highest quality ingredients that have been researched & verified to produce an effect. Here are the ingredients in our pre-workout as well as our rationale. Amounts of each ingredient our based upon what recommendations have been given in the literature.

Creatine [5g] - Creatine is probably the most well researched supplement with several hundred studies examining it. Creatine is produced in the body & found in nature (but in inadequate amounts for lifting). In the body it is a source of energy that helps regenerate your adenosine triphosphate (ATP) stores. ATP is a type of energy system used for rapid muscle contractions like lifting weights.

Bottom line is that creatine assists in you getting bigger & stronger by essentially allowing you to work harder. It'll help you do a little more work in the gym.

There are many different types of creatine and manufacturers of creatine but we are going with the most well researched & effective, creatine monohydrate.

Citrulline Malate 2:1 [8g] - Citruline Malate is an amino acid which has benefited from more research recently. When consumed, citrulline is converted into arginine within your kidneys. Citrulline has been shown to help reduce fatigue. It helps increase your overall training volume (by increasing ATP production and efficiency of your ATP usage). It has also been shown to help decrease muscle soreness by being a potential buffering agent for your body. Lastly it can help with getting a pump by increasing your plasma argnine levels. This is important because increased arginine in your blood leads to more nitric oxide. This in turn leads to improved vasclular health aka bigger pumps. While not only cosmetic, a pump means there is restricted blood flow to a muscle. Restricted blood flow leads to more local growth factors (increased protein synthesis).

Bottom line is that citrulline malate assists in reducing training fatigue (letting you do more work), decreases next day soreness & increases the pump you get. Combine all of this together and it will lead to more hypertophy.

We are using citrulline malate as it is absorbed better in the body.

Beta Alanine [4g] - I'm going to be perfectly honest here, I think beta alanine is only beneficial to small percentage of people. In fact I made a video stating that I don't recommend it for the general population. So why are we including it? For starters we asked our Facebook group whether we should include it in our pre-workout and the majority of people still wanted it included. We obliged. Think of it as a bonus ingredient that has a small benefit to a certain portion of users.

So what's the deal with beta alanine? When ingested it turns into carnosine and acts as an acide buffer. It protects from exercise induced lactic acid. It has been shown to help increase muscular endurance (a 2.85% increase) when exercising for 60-240 seconds. In other words when you are doing very high rep work (probably in the range of 20 or more) it might let you squeeze out another rep or two. There is evidence to support that incorporating higher rep ranges (20+) can help with hypertrophy. It is for this reason that we keep beta alanine.

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