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    Schluter DHEHK12011 Ditra Heat E Cable 120V, 35.3Ft (10.8M) Length, Coverage 10.7Ft² (1.0 m²), Power 135W, Current 1.1Amp $173

    Schluter DHEHK12016 Ditra Heat E Cable 120V, 52.9Ft (16.1M) Length, Coverage 16.0Ft² (1.5 m²), Power 203W, Current 1.7Amp $193

    Schluter DHEHK12021 Ditra Heat E Cable 120V, 70.5Ft (21.5M) Length, Coverage 21.3Ft² (2.0 m²), Power 270W, Current 2.3Amp $232

    Schluter DHEHK12027 Ditra Heat E Cable 120V, 88.2Ft (26.9M) Length, Coverage 26.7Ft² (2.5 m²), Power 338W, Current 2.8Amp $249

    Schluter DHEHK12032 Ditra Heat E Cable 120V, 105.8Ft (32.2M) Length, Coverage 32.0Ft² (3.0 m²), Power 405W, Current 3.4Amp $269

    Schluter DHEHK12038 Ditra Heat E Cable 120V, 124.1Ft (37.8M) Length, Coverage 37.5Ft² (3.5 m²), Power 475W, Current 4.0Amp $289

    Schluter DHEHK12043 Ditra Heat E Cable 120V, 141.1Ft (43.0M) Length, Coverage 42.7Ft² (4.0 m²), Power 540W, Current 4.5Amp $306

    Schluter DHEHK12051 Ditra Heat E Cable 120V, 169.8Ft (51.8M) Length, Coverage 51.4Ft² (4.8 m²), Power 650W, Current 5.4Amp $343

    Schluter DHEHK12064 Ditra Heat E Cable 120V, 212.9Ft (64.9M) Length, Coverage 64.4Ft² (6.0 m²), Power 815W, Current 6.8Amp $381

    Schluter DHEHK12073 Ditra Heat E Cable 120V, 240.2Ft (73.2M) Length, Coverage 72.7Ft² (6.8 m²), Power 920W, Current 7.7Amp $418

    Schluter DHEHK12083 Ditra Heat E Cable 120V, 275.5Ft (84.0M) Length, Coverage 83.3Ft² (7.7 m²), Power 1055W, Current 8.8Amp $469

    Schluter DHEHK12092 Ditra Heat E Cable 120V, 303.0Ft (92.4M) Length, Coverage 91.7Ft² (8.5 m²), Power 1160W, Current 9.7Amp $512

    Schluter DHEHK120102 Ditra Heat Cable 120V 336.9Ft (102.7M) Length, Coverage 101.9Ft² (9.5 m²), Power 1290W, Current 10.7Amp $563

    Schluter DHEHK120113 Ditra Heat Cable 120V, 372.2Ft (113.4M) Length, Coverage 112.6Ft² (10.5 m²), Power 1425W, Current 11.9Amp $616

    Schluter DHEHK120134 Ditra Heat Cable 120V, 444.0Ft (135.3M) Length, Coverage 134.3Ft² (12.5 m²), Power 1700W, Current 14.2Amp $673

    Schluter DHEHK24011 Ditra Heat E Cable 240V, 35.3Ft (10.8M) Length, Coverage 10.7 Ft² (1.0 m²), Power 135W, Current 0.6Amp $173

    Schluter DHEHK24016 Ditra Heat E Cable 240V, 53.1Ft (16.2M) Length, Coverage 16.1 Ft² (1.5 m²), Power 203W, Current 0.8Amp $193

    Schluter DHEHK24021 Ditra Heat E Cable 240V, 70.6Ft (21.5M) Length, Coverage 21.4 Ft² (2.0 m²), Power 270W, Current 1.1Amp $232

    Schluter DHEHK24027 Ditra Heat E Cable 240V, 88.2Ft (26.9M) Length, Coverage 26.7 Ft² (2.5 m²), Power 338W, Current 1.4Amp $249

    Schluter DHEHK24032 Ditra Heat E Cable 240V, 105.8Ft (32.2M) Length, Coverage 32.0 Ft² (3.0 m²), Power 405W, Current 1.7Amp $269

    Schluter DHEHK24038 Ditra Heat E Cable 240V, 124.1Ft (37.8M) Length, Coverage 37.5 Ft² (3.5 m²), Power 475W, Current 2.0Amp $289

    Schluter DHEHK24043 Ditra Heat E Cable 240V, 141.0Ft (43.0M) Length, Coverage 42.6 Ft² (4.0 m²), Power 540W, Current 2.3Amp $305

    Schluter DHEHK24053 Ditra Heat E Cable 240V, 176.3Ft (53.7M) Length, Coverage 53.3 Ft² (5.0 m²), Power 675W, Current 2.8Amp $343

    Schluter DHEHK24064 Ditra Heat E Cable 240V, 211.6Ft (64.5M) Length, Coverage 64.0 Ft² (5.9 m²), Power 810W, Current 3.4Amp $381

    Schluter DHEHK24075 Ditra Heat E Cable 240V, 248.2Ft (75.7M) Length, Coverage 75.1 Ft² (7.0 m²), Power 950W, Current 4.0Amp $418

    Schluter DHEHK24085 Ditra Heat E Cable 240V, 282.1Ft (86.0M) Length, Coverage 85.3 Ft² (7.9 m²), Power 1080W, Current 4.5Amp $457

    Schluter DHEHK240103 Ditra Heat Cable 240V, 339.4Ft (103.4M) Length, Coverage 102.7Ft² (9.5 m²), Power 1300W, Current 5.4 Amp $514

    Schluter DHEHK240129 Ditra Heat Cable 240V, 425.8Ft (129.8M) Length, Coverage 128.8Ft² (12.0 m²), Power 1630W, Current 6.8Amp $574

    Schluter DHEHK240145 Ditra Heat Cable 240V, 480.5Ft (146.5M) Length, Coverage 145.3Ft² (13.5 m²), Power 1840W, Current 7.7Amp $624

    Schluter DHEHK240167 Ditra Heat Cable 240V, 551.0Ft (167.9M) Length, Coverage 166.7Ft² (15.5 m²), Power 2110W, Current 8.8Amp $673

    Schluter DHEHK240183 Ditra Heat Cable 240V, 605.9Ft (184.7M) Length, Coverage 183.3Ft² (17.0 m²), Power 2320W, Current 9.7Amp $739

    Schluter DHEHK240204 Ditra Heat Cable 240V, 673.8Ft (205.4M) Length, Coverage 203.8Ft² (18.9 m²), Power 2580W, Current 10.7Amp $792

    Schluter DHEHK240225 Ditra Heat Cable 240V, 744.4Ft (226.9M) Length, Coverage 225.2Ft² (20.9 m²), Power 2850W, Current 11.9Amp $850


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