Warhammer (Age of Sigmar) Beastmen - $5 - $10

No Longer Available - Warhammer (Age of Sigmar) Beastm $5.00

Beastmen Shaman (1 sold, 2 still available) - $5 each Beastmen Hero (2 availabe) - $10 each Beastmen Hero (non GW) - $5 Morghur - $25

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Warhammer 40k Space marine starting force for trade
Swap / Trade
Cambridge< 2 hours ago
I have 26 models I'm looking to swap for some tau, heavy or elite space marines, chaos marines, orks. I would also trade for a starting force for eldar or imperal around the same price area as my…
warhammer 40k genestealer cult army
Kitchener / Waterloo< 23 hours ago
Large gemestealer cult army over 1500 in stuff 3 goliaths 3 rockgrinders cult chimera cult leman russ intercnagable cannons cult sentienel with lascannon about 30 acolatye hybrids about 30 neophyte…
Warhammer 40k 3rd-6th E books
Please Contact
Dark Angels 6th E codex-15$ DaemonHunters codex-5$x2 stock Eye of Terror codex-5$ SpaceWolves 4th E codex-5$x2 stock Dark Eldar 3th E codex-5$ Black Templars 4th E Cdoex-5$ Chapter Approved 2003-5$…
Warhammer 40K  - Black Templar Vehicle  Upgrade Sprue x5
Kitchener / Waterloo17/09/2017
Five complete Black Templar vehicle upgrade sprues. Will sell individually for $10 each.One of these sprues is included in GW's Black Templar Chapter Upgrade Kit, which sells for $44.64 each (after…
Warhammer (Age of Sigmar) Chaos Slaughterbrute - $70
Kitchener / Waterloo17/09/2017
Warhammer Skaven, Age of Sigmar Grand Alliance Chaos, Kings of War Festus the Leechlord (or can use as Chaos Nurgle Champion or Sorcerer) - sold Slaughterbrute or Mutalith Vortex Beast (new in box) -…
Warhammer (Age of Sigmar) Orcs & Goblins $10 - $25
Kitchener / Waterloo17/09/2017
Various units for Warhammer Orcs & Goblins, Age of Sigmar Orruks, Kings of War Grimgor Ironhide - both sold Borgut Facebeater - sold Goblin Shamans - both sold Orc Shaman (1 sold, 1 available) - $10…
Age of Sigmar Book
Kitchener / Waterloo17/09/2017
Good condition, soft-cover.
Warhammer (Age of Sigmar) Empire - $20-$50
Kitchener / Waterloo17/09/2017
Various units for Warhammer Empire, Age of Sigmar, Kings of War Karl Franz / Elector Count / Wizard on Griffon (new in box) - $50 Kurt Helborg (missing runefang) - $20 20 Empire Handgunners (some are…
RETRO Clothing patterns
Kitchener / Waterloo12/09/2017
7 Retro Clothing Patterns: 3 Petite Ladies(XS/Sm), 3 Childrens (Age 3 to Teen), 1 Mens Gap, Med.. $3.00 for everything.
Warhammer 40K Grey Knight models to trade
Swap / Trade
Kitchener / Waterloo10/09/2017
Looking the trade the following Grey Knight models for either some space marine Flyers, Tanks, Heavys or some new space marine models from the dark imperium box set. Drop me an message if you…
Warhammer 40K :- Death Guard (Dark Imperium)
Swap / Trade
Looking to swap my death guard from the dark imperium box (Still on the sprue) for the Primaris Space Marines from the same box set. What i am offering :- 1 Death Guard Lord of Contagion , a huge,…
Crystal Caves Space Age Geode Growing Kit (Rose Quartz)
Kitchener / Waterloo28/08/2017
Complete geode crystal growing kit. Educational and fun for kids. Box has been opened but kit has never been used and everything is complete.
#8 Cork 100 pack
OUT OF STOCK I have number 9 corks in stock thou $17 bag of 100 The Bellcork is made out of a natural cork are cork good for up to 6 years to let your wine age bag of 100
Doodle Socks
Kitchener / Waterloo24/08/2017
Kids can colour in their own pair of socks! Kit has two pairs of knee high socks, for ages "7-97" according to the box. Box has never been opened.
Project Runway - Silk Screen Fashion Design Set
Kitchener / Waterloo19/08/2017
Brand New in Box Fashion Design Silk ScreenSuper Set 200 + Pieces Ages 8 & up Includes: - SilkScreen Machine - 6 Fabric Paints - 25 Stencil Designs - 60 Sketch Sheets - Paint Brush - 10 Coloured…
Warhammer Sets NIB
Kitchener / Waterloo07/08/2017
This is for two sets. Space Marine Devastator Squad and Space Marine Scout Squad with Sniping. 25 dollars for the Snipers and 50 dollars for the devastators. Both 40k. Picked up pricing.
Warhammer Fantasy & 40K Books $5 - $35
Kitchener / Waterloo02/08/2017
Books are in great condition. Willing to sell individually or as a bundle (will discount further if you take the whole lot). Many of these books are out of production and are no longer available from…
Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Models (Warhammer) $5 - $20
Kitchener / Waterloo02/08/2017
Only a few left! Note: all models supplied with base, even if not in photo. I will also consider trades, especially for other Lord of the Rings or Warhammer models. Gimli (painted) - $5 Aragorn…
Warhammer Novel - Archaon: Everchosen
Kitchener / Waterloo02/08/2017
unread (great condition). MSRP $16
Warhammer / Age of Sigmar Empire Middenheim command
Kitchener / Waterloo02/08/2017
Warhammer Empire, Age of Sigmar, Kings of War 3 Teutogen Guard command (champion, standard, musician) and priest of Ulric (all unpainted... painted photos for reference only).
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