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Mobile Snowblower Repairs - Season Tune Ups NOW! Call Us today 780-862-0355 "7" days a week - *** Open Sunday *** - Small Engine Services and Tune Ups, get it done Today. Call us for Craftsman Honda toro and many more **

Metropolitan Edmonton Area Mobile Onsite Snowblowers Repairs Tuneups , Repairs and Services.

We are the first and only Mobile Snow Blower Repairs and Mobile Small Engine Repairs in Edmonton Area providing professional great Tuneups and Repairs Services.

( Read the reviews at the bottom of the ad ) Call Us today 780-862-0355 10 – 7 & 7 days a week - *** Open Sunday *** (If busy we will always call you back) (Also see our other ads)

Snow Blower Repairs Tune Ups - Services and Repairs

We provide on site tune ups to your Snowblowers :


Basic 25 Point Inspection And Service Diagnosis Call - $69.99 + tax

We will come to your location Diagnosis the problem for you for our Standard. Diagnose the current problem and provide a solution and tips for your repair.

Over 20 Years Experience with all makes and models.

--- Onsite diagnosis of the problem and any future problems --- Fuel system analysis --- Carburetor Test, Spark Test --- General Engine overview

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Addon Services Provided ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Basic System Care Tune Up Package $59.99

We provide on site tune ups to your Snow Blower :

--- Onsite diagnosis of the machine and Diagnose any future problems --- Replacement of Spark plug with proper gaping for maximum performance --- Flush and clean the engine oil and replace with fresh 5/30 oil for easy 1 pull starts --- Check Auger Drive And Belts

Most machines can be done in just about an hour.


Full System Care Tune Up Package $79.99

We provide on site tune ups to your Snow Blower :

--- Onsite diagnosis of the problem and any future problems --- Fuel system analysis flush and clean --- Compresion Cylynder Testing --- Recoil Pull Start Lubrication and Testing --- Carburetor Test, Clean and Adjust as required --- Replacement of Spark plug with proper gaping for maximum performance --- Check Auger Drive And Belts --- Flush and clean the engine oil and replace with fresh 5/30 oil for easy 1 pull starts --- Armature lubrication and Tightening

We ensure the Snow Blower will be in " like new again and in running order" after our tune up and service as long as no further parts are required. Most machines can be up and running again in just about an hour.


John Deere Snowblowers Repairs - Mobile Repairs - Great Reviews

Couldn't be happier with my experience here. He is a great guy, Totally helpful, and absolutely left feeling like my lawnmower was good to go. Nice to find 'a guy' in town who's close by our place and we can trust for this type of stuff.

I've used them three times now for various mowers, and I have always had a great experience. The last one he did, he fixed it BETTER than when it was new (starts faster/instantly, runs smoother and with more power). His prices are fair, and he stands behind his work, too.

Wonderful and fun service. I almost blew up my lawn mower twice and he just laughed and fixed the mower twice (only charged me once) and then explained to me all about mowing and how my lawn mower worked. He took the time to adjust the handles to make it easier for me to mow along with setting the blades. Life saver, great fun and excellent customer service all the way around. I am now a customer for life!!!!

I initially took my Honda Lawn mower to another repair shop and found out they didn't work on Hondas. I asked them about Mobile Lawn Mower Repair and they recommended him because of the quality and honesty of his work. Were they ever right! Not only did he get it running like new but also gave valuable advice on maintenance and prevention for lawn equipment. Will definitely use him again.

Great service, friendly & got my mower working in just 30 minutes! On-site service was awesome so I didn't have to lift & haul a dirty mower around town. Would definitely recommend.

Great service! I called and he was here within an hour. My lawnmower was in horribly bad shape and he fixed it! Runs like new. He was professional, friendly and saved us several hundred dollars on having to buy a new lawn mower.

I'm one of those fair weather lawnmower guys. I pay someone to take care of my yard during the hot months, then take the reins when the weather cools. When I went to start my mower this past weekend, nothing happened. After trying a few simple things myself (I'm not mechanically inclined) I gave up and started searching for a local repair shop. In my googling, I stumbled across Bill's Service. The glowing reviews sounded almost too good to be true, but I called the number anyway. Bill himself answered, and I immediately started to feel more comfortable with the idea of a mobile lawn mower repair service. We agreed on a time, and he took down my information. 30 minutes before the agreed-upon time, Bill called to confirm our appointment and said he'd be there in 20 minutes. He arrived exactly 20 minutes later. Bill was friendly, professional, reasonably priced and fast. He even gave me some tips that, while they meant less future work for him, helped me know what to do to avoid the problem in the future, and how to fix one of the two problems the mower had myself next time. This guy really impressed me. If you are in need of a lawnmower repair, or just a tune-up, give them a call.

Bill was great to work with! Fast, very knowledgeable, and a real professional. I was having trouble with my yard vac starting. I don't own a truck/suv so having him come over worked out better than bumming one from a friend. Bill fixed the issue and I can't give him a better recommendation!

I called Bill on a Saturday morning after not being able to get my pressure washer started. Bill was willing to come by my house and pick up the pressure washer and take a look but since I was going to be out their way, I told him I would drop it off. I had no idea that Bill would take the time to fix my Briggs & Stratton engine while I watched. Bill is experienced and did not mind me watching him do his thing. He was able to identify the problem and get the motor started after replacing carburetor parts. The price was fair and the service was efficient and speedy. Bill is a joy to be listen to and has earned all of my small engine repair business.

Bill has fixed my lawn mower and my power washer very fast and at a great price I will keep using them for any future problems.

Like others here, I've used these guys more than once. They really know their mowers, and are enthusiastic about educating the owner about proper care and maintenance, and even will caution against certain brands (complete with their reasoning) when making future purchases. They are fast and reasonably-priced; I give them my wholehearted recommendation.

Bill is the man! He's the reason you use local vendors. He is still the friendliest, hardest working guy out there!

Bill is the mower whisperer. I called Bill to have my mower serviced and even though he was up to his eyeballs in jobs, he was still most pleasant, friendly guy. To top it all off his pricing is beyond reasonable. I will use him for any lawn mower related issues i encounter going forward.

I've used Mobile Small Engine twice now. Each time it's been fantastic service. This time around, Bill was out w/in a few hrs of speaking with him. Took the extra time to fix the carborator when it probably would have been easier for him to say its hosed and I should buy a new one. And on top of it, he was an extremely friendly nice person. That says a lot when it's hot outside and you can be personable while fixing others mechanical issues. I would definately recommend Mobile Small Engine.

Bill gives great service and is affordable! He comes to you and will fix it on site if possible. Unfortunately, he couldn't fix my lawnmower on site, due to a uncommon part, but he ordered it, and retuned to fix it once the part was in. He even sharpened the blade for free. I will use him again if I ever need to.

Bill couldn't help me with my old mower, but he was upfront and honest about it, didn't try to sell me on something I didn't need or convince me to sink money into a lost cause, and he was more than willing to send me to any number of his competitors if that's what I needed to get the job done. Despite knowing he wasn't going to get my money for this particular repair, he spent a lot of time with me, giving me a lot of information, and was just an absolute joy to talk to. Although he couldn't help me this time, I can promise you that he'll be my first call every time I need help with a mower from here on out.

So, my lawn mower had been in storage for the past 5 years due to condo living. I figured I'd have to rebuild the carburetor, which I attempted to do. Wouldn't you know it, no luck getting the beast started. What now? Got on google and found Bill at Mobile Small Engine. Bill was awesome. Bill tells me the mower has been repaired (new carburetor, new filter, blade sharpened) and it's waiting for me in my backyard. He left all my old parts and a very reasonable bill for the services. Bill is the best, I'd use him next time, no doubt.

Bill called me and came out to my house as promptly as he possibly could. Fixed the mower in no time flat. Also did an oli change and blade sharpening. Very friendly, laid back guy who just wants to get that mower up and running for you. I thought the pricing was very fair for coming to my house and doing the service that was done.

If your mower is on the fritz, and you want to get it repaired, do not hesitate to call Bill. His service is top notch. I left a voice mail requesting service and got a call back within two hours. He was at our door within four hours of the initial voice mail. When he arrived, He immediately correct the issue and offered good advice. Seriously, the best thing is the mobile service. What a hassle it would be to load up the mower, take it to a shop, then have to load it back up again. Our mower was fixed, and the blades were sharpened all within 30 min of his arrival. He takes cash, cash, and BBQ (that's what he said on the phone, he's a funny guy, too!) Thanks, Bill!

Bill got my mower working in about 15 minutes. This is a service that saved me time (taking the mower to the shop) and my back. His charges are very reasonable too. Very highly recommended!

I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself. Unfortunately, I'm the one who has to cut it, which I detest. This hatred of lawn mowing has bled over to my mower. It is a wretched little thing that I'm sure violates the city's noise ordinance. It's hard to start and not so easy to push around either. I'd pretty much had it with my mower and decided to get a new one. My mom suggested I call Bill from Mobile Repair, not to have my despised mower fixed, but to see if he had any to sell. Of course this was on a Sunday morning. I called, expecting to leave a message, but to my surprise, Bill answered. He didn't have any to sell, but he talked to me for at least 20 minutes. He told me what to look for, what to avoid, and what would be ideal for my yard. He is very friendly and a wealth of information. Armed with my new knowledge, I purchased a new mower later that day. It's full of horsepower, starts on one pull, and is easy to push! And if I ever have trouble with it, I know where to turn. If he is this helpful on the phone, I will definitely use him in the future. Bill saved the day and my lawn!

2012 was a long HOT dry year. The grass pretty much stopped growing in May and started dying in June. With nothing to cut, the mower sat, unused, for the rest of the year in the garage. Then, ahhhhh, 2013. Nice soaking rains!!!! The grass (and the weeds) came alive. Time to give the mower a purpose once again. Out it came. The first pull of the season, a rite of Spring. Then.........nothing. Pull after pull after pull....nothing. [sigh] All I could do was sit on the patio and watch the grass grow, the distant sounds of mowers from across the city filled the air. Knowing my mechanical limitations and my checking account balance, I turned to google. Bill's 5 star rating caught my eye. All reviews gave me faith that this guy should be in line for sainthood. I gave him a call. He asked me what kind of mower it was. I told him red. Being mid-March, he was at the height of his season and could not get to it right away. He did suggest in the mean time to replace the gas. Apparently, gas is only good for 60 - 90 days or so. Most of the time, that is the solution. It wasn't. Patience, I've been told, is a virtue. It paid off. When Bill did make it by, he had the mower running within 5 minutes. He also noticed the blade was bent (when did that happen?) and replaced it, as well as the spark plug, oil, and air filter. He made adjustments to the idle. In short, he healed the sick and he only requested $120 for his efforts. I nominate this guy to be St. Bill, healer of sick lawn mowers, soother of strapped bank accounts, and leader of the forces in their triumph against weeds. Bless you, Bill, bless you!!!!!

Google does it again! After reading the reviews I called Mobile Repair. Bill said he was pretty busy and would get back to me. No problem. Two days later he called and came right out. It turned out to be water in the gas tank which caused the tank to rust out. Bill replaced the tank with a used one and sharpened the blade. He suggested walking the yard and removing rocks. Lawn mower 101. Save that blade. The mower runs and cuts like a champ. If you are tired of a mower that can not cut the mustard or the grass call Bill. It will be much cheaper than a trip to Home Depo for a new mower. If you need a mower look for a second hand deal.Then call Bill.

All of the positive reviews you read back up my experience with Bill. He was on time, honest, efficient and knew exactly what to do to replace my blade and tune up my 4 year old mower at a reasonable price. It is now good for another four years. Bill did all of the work for me in the street next to his truck for easy access to tools. No mess on my driveway. He's very low key, polite and knows his stuff. I will never again cart a smelly, broken mower in my trunk to a repair shop that will hold it hostage for a month. One phone call and Bill will be at your place - in my case the day I called him. This is an excellent service. I told Bill I found him on google. I let him know he has lots of fans here!

Bill came out to my house this morning and gave my mower a nice tune-up for $120 (oil, blade, air filter, spark plug). All I had to do was walk it out to the driveway and he did the rest. What's more, he talked me through his work so that I could do it all for myself if I wanted. That shows confidence, plus it was just plain nice of him. I'd happily recommend him to anyone who needs mower help. Also, a very important detail: he said he accepts payment in cash, cash, BBQ or Apple cobbler. LOL:)

Do not waste your time anywhere else, came the next day, cleaned my carburetor (bad gas/clogged), replaced plug, sharpened blade, replaced drive belt, my 10 year old mower runs like new and all in about 40 minutes. Charged at least half of what a shop would and did not keep it for a month. Had all the parts in his truck and if that was not enough he is the nicest guy you will meet that day.

have used him several times and refer all my friends to him. nice guy. reasonable rates and very friendly

I had been looking for a place in Edmonton for lawn mower repair and it seemed crazy that all of them seem to be 6 weeks backlog. So I found Mobile Repair on the internet and was so excited to find a place that came to me. Nothing is worse that having to take your mower with the long handle in your car that doesn't fit and you could spill gas in your trunk. Anyway, this older man came out with his truck full of all the workshop stuff he needed, put my clutch back in, gave it a good thorough tune up, cleaned the carburetor and sharpened the blade. It was up and running in about an hour. It's an old mower but he managed to fix up in perfect running order. I'd recommend this place for anybody needing good mower service at a really good price.

I called Bill and he was pulling up to my house 15 minutes later. Another 20 minutes later and he had fixed my mower, replaced the gas, AND sharpened the blade. (It's not permanently fixed, but Bill told me where to get cheap parts that will take care of the issue.) "How much do I owe you, Bill?" "120 bucks It didn't take too much." The reviews are right!

Bill is AWESOME. My mower would start but die after just a few seconds. Late morning today (a Saturday), I called, expecting to be told he couldn't possibly get to me until next week. Instead, he said he would be able to get to me in the afternoon. Sure enough, he called around 3:00 and was at my house in 25 mins. In about 40 minutes he had drained the gasoline (it was old and probably contributing to the problem), installed a new carburetor kit, changed the oil, sharpened the blade, and refilled with fresh gasoline. Problem solved. Charge was only $166-- a real bargain in my opinion. I'll definitely use Bill again.

Spoke with Bill and he was prompt in setting up an appointment. Just had Bill come out to give our old lawn mower a oil change, swapped plugs, replace air filter and blade sharpening. He explained everything and provided maintenance tips. Bill is very knowledgeable with small engine repair. He was spot on in his recommendation of a new lawn mower replacement brands. From my research that I did online, it was reassuring. So I trusted him there. Very reasonable price for providing the above services and coming out to your place. I have paid more than that in the past and I had to bring in my lawnmower. I will definitely use him again and if I have any other smaller engine repairs at least give him a call.

Bill was great. I called him Saturday afternoon, and he came by later the same day. He had my mower fixed for about $15 parts and $80 labor. He explained what he was doing to my curious toddler as he fixed the mower as well. Overall a very decent and friendly guy. When I asked him if he accepted check or credit, he said "cash or bbq" is also accepted. LOL The great thing was that he actually does "house calls" and repairs it right there on your driveway.

I just met Bill with Bill Mobile Repair Repair. He came over at 8am and quickly fixed my mower that had been left out in the rain (not that there was a whole ton of that) and the sprinklers for a year. I was missing a part and of course he had me run out quick and get it. He's clean.. nice , honest, fast and funny. Nothing like learning about small engine repair in your pj's.

Bill is awesome. Excellent service, fast, and a really nice guy.

My husband had an issue with his lawn mower not working properly and we called Bill to check it out. He said he was pretty booked but he was able to fit us in a week later. Once he showed up, he spent about 15 minutes with my husband looking at the mower and discovered it was a simple fix (blocked air intake). He quickly fixed it. Bill was knowledgeable and we will definitely call him again if we have an issue with our lawn equipment. Give Bill a call!

Wow, I didn't know that this kind of service still existed. I was given an electric mower with a dull blade. I called Bill to see if he could sharpen it and he came over in less than an hour. After sharpening the blade, he asked me to test it and declared the mower worthless (and possibly unsafe), and did not charge me for the sharpening! I'll be sure to use him in the future. What a gentleman!

No chance I will even consider using ANY other service. EVER.

Bill came by and quickly determined that my OLD push mower was history. I kinda suspected that would be the case. He suggested it was time to get a new one, told me exactly what to look for when purchasing a new one, only charged me $20 - very fair!! - and he even told me where to take the old one. I will use him again!!

he's offering a great service at an excellent price. My push mower, he diagnosed the problem (a bent valve case) quickly and repaired it while I watched. I also got a new air filter, sharpened blade and a spark plug. He will be my go to guy on mower repairs from now on.

Bill was great. I called Sunday morning, and he came over Sunday afternoon. Pleasant conversation. He knew exactly what he was doing. I had leaned the mower on its side during a move and soaked the air filter in oil. He showed this to me and explained everything. Gave me some great tips for upkeep of my mower. Said I could get another decade or two out of it. Highly recommended.

I neglect and abuse my lawnmower. One day it didn't run well at all. Bill came over the SAME DAY, changed the oil, gave me new filters, sharpened the blades, and cleaned it all up for me! Now I can continue to abuse and neglect my lawnmower. Bill is an enabler.

After reading the other comments on Mobile Repair, I gave Bill a call to come out and sharpen my blades. What a nice guy. It feels good to support an independent, honest fellow like him. I agree with everything that's been said about Bill here. Not only did he have my old Honda mower's blades as sharp as they were the day I bought it, he also took care of a few other minor repairs, including changing the air filter, spark plug, etc. I would recommend him to anyone who needs minor work done on their mower. After all, his prices are very fair and you'll have your mower back way faster than if you took it into the shop.

I know he doesn't need another 5-star review, but I still wanted to show my appreciation. I've called Bill twice, and both times he happened to be able to get to my house the same day. Both times he did some quick cleanup/maintenance, it was so fast.

Love this guy. Bill is personable, affordable and bottom line - he knows what he's doing. Before you take your mower back to Sears, Home Depot or a repair shop, I highly recommend you call Bill. He's top notch in my book and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again.

The reviews here do not exaggerate. Thanks to google, and of course Bill from Mobile Small Engine, I had my little Yard Machine fixed up in no time. Called right when my mower started blowing oil and smoke at around 12 p.m. (on a SUNDAY!) Bill showed up at 3 p.m., took care of all problems, added oil, sharpened the blade, changed the air filter and spark plug, and was quick to educate me on proper handling and maintenance for maximum longevity, all for a pittance. Truly first-rate customer service. I don't write very many reviews because it takes quite a bit to impress me, but this company deserves all the praise anyone could throw at it.

Bill is a great repairman and very honest and reasonable!! You will not be disappointed if you need service on your mower and you call him. He came to our house the morning I called and he did the work within 15 minutes. We had not taken good care of our mower and it was in great need of a basic tune-up. Bill felt badly that the mower may not last very much longer, due to our neglect, that he ended up asking for less than he usually charges for a tune-up. I went ahead and paid the regular price because I was so appreciative of his work and honesty. He did get the mower running again, so we can still use it while we look for our next one. He is very honest and reputable and gave some great tips for the future, both for care and for future mower purchase. We'll definitely use him for future repair and maintenance!!

Great experience. Went out to mow the front lawn and the Honda mower kept stalling out. I called Bill, described the symptoms and he gave me some initial information and a price quote on the spot. Bill arrived less than a half hour later and got straight to work. The guy knows what he's doing. I really liked that he took the time to describe each step so that I could learn how to do the work myself in the future. His mobile setup was very well-equipped, he had all the parts I needed (spark plug, oil, air filter, basic but still), and he worked really fast. Pricing was fine. Great resource.

I called Bill on a Sunday, expecting to leave a message. He answered, and got me taken care of immediately. It's amazing, in this day & age of declining customer service, it's wonderful to find responsive companies who are there to assist. Thanks, Bill! I'll spread the word for you!

I called Bill in the morning and he came out the same day. Fast, efficient, affordable and a very nice guy to boot. What more can you ask for? Thanks Bill.

very impressed! I called Bill on Monday and told him I needed help. He was honest with me and told me he had a backlog of about a week. BUT, he encouraged me to follow up with him on Weds to see if he could fit me in. I did indeed call him on Weds morning, he came out within a few hours, fixed my push mower right up! I was not even home! He then phoned me when he was done to give me a status update. He also gave me some tips on how to best operate my mower. I am one happy camper! I mowed my yard tonight and the mower started right up without any problems!! Bills prices were extremely competitive and the service was worth every penny for the convenience! I highly recommend Bills service and will use it again when needed! I wish there were more than 5 stars to rate him!!

Extremely impressed with Bill's Mobile small engine Repair! First off, the fact that he comes to you is such a bonus. He was thorough, explained what he was doing, plus gave me tips on how to keep it in running order. Supporting local business is SO important so if you need anything related to your lawnmower, this guy is great!

Fast, reasonable, knowledgeable, friendly. Flexible when it turned out to be a simple problem. Don't need anything more than that.

Bill was very friendly and was able to come to my home on the same day I called him. I told him I chose him from his great reviews on google and he did not know what I was talking about. However, he does know much about lawn mowers and that is what is important.

Fantastic service!!! I called Bill today, he was at my house within the hour, had the mower outside and he was fixing it before I even made it outside! He changed the oil, filter, sharpened the blade and other services - runs better now than it did when I bought the mower. He charges one of the lowest rates in town - I called another repair service today and they said 6 weeks they could have it done and for much, much more than I paid Bill. Call him - you will not be sorry!!!!

After messing with my lawnmower for several hours a friend told me he could fix it and then he messed with it for several hours and it still wouldn't run. I searched google, found Bill, he came to my house a couple of hours later and thirty minutes after that I was mowing my lawn. He sharpened the blade, changed the oil, cleaned the float and carb and gave me lots of free advice for 20% of the cost of a new mower. Consider this an endorsement and give him a call when you need an expert. He said he has done so many types of machines and it shows.

Fast and efficient. Had my Honda mower running with new carb kit, new oil, new gas, new filter, new plug, and sharpened blade within 90 minutes of one phone call.

Bill came over (on a Sunday!) to take a look at my decrepit Lawn Boy 2-stroke push mower, even though he said he doesn't normally work on such monstrosities. After failing to got the ignition coil to spark, he was very straight-forward with his advice. Either spend 90$ getting the new part installed, or spend 250$ to buy a new mower. I appreciated his honesty and upfront attitude, and take it as a sign of a good businessman. He then spent 10 minutes discussing with me the relative pros and cons of the decision, but I ultimately felt like replacing the mower was the way to go. He then educated me on the functional differences of gas v electric mowers. At the end of our conversation, I was assuming there would be a small fee to cover his time, but he just said "Good Bye" and walked away. I was shocked! Bill's awesome! Would recommend!

Bill promptly returned my email with a phone call and after playing phone tag for a few days (my fault), he arrived as scheduled on a Friday afternoon. He fixed up my old Yard Machines 4hp like I didn't think possible: it runs like new, cut the grass very nicely and (literally--not kidding) used 1/3 the gas I previously needed to cut my yard! Combine that with 'house calls' service and Mobile Repair is a great value. Highly recommend.

My lawnmower would not start and I looked to Google for help. I found Mobile small engine pretty fast and due to the many good reviews, I gave them a call. Bill answered the phone and agreed to come out quickly. Bringing the service to me is convenient. He diagnosed and fixed the problem very quickly. Bill's a funny, talkative, and nice guy. He's a good salesperson too. In the end, I bought a lot more service than I intended. He replaced the gas tank which I knew was leaking so that was a good extra repair. I went ahead and let him do a tune up too (oil change, filter change, spark plug change) and blade sharpening. I may have spent more than I was planning, but the mower sounded and worked great afterwards. Bill even offered me tips to keep my lawnmower running in good shape. I don't see how you could do better than this.

I concur with the other positive reviews. Bill and I made an appointment. I live in south . He arrived when he said would. $60 in parts + $120 in repairs and some TLC by Bill and my 9 year old mower is back in action. I appreciate his passion for mowers. Did you know that depending on environmental conditions and maintenance by the owner, the average push mower has an operational life of only 8-15 years? You do now! Good job, Bill!

I've used Bill at Mobile repair to work on my lawn tractors (John Deere and Cub Cadet). First class in every respect -- he knows his stuff, works quickly at a fair price, and stands behind his work, plus he comes to you (which is a real convenience if you don't have a trailer!). Highest marks.

High praise for Bill,s Mobile Small Engine Repair. Bill took a near dead Yard Machine and made it good as new. He works in your driveway and is reasonably priced. Bill Shaw

My husband used Mobile Small Engine a few weeks ago and was very satisfied with the service and price. Awesome to not have to haul the mower around and the guy fixed it in a matter of minutes, then sharpened the blades and it's good as new.

Called Bill at 5;30 p.m. and he was at my house in 70 minutes. I like this guy! He reminds me of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Repair" a book written over 30 years ago. Bill is an honest and decent man who is devoted to the task of helping others with their small engine problems. He repairs them and he does an excellent job.He charged me 126 bucks to sharpen the blade, repair the throttle, rebuild the carburetor, replace the air filter and replace the oil. In the process he gave me a lesson on maintenance and upkeep that was easily worth 126 in and of itself. Support this man! He is a treasure!

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