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~ Chicken ~ Coop ~ On ~ Wheels ~

No Longer Available - ~ Chicken ~ Coop ~ On ~ Wheels ~ $300.00

Portable chicken house/coop for at least 4 chickens. We were going to attach a run area for chickens at the back as well so they had their own area. It has two casting wheels to move it by lifting one end. We made it last spring but decided not to ...

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Elsa The Mini Goat
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 15/06/2021
Hello Everyone, Elsa is 3.5 years old. She’s successfully had 3 babies her first time and the second 4 beautiful healthy babies(in photo) unfortunately our life’s circumstances have changed and our ...
Feeder cattle one bull
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 15/06/2021
4 angus herford ctoss feeders one 2 yr old angus bull
Flemish Giants
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 14/06/2021
Beautiful Flemish Giants Fully matured- 5 females, one male $50 each
Free Range Ducks eggs
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 13/06/2021
Free range duck eggs Located in Courtenay
Programmable Coop Sliding Door Opener
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 13/06/2021
Tired of walking to the coop late at night and early in the morning? Can't go away on vacation without someone looking after your birds? ChickenGuard Auto Door Openers are the perfect solution for ...
Indian Fantail Pigeon Breeding Pairs
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 08/06/2021
Located in Courtenay $100 per breeding pair Lots of colours available
Svart Hona hens
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 31/05/2021
3 Beautiful svart Hona hens, 2 years old. Svart Hona also know as Swedish black hens are unique and rare to Canada, they are a Swedish landrace breed of domestic chicken that is considered to have ...
Dry Hay / Haylage
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 28/05/2021
First cut dry hay timothy Round bales wrapped in plastic $100 (Excellent for horses) Second cut dry Hay Round bales wrapped in plastic $100 (Excellent for horses) First cut Haylage $80 Second cut ...
Hybrid Brown Layers
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 27/05/2021
Hybrid brown layers, 14 months old, $5.00 each
Polish X chicks for sale
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 24/05/2021
5 Polish X chicks for sale. May 20 Hatched & Healthy. $12 each
Nigerian goats
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 24/05/2021
2 weathers Born may of 2019 Very very friendly more like a dog then a goat they Pet home only 500.00 for the pair
Nigerian dwarf goats
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 24/05/2021
2 Nigerian dwarf goats One weather One girl Born dec 23 2021 Friendly fun cute pets Pet home only 500. 00 for the pair
Olde English "Babydoll" Southdown Lambs
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 23/05/2021
3 very handsome withers available. These little boys, Harold, Huckleberry Finn and Harrison are in training for lawn maintenance, and will bring a lawn cuteness factor to your yard with their sweet ...
4 Roosters looking for coops
Campbell River 22/05/2021
Heritage mix Salmon Faverolle,Maline.BCM good protectors. Not mean
4 handsome Roosters looking for coops
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 22/05/2021
These are a heritage mix breed of Salmon Faverolle and Cuckoo Maline and Black Copper Maran. They are free range and are excellent hen watchers. Not mean at all. They are 9 months old.
Silkie chicks and hatching eggs
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 20/05/2021
Purebred silkie chicks Possible colors: White/Black/Splash/Partridge Straight run (unsexed) chicks available Also have silkie hatching eggs available $35/doz
2021 LAMBS
Campbell River 12/05/2021
2021 Romanov X lambs. Will be weaned by June 1st. All lambs are tagged, wormed and boys banded before going. Grow well on pasture to produce an exceptional carcass (lean, mild flavoured and tender) ...
Dark black copper marans hatching eggs
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 02/05/2021
I’m currently taking orders for July for my darkest fertilized black copper marans hatching eggs
Rainbow hatching eggs
Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland 02/05/2021
Copper Maran and Cochin rooster over a variety of hens. Will lay a variety of egg colours. Price per dozen. Pickup in merville.
Polish Chicks
Campbell River 30/04/2021
I have beautiful different coloured polish Chicks available in black creek/Campbell river. They are absolutely stunning looking chickens as an adult. These are unsexed chicks. Silver laced, golden ...
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