10 ameraucana hens and one unrelated ameraucana rooster

No Longer Available - 10 ameraucana hens and one unrel $30.00

I have 10-1 year old ameraucana hens and one unrelated rooster for sale they are all around 1 year old and laying very well I would like 30 dollars each for them Chickens,hens,Easter egg,chicks,eggs,

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Two beautiful friendly roosters to give away
Please Contact
City of Halifax < 23 hours ago
Two 1yr old roosters to give away. Made the mistake of getting too attached and kept too many roosters from last years’ chicks, and now the hens are bearing the brunt of our mistake. They come from a ...
Lavender Orpington trio
Bedford Yesterday
One rooster and two hens. White hens pictured already sold. Breeding trio. Hens each lay an egg per day. Pick up Fall River
Silkie chicken ppu
Please Contact
City of Halifax 11/05/2021
Duke is a purbread Silkie rooster, 5-6 months old. He loves kids and pets, and is hand-trained. Only reason for selling is that we are in the city Free to a good home
Free rooster
Please Contact
Dartmouth 10/05/2021
Free rooster. Posted in pets, livestock in Dartmouth. May 10, 2021
Baby chickens
City of Halifax 10/05/2021
I have some baby chickens ready to go hen is a easter Egger and roo is a Wyandotte $ 5 each
Fertilized hatching eggs
Please Contact
Bedford 09/05/2021
Fertilized eggs of various breeds available anytime :) I have a few groups, most of which are running together right now, so I cannot guarantee any purebreds at this time. Group one: Icelandic hens, ...
Chicks for sale
City of Halifax 09/05/2021
I have baby chicks for sale. The rooster is a lavendar orphington and the hens were buff orphingtons and australorps. 1 week old at present. No idea of sexes. $5.00 per chick.
Dozen quail eggs for $12 or best offer.
Dartmouth 07/05/2021
These eggs are are from our free run coturnix quail hens. These eggs are fertile and will be good for incubation and/or food. If you are interested call 902 401 3540 or email at ...
Rhode Island Reds
Dartmouth 05/05/2021
I have a trio I would like to all go together. The Rooster is friendly, he is a year old One hen is 2 years old and pure RIR The other hen is her daughter she is half RIR and half Silkie! Very unique ...
2 austrolorp roosters
Please Contact
Bedford 04/05/2021
Looking to rehome our roosters free to a good home approx 1 year old Pick up in falmouth
Young roosters
Please Contact
Cole Harbour 04/05/2021
4 young barred rock roosters looking for a new coop. None are aggressive. Free to anyone who would like them. Would rather see them go to a coop and not freezer camp
Green hatching eggs
Cole Harbour 22/04/2021
Left overs, special price! Usually $3/egg will sell the 18 for $30. Emt/porch pick up preferred. Green layers, mix of ameraucana, faverolles and malines for different shades of green. Olive eggers
Pure lavender Orpington hatching eggs
Bedford 21/04/2021
100% lavender Orpington from BC lines - the white hens in the second photo are no longer here, only the three Orpington in the coop. Hatching eggs available as hens lay them (2 per day). Available in ...
Guinea Hen eggs
Bedford 18/04/2021
Guinea Hen hatching eggs for sale $12 dozen
Please Contact
City of Halifax 12/04/2021
Looking too re-home two roosters. They are Rhode Island reds 11 weeks old. I have 3 but only want to keep 1. Free of charge
Free Chantecler Rooster
Please Contact
Dartmouth 07/04/2021
9 month old rooster in Musquodoboit Harbor, NS
5 adult meat kings
Bedford 23/03/2021
1 rooster and 4 hens. Large meat kings for sale. 15 dollars each. Must go as one batch. Less than 1.00 a pound.
Blue black splash ameraucana hatching eggs
Bedford 22/03/2021
I once again am taking orders for my Blue black splash ameraucanas. I have these 3 love birds who have started laying eggs again and will be ready to be sold next week. These eggs are a beautiful ...
Incubating eggs?
Dartmouth 18/03/2021
My daughter and I have fertilized eggs we are selling. Ameraucana eggs, ( beautiful blue eggs) $10/ 6 Brown eggs are silver laced wyandotte x ameraucana (roo) $8/6 Speckled sussex x ameraucana (roo) ...
City of Halifax 12/03/2021
we have a beautiful black and grey silkie rooster..he has been a pet to me and is very nice..he can be both indoor and outdoor
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