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Hatching Eggs Barnyard Mix

No Longer Available - Hatching Eggs Barnyard Mix $10.00

Barnyard mix hatching eggs. Mix of breeda of Americauna, Black Copper Marans, Polish, Silverudd Blue, and Brahma. $10/dz Call or text 204.871.4937

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Chicks for sale
Brandon < 10 hours ago
I have barnyard mix chicks for sale. Could be any cross of the chickens I have, lots of heritage breed crosses and isa red crosses. Good hardy breeds, nice friendly birds. $5each. Message for more ...
Chicks for sale
Portage la Prairie Yesterday
I have barnyard mix chicks for sale. Could be any cross of the chickens I have, lots of heritage breed crosses and isa brown crosses. Good hardy breeds, nice friendly birds. $5 each. Message for more ...
Breeding Pair of Bantams
Portage la Prairie 17/06/2021
One year and 1/2 old. Hen just starting to go broody so would like to find them a new home before she sits on eggs and hatched chicks.
Muscovy ducklings
Portage la Prairie 11/06/2021
Hatched 10 days ago. Have been free ranging with Mom. Mix of genetics. Carman area. 10$ each.
Pair of geese
Brandon 10/06/2021
Beautiful pair of mixed African geese! 2 year old and already laying eggs. Pickup near Eden. No Sunday sales.
Portage la Prairie 05/06/2021
Young healthy Rabbits i have some pure New zealand and some mix New zealand/ flemish giant
Various poultry, waterfowl and gamebirds
Brandon 05/06/2021
Available now! Goslings, breeding group of American geese, Melanistic Mutant pheasant chicks and Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks. Hatching in the coming weeks and available once orders are ...
Black Copper Marans Hatching Eggs
Portage la Prairie 02/06/2021
I have 3 dozen black copper marans hatching eggs available. Oldest egg is from May 28. $30/dozen Text 204.871.4937 for quickest reply. Thanks
Fertilized Rouen Duck Eggs
Please Contact
Portage la Prairie 02/06/2021
Fertilized Rouen duck eggs with a 96% fertility rate. Ready for incubation. $25 a dozen
Pheasant chicks and geese
Brandon 22/05/2021
20 Melanistic Mutant pheasant chicks. One week old and more hatching in the coming weeks. $15 ea Breeding group of 8 American Geese in Lavender Ice and Blue. Imported from the US and between 2-4 yrs ...
White Silkie Hatching Eggs
Portage la Prairie 20/05/2021
I have 1 dz white silkie hatching eggs available. Call or text 204.871.4937
Ringneck Pheasants
Portage la Prairie 20/05/2021
We are now taking orders for hatching of Ringneck Pheasant chicks. Hatching now and will continue through June. Contact to get on the waiting list or see what may be available. All chicks are sold ...
Hatching Eggs- Silver Laced Wyandotte
Portage la Prairie 12/05/2021
Pure Silver Laced Wyandotte hatching eggs. Eggs are collected daily.They are stored at room temperature and rotated.The attached photos are of my birds. Asking $12 per dozen.
Barnyard chicks
Portage la Prairie 11/05/2021
Mixed barnyard Unsexed chicks forsale $5 a chick 2 weeks old 9 available
Barn yard mix chicks for sale
Brandon 09/05/2021
The last two pictures are the chickens that the eggs came from As they get older will be asking more . Text or call 431-761-0886
Hatching Eggs - Choose your colors
Portage la Prairie 06/05/2021
Barnyard Mix Hatching Eggs Are you looking to add some color to your basket? Choose only the colors you want. Chickens and Roosters are a mix of Americauna, Black Copper Marans, Silverudd Blue, ...
Fertile duck eggs
Brandon 06/05/2021
Duck eggs for hatching. So far 100% fertility. Mixed breeds. I have Rouen, Kakai, Indian Runner, Welsh Haralaquin and Muscovy so could be a pure of any of these or a mix of any of these. $25 a dozen
Ring neck pheasant eggs
Brandon 06/05/2021
Ring neck pheasant eggs for hatching. 25$ a dozen located in Minnedosa
Black & Blue Swedish fertilized eggs
Portage la Prairie 27/04/2021
I have a couple dozen black and blue Swedish fertilized ducks eggs for sale. Our black and blues are mixed together. Eggs are fresh, I get 6 eggs per day. 30$ for a dozen. Call or text 204-295-1254
Hatching eggs
Portage la Prairie 26/04/2021
Hatching eggs. Have copper maran, jersey giants, americauna , silver laced wyandotte birds these will be a mix of them. 1 dozen collected fresh every day $10/dozen Located elmcreek
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