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Assorted egg laying pullets available

No Longer Available - Assorted egg laying pullets avai $20.00

I have pullets off heat and ready to go in a weeks time they will be 5 weeks old. Hatched March 24. I have Isa brown Rhode Island Red Columbian rocks All sexed as pullets and ready to go off heat. Twenty clucks Each (2️⃣0️⃣) Located in Prince George ...

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Fertile Turkey eggs
Prince George < 4 hours ago
Tom is Ridley Bronze, Hens are Grey slate hens and Ridley Bronze hens. 100% proven fertility! We are winding down on the fertile egg availability over the next while, thus resulting in the low price ...
Barred Rock Rooster and 11 hens
Prince George < 11 hours ago
Barred Rock Rooster and 11 hens, 3 years old, still laying. Rooster is friendly and kind.
Pullets for sale
Prince George Yesterday
7 young pullets. Orpington and Orpington x. $25 each
2021 hay for sale
Prince George 20/06/2021
1400 lb mixed hay bales for sale available in big squares and round bales, Also straight Timothy bales available delivery available at extra cost in semi loads or gooseneck get your orders in now - ...
Hen and chicks for sale
Please Contact
Prince George 19/06/2021
Hatched out on her own. Great mother. Barn yard mix. $180 for all. Delivery available!
1yr old Ram for sale.
Please Contact
Prince George 19/06/2021
Two five o Quite friendly little guy. Has not bred. Delivery available!
Coturnix quails
Prince George 15/06/2021
Several young coturnix quail roosters. Just starting to mature. Colours including red and silver Tibetan, pharaoh, and tuxedo. $5 each Coturnix hatching eggs: $10 a dozen Hens: splash white, red and ...
Muscovy Ducks
Prince George 14/06/2021
Black pied trio. 1 male and 2 females. 2-3 yrs old. Currently laying. $90 for the trio.
Broody Hens
Prince George 05/06/2021
I have 2 buff Orpington hens, 2 black hens, and 1 RIR hen. ALL are BROODY!!! $20 each. I need nest boxes for my hens that are laying LOL Broody hens are occupying them LOL
Assorted Coturnix Quail Chicks...
Prince George 02/06/2021
Assorted Unsexed Coturnix Quail Chicks for sale, Tuxedo, Pharaoh, Calico, and Italian. $5.00 each. Text 250-552-3576...
Commercial lambs- price change
Prince George 01/06/2021
Commercial ewe lambs and wethers (castrated males) available. Mix of ile de France, Suffolk and southdown. Wethers $250 Ewes $ 300
Farm fresh quail eggs
Please Contact
Prince George 31/05/2021
Fresh quail eggs Eating: $7/dozen or $20/3 dozen Hatching: $10/dozen For eating or hatching - fantastic fertility rate - we had a 90% hatch rate on our latest batch! These are Jumbo Coturnix quail. ...
5 week old pullets available May 28
Prince George 19/05/2021
Pullets ready for new roosts by May 28 Isa browns Rhode Island reds Red rock crosses Located in pineview currently Four times five for a pullet Will be off heat completely when ready to go...first ...
Ridley Bronze Hatching Eggs
Prince George 16/05/2021
We have Ridley Bronze hatching Eggs currently Available $60.00 a Dozen. Located in Prince George BC
Hatching Eggs - $20 - Easter Eggers, CM & Road Island Red X
Prince George 11/05/2021
$20 a dozen - Fertilized Hatching Eggs Easter Eggers (Green/olive, blue/grey) Copper Maran x (Red) &/or Road Island Red x (Brown) *Last dozen were confirmed as 100% fertilized *No guarantee on hatch ...
Hatching Eggs - $20 a dozen (Easter Eggers, Road Island Red, CM)
Prince George 07/05/2021
$20 a dozen - Fertilized Hatching Eggs Easter Eggers (Green/olive) Copper Maran x (Red) &/or Road Island Red x (Brown) *Last dozen were confirmed as 100% fertilized and 10/12 hatched successfully *No ...
farm  eggs
Prince George 03/05/2021
{eggs }4 dollars a dozen chicken eggs call 250 613 8334
Laying hen baby chicks
Prince George 29/04/2021
Now hatching new generation of laying hen chicks , available breeds include Americauna, Black copper marans, Buff orpington , Welsummer, Sussex light , and North of 50 brown layers and North of 50 ...
Prince George 27/04/2021
Five white Chantelle hens. Laying. A couple are from last year’s hatch, the remaining are less than three years old. Can also include a rooster if needed.
Farm fresh eggs delivered
Prince George 24/04/2021
Delicious large Brown eggs-$5.00/doz Blue and green eggs, perfect for baking and eating.-$4.00/doz Free delivery in Prince George, minimum 2 doz As well pickup available from Home Depot.
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