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Broody Buff Orpington hens

No Longer Available - Broody Buff Orpington hens $20.00

1 yr old buff Orpington hens. I have 2 available. They are broody right now. $20 each

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Prince George 09/06/2021
Homestead starter flocks of 4 hens and 1 unrelated rooster. All are less than 1.5 years, most just started laying this spring, 7 months old. Mixes of cuckoo maran, isa brown and a tiny bit of ...
Fertile Turkey eggs
Prince George 09/06/2021
I have 2 more doz available $45 each doz Tom is Ridley Bronze. Some hens are Ridley bronze and others are Grey Slate hens. 100% proven fertility rate.$45 per doz
Tom Turkey
Prince George 07/06/2021
He is a Ridley Bronze turkey and very friendly not aggressive at all. Nice fello! He has bred my hens and is proven. He is not yet a year old. $100 or trade for a Katahdin lamb.
Please Contact
Prince George 07/06/2021
Young Laying Hens
Prince George 05/06/2021
ISA Brown hens, approx 6 months old, friendly, excellent layers. $20/hen. Willing to make a deal for 10 or more hens. In Quesnel but can deliver to PG
Broody Hens
Prince George 05/06/2021
I have 2 buff Orpington hens, 2 black hens, and 1 RIR hen. ALL are BROODY!!! $20 each. I need nest boxes for my hens that are laying LOL Broody hens are occupying them LOL
3 heifers for sale
Prince George 03/06/2021
3 heifers in great shape on grass now would make great feeder calves for winter meat asking 3000$ for all 3. Text 1-250-567-8712
(Pending) Laying hens $5 ea or all for $100
Prince George 31/05/2021
Brown laying hens born May 22, 2019 for sale. These chickens are Sexalink browns that are easy to care for. You can buy one for $5 or you can buy all of them for $100. There are approximately 25 hens ...
Heritage Breed Chicks
Prince George 30/05/2021
11 available, week old chicks. We have been crossing our favourite heritage breeds for ten years to perfect our own backyard flock. These chicks are crosses of Lavender and Buff Orpington, for winter ...
Butcher cow
Prince George 30/05/2021
I have a butcher cow. She calved with her 1st calf but is no good for breeding. She is a young Hereford /Angus She needs some beefing up. She is the black and white cow in the pic. $1300 or trade for ...
Tom turkey
Please Contact
Prince George 30/05/2021
Will trade my Ridley Bronze turkey tom for a bale of good hay. My hayshed and all of my hay is gone, all 270 bales burned to the ground last week. Thank you kindly!
Fertile Turkey eggs
Prince George 27/05/2021
Ridley Bronze hens and Grey Slate hens covered by a Ridley Bronze tom. proven 100% fertility rate. $45 per doz.
Ridley Bronze Tom
Prince George 04/05/2021
Healthy Tom ready for your breeding program. He is very calm ...just over 9 months old. He has bred my hens and has proven fertile. $100
Ossabaw Island Sow
Please Contact
Prince George 01/05/2021
Ossabaw Island sow. 10 months old. Decent size and build. Recently exposed to boar. $400 obo. Once she has been with the boar for 4 weeks price will be $450. Will consider various trades for Tamworth ...
Laying hen baby chicks
Prince George 29/04/2021
Now hatching new generation of laying hen chicks , available breeds include Americauna, Black copper marans, Buff orpington , Welsummer, Sussex light , and North of 50 brown layers and North of 50 ...
Prince George 27/04/2021
Five white Chantelle hens. Laying. A couple are from last year’s hatch, the remaining are less than three years old. Can also include a rooster if needed.
Turkey Hatching eggs
Prince George 24/04/2021
Ridley Bronze Tom with Ridley Bronze hens and Grey Slate hens. $45 DOZ 100% PROVEN FERTILITY RATE!!!!
Assorted egg laying pullets available
Prince George 21/04/2021
I have pullets off heat and ready to go in a weeks time they will be 5 weeks old. Hatched March 24. I have Isa brown Rhode Island Red Columbian rocks All sexed as pullets and ready to go off heat. ...
Flock of ducks
Prince George 20/04/2021
I have a flock of ducks I have 1 pekin a drake the hen got eaten by the lynx these ducks have to be sold asap have a harlequin drake and 2 hens the one hen lost an eye because of a muskovey I had but ...
Fertilized silkie cross chicken eggs
Prince George 18/04/2021
Isa brown and black star hens cross with silkie rooster 5/egg or 25/dozen Txt 2363317796
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