Chickens,  ducks,  turkey, guinea, quail

No Longer Available - Chickens, ducks, turkey, guine $10.00

I will soon start hatching many varieties of poultry. I have listed what I will have available this spring. If there is breed that you are looking for let me know and I can hatch some. All babies are straight run. Most chicks are 10 ea. Some breeds ...

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Saint John < 14 hours ago
Day old Coturnix quail chicks, unsexed $5 each. Adorable, low maintenance, females begin laying eggs at 6 weeks of age. Cash and etransfer accepted. Pick up in Maces Bay, NB (506)663-5597
Jumbo quail
Saint John 25/06/2022
Jumbo quail chicks available. $5 each
Purebred chicks
Saint John 24/06/2022
I have a some purebred chicks available. Blue laced red Wyandotte Barred rock RIR $10 each I also have Runner ducklings $10 each Jumbo quail $5 each Guinea $10 (sold out until next week)
Saint John 20/06/2022
Got bird dogs/hunter dogs to train? We can help! BOBWHITE QUAIL FERTILIZED HATCHING EGGS $15/DOZEN These eggs have been collected within a week, tilted twice daily, and stored in a cool area. $15/doz ...
Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail
Please Contact
Saint John 13/06/2022
set of 5 one male and 4 females 50 dollars or set of 12 two males and 10 females for 100 dollars. Fertilized eggs two dozen or more 10 dollars a dozen.
Bourbon red turkey hatching eggs
Saint John 08/06/2022
Bourbon red turkey hatching eggs 3 dz available $40 a dz .
Saint John 08/06/2022
5 REMAINING 3 days old. Coturnix quail chicks. Pickup in MACES Bay, NB. (506)663-5597
Omlet movable chicken coop. Can be wheeled around the yard.
Saint John 04/06/2022
Omlet chicken coop which includes automatic door. Also includes incubator, 8*8 covered dog run, various feeders, food, and 8 laying hens.
Omlet movable chicken coop.
Saint John 04/06/2022
Omlet chicken coop which includes automatic door. Also includes incubator, 8*8 covered dog run, various feeders, food, and 8 laying hens.
Fertile Eggs, chicks and ducklings!
Saint John 27/05/2022
Have fertile chicken and duck eggs, also 5 EE 8 day old chicks ready to go lots more of a variety of chicks and duckling hatching soon! And lots of guinea fowl in 29 days!
Guinea Fowl Hatching Eggs
Please Contact
Saint John 23/05/2022
Guinea Hatching Eggs in Sussex Area. Asking $20 per dozen Will have some keets also at $10 each or larger orders discounted.
3 Male Quail
Please Contact
Saint John 21/05/2022
Adult male quail aprox 8 months old, $10 each or all 3 for $20
Quail Eggs
Saint John 19/05/2022
A dozen coturnix quail eggs. They are fertilized, come from a mixed flock of standard brown, Jumbo, Italian, white, Tibetan and tuxedo, so any colour is possible. Hatching eggs are $10 per dozen. ...
Guinea Fowl Eggs
Saint John 08/05/2022
I have Guinea Fowl Eggs for sale in the Sussex area for $20 per dozen. If interested please contact.
Fresh duck eggs
Saint John 08/05/2022
Duck eggs are great for baking lots available
Fresh free range chicken eggs
Saint John 08/05/2022
Lots of different colors delicious Fram fresh chicken eggs
Saint John 06/05/2022
Hello! We have Fertilized Coturnix quail eggs! These eggs have been collected within a week, stored at a cool temperature, and tilted twice daily. $10/dozen Pickup at The Holland Hobby Farm Ltd in ...
Eggs available eating or hatching.
Saint John 04/05/2022
Eggs available. Eating eggs $3.50 for chicken/dz, duck eggs $5/dz Hatching eggs barn yard run $20 per dz. Turkey eggs $40 per dz bourbon reds, Duck hatching eggs $30 per dz tufted drake over variety ...
Brown Bovans
Saint John 01/05/2022
Brown bovan chickens for sale! 42 weeks old and all laying!
Hatching Duck eggs
Saint John 30/04/2022
Hatching runner duck eggs
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