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No Longer Available - Hatching Services $1.00

Hatching Services available. Please contact. Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Guinea Fowl, Pheasants, Peafowl, Geese, Emus, Swans, etc. Starting at $1.00/egg. Large Volume discounts available. Fertile Hatching eggs available Chicks available

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Baby chicks for sale!
Sudbury 16/05/2021
Selling baby chick. Currently 2 days old. Mixed. $5.00 per chick Markstay Ontario. Seven zero five - five six one - five seven seven five (Number to avoid robots and scams. Msg with Kijiji or text. ...
Silkie chicks and eggs available
Sudbury 12/05/2021
Silkie chicks and hatching eggs available msg for details. We also have adult pairs available.
Buff bantam Brahma hatching eggs and chicks
Sudbury 12/05/2021
I have 3 dozen buff bantam Brahma hatching eggs available plus chicks for sale. Msg for details.
Looking for cayuga duck hatching eggs
Sudbury 11/05/2021
Hello i am looking for some fertilized cayuga duck hatching eggs or a couple of hens . i can pay for the eggs to be shipped. Thank you
Baby chicks
Sudbury 08/05/2021
Chanticleer cross cornish and redsexling chicks location is Manitoulin Ontario $5 each hatching today message for detail
Duck Eggs
Sudbury 07/05/2021
Fresh duck eggs for sale. Located near Espanola. Mixed coloured eggs. $8 a dozen. I also have fertile hatching eggs available. I have Appleyard, Cayuga, Buff Orpington and Khaki Campbell drakes. I ...
Toulouse hatching eggs
Sudbury 04/05/2021
Pure French Toulouse goose hatching eggs. Fertility has been 100% $10 each or $50 for 1/2 dozen.
Shorthorn Bulls for sale
Sudbury 28/04/2021
Shorthorn bulls for sale. Bulls are easy doing fleshy bulls with good, moderate birth weights. These bulls dams and sires are on site for viewing as well the 3rd photo is the picture of the sire. We ...
Sudbury 23/04/2021
Coturnix Quail - chicks - hatching eggs - eating eggs Great for pets, eggs, and meat. Spring Bay, Manitoulin Island.
Fertile Hatching Eggs, Barn Hatch, Chicken Eggs
Sudbury 21/04/2021
Fertile Hatching Eggs: $25/doz Heritage breed Fertile hatching eggs. Barn Hatch= Mix of Belgian Maline, Americauna, Dark + White Laced red Cornish, Jersey Giant, Black Sex Link, Silver Laced ...
Duck hatching eggs
Sudbury 20/04/2021
Khaki campbell/buff orpington mix hatching duck eggs . i currently have 30 eggs asking $10 a dozen.eggs can also be mailed *shipping not included
Quail Chicks.
Sudbury 17/04/2021
CHICKS ARE SOLD OUT. Beautiful colour variations (silver, tuxedo, Tibetan, Rosetta, Italians..) first two pics are birds I hatched two weeks ago (not for sale). *Spring Bay Manitoulin Island Hatching ...
Please Contact
Sudbury 14/04/2021
I'm looking for Pekin ducks/duckling or hatching eggs. If someone can help me out let me know.
Hatching eggs (ducks)
Sudbury 12/04/2021
We have hatching eggs for sale (ducks) We have Pekin, Rouen and khaki Campbell. No guarantees they are not cross bred eggs. But have not seen much cross breeding. Asking $25 a dozen Plus shipping if ...
Hatching Eggs
Please Contact
Sudbury 09/04/2021
Hatching Eggs Available in the following : 12 pack of Silkie Eggs (20$) White Silkie rooster over -bearded blue -bearded black -bearded paint - Bowtie naked neck Russian Roulette 12 pack (15$) Polish ...
Fertile Hatching Quail Eggs
Sudbury 07/04/2021
Fertile Hatching Quail Eggs available. Asking $ 7.00/Doz Eating Quail Eggs $6.00/doz
Barn Mix Fertile Chicken Hatching Eggs
Sudbury 05/04/2021
Barn Mix Chicken Fertile Hatching Eggs. Barn 1 = Bielefelder Roo over Silver Laced Wyandotte, Australorp, Red Sex Link, Americana X, CR = Americauna Roo over Jersey Giant, Belgian Maline, EE, ...
Suffolk Rams
Please Contact
Sudbury 02/04/2021
Suffolk and Suffolk X rams for sale. Born in the spring of 2020. Delivery can be arranged.
Quail Chicks.
Sudbury 29/03/2021
$4 each Spring Bay Chicks are sold out right now. Hatching eggs almost always available. $10/doz. Colours: silver, Italians, Tibetan, tuxedo, wild type. ** new hatch coming **
McGhee Acre
Please Contact
Sudbury 27/03/2021
Spring is in the air. We are starting to hatch out some of our pure barred rock chicks. Great duel purpose chickens, amazing layers and also hardy for our cold winters. We also sell hatching eggs for ...
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