Newly hatched Heritage Barred Rock Chicks

No Longer Available - Newly hatched Heritage Barred Ro $7.00

Newly hatched pure Barred Rock chicks for sale. Started to hatch yesterday (February 10th) and the last ones are still hatching out! They are born of happy parents who are healthy, friendly and genetically sound. The flock is fed all organic ...

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Heritage chicks possible green/blue eggs gene and frizzle!
Please Contact
Truro 17/04/2021
Hi I have 3 heritage chicks prefer them all go together so I don't get left with a lonely one $12 a chick or 3 for $35
Straight run barnyard mix  day old chicks
Truro 16/04/2021
26 chicks hatched out tuesday and wednesday. 18 yellow fuzzies from my very large white rock/silver dorking? rooster that has shown very good fertility and awesome temperment. with him were 5 mixed ...
EEs chicks hatched from green eggs. Ready to go now.
Truro 16/04/2021
EEs chicks hatched from green eggs, ready to go now. Unsexed, $6 each Located in Middle Musquodoboit
Heritage breed chicks
Please Contact
Truro 15/04/2021
ActiveLife Farm has been supplying heritage breed chickens since 2010. We are hatching bi-weekly until fall and have various breeds of chicks available Please visit our website for breed description ...
3 week old Easter Egger chicks
Truro 14/04/2021
3 week old chicks ready to go. Easter eggers 7.00/ chick
Organic Heritage Layers and Meat Birds
Truro 13/04/2021
These chicks are from two different "strains" of my Organically raised Barred Rock flocks. One focus on faster growth in body weight and the other on early egg laying. Both "strains" can be used as ...
Purebred Rhode Island Red Chicks
Truro 12/04/2021
Last chicks available hatched April 1st. Selling as straight run, which means they are not sexed when sold. Rhode Island hens lay a large brown egg. Good layers and easy keepers. Located in ...
2 barnyard mix chicks(one week old) to go together
Truro 09/04/2021
Two very sweet and cute 1 week old barnyard mixed chicks (layer breeds), looking for a good home together. One hatched from a brown egg, the other from a white egg. One has very fluffy cheeks and ...
Heritage breed Partridge Chantecler chicks
Truro 06/04/2021
Partridge Chantecler Chicks for sale. Hatched March 31 - April 1st 8 available - $10 each Straight run. Partridge Chanteclers are a dual purpose heritage breed developed in Alberta, Canada. They are ...
Truro 04/04/2021
6 lavender Orpington chicks $10 each. Hatched April 2nd. Straight run.
Barred Rock Roosters
Please Contact
Truro 28/03/2021
Any one looking for a barred rock rooster please contact 902 750 0821
Barred rocks hatching eggs
Truro 23/03/2021
Heritage Plymouth barred rock eggs available. $40/dz Shubenacadie area
Pure bred barred rock chicks
Truro 18/03/2021
Barred Rock chicks for sale! Half my breeders are from new Brunswick, selectively bred for docility and size and early laying. They gain weight fast and are great for meat, layers, or breeding. The ...
Organic Heritage Barred Rock Chicks
Truro 16/03/2021
I will be hatching continuously throughout the season of carefully selected Plymouth Barred Rock chicks. The selection criteria includes but not exclusive to: genetic soundness, overall strong ...
Organic Heritage Meat Birds
Truro 15/03/2021
I'm offering newly hatched heritage Barred Rock meat birds for sale. Over the years, I have been completely dissatisfied towards Meat King or any CX variety of what's been offered on the meat birds ...
Barred Rock hatching eggs
Truro 13/03/2021
Pure barred rock hatching eggs. Just outside of Stewiacke.
Heritage Barred Rock chicks for sale
Truro 12/03/2021
Newly hatched (or some older ones) Barred Rock chicks for sale. The "parent flock" free ranges all year round and is fed an all organic fermented and sprouted diet consisted of wheat, barley, oats, ...
Ayam Cemani chicks
Truro 11/03/2021
3 Ayam Cemani chicks hatched on the 10th. Unsexed. $25 each
Hatching eggs for sale!
Truro 02/03/2021
Hatching eggs available! $25 a dozen. Hens are Barred Rock, Ameraucana and Australorps. Roosters are Ameraucana and Barred Rock. Message me for more details!
Barred Rock Chicks for Sale
Truro 27/02/2021
Offering newly hatched Barred Rock chicks for sale. The flock is genetically sound, healthy and peace loving healthy birds. Free ranging all year round and fed a homemade all organic diet - sprouted ...
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