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Bakflip G2 Equip your pickup with the BAK BAKFlip G2 and enjoy all the security of a locking hardtop without sacrificing bed access Fold the BAKFlip all the way shut, locking it in place at each fold and at the tailgate for total bed security When the tailgate is locked, the BAKFlip G2 cannot be opened For quick accessibility to your bed, fold your G2 up to your rear window and lock it in place Innovative locking arms secure the cover when it's folded against your rear window For total bed access, you can remove the entire BAKFlip in minutes by loosening a couple of wing nuts 100% weatherproof—tongue and groove weather stripping is unfazed by rain and snow Maintains its shape even in harsh conditions—doesn’t shrink in cold or expand in heat The panels are built from super-strong aluminum with a durable 1/2" thick EPS core Capable of holding up to 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight Works with bed extenders, under-the-rail bed liners, toolboxes & storage units, sliding bed trays, bed rails and truck racks thanks to open stake pocket holes Treated to resist the harmful effects of UV rays-won't crack, warp, fade, rust or corrode Mounts inside your bed rails for a sleek, low-profile fit—looks smooth and reduces drag for improved fuel economy G2 features simple, no-drill, clamp-on installation Your BAK BAKFlip Tonneau Cover is backed by a 2- year warranty. Special $949.95 plus tax All S/B Standard bed (example 226203) Contact Claude American Graffiti Automotive 416 McArthur Ave Ottawa Email only please with your address and postal code for shipping prices.

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