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PRO SERIES FULLY ELECTRONIC IGNITION DISTRIBUTOR FITS, 440, 426, and 413 ENGINES READY TO RUN TYPE ELECTRONIC IGNITION DISTRIBUTOR. THIS UNIT IS CNC MACHINED. PART NUMBER PE-342-R LET US EXPLAIN WHAT THIS UNIT IS, AS WE HAVE HAD SO MANY PEOPLE ASK IF THIS UNIT WILL TAP INTO THEIR EXISTING FENDER WELL MOUNTED MODULE, (BRAIN BOX), AND IF THEY HAVE A POINT DISTRIBUTOR, THEY ARE WONDERING IF THEY NEED THE TYPICAL FENDER MOUNT MODULE TO GO WITH THIS AS CHRYSLER USED ON THEIR ELECTRONIC IGNITION. HERE IS WHAT THIS UNIT IS. IT'S A FULLY SELF CONTAINED HEI DISTRIBUTOR, WITH THE MODULE, ALSO CALL BRAIN BOX BUILT IN TO IT. YOU CAN GET RID OF EVERY BIT OF THAT DRIED UP WIRING, BRAIN BOXS, ETC, FROM YOUR OLD SYSTEM, INCLUDING THE BALLAST RESISTER, AND MODULE, (BRAIN BOX). ALL THIS UNIT NEEDS IS A FRESH 12 VOLT COIL, AND YOU SIMPLY HOOK UP THE TWO WIRES COMING FROM THIS DISTRIBUTOR TO THE COIL, AND THAT'S IT. NO OTHER WIRING NEEDED EXCEPT FOR THE POWER LEAD FROM THE POSITIVE SIDE OF THE COIL TO POWERED SOURCE. YOU WILL THEN HAVE A TOTAL OF TWO WIRES TAPPED INTO THE POSITIVE SIDE OF THE COIL, AND OF COURSE YOUR NEGATIVE WIRE FROM THE DIST. TO THE NEG. SIDE OF THE COIL. THIS UNIT OPERATES THE SAME AS THE GM HEI, EXCEPT IT DOE'S NOT HAVE THE COIL BUILT IN TO IT. EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ELECTRONIC IGNITION, AS THE ONE DESIGNED BY CHRYSLER AROUND 1973 THIS IS FAR SUPERIOR. THE FACT THAT YOU CAN ELIMINATE THAT MESS OF DRIED OUT WIRING, BRAIN BOX, AND BALLAST RESISTOR SHOULD BE REASON ENOUGH, NOT TO MENTION YOUR WELL WORN DISTRIBUTOR. IF YOU ARE RUNNING A POINT STYLE DISTRIBUTOR, YOUR GOING TO BE AMAZED WHEN YOU SWITCH OVER, AT THE WAY YOUR CAR STARTS, WARMS UP, AND PERFORMS. YOU SHOULD TRY THE COIL MENTIONED BELOW, AND YOU WILL HAVE THE ULTIMATE IGNITION SYSTEM. MAKE NO MISTAKE THIS IS A FULLY SELF CONTAINED ELECTRONIC IGNITION SYSTEM, EXCEPT FOR THE COIL. CHRYSLER ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS ARE PRIMITIVE COMPARED TO THIS, AND POINT STYLE DISTRIBUTORS ARE SIMPLY INSANE TO RUN. UNLEAD FUEL IS POORLY IGNITED WITH POINT TYPE IGNITION. NOTICE THE CHROME BOX ON THE LOWER SIDE OF OUR DISTRIBUTOR, THAT'S WHERE THE GM STYLE MODULE IS LOCATED. THE MODULE IS NOT THE VERY SAME MODULE GM USES, BUT IT IS THE SAME DESIGN PRINCIPAL. YOU ALL VERY WELL KNOW GM HAD THAT DESIGN RIGHT OVER 30 YEARS AGO. NOW YOU CAN OPEN YOUR PLUG GAP TO AROUND 45-50 INSTEAD OF 32-35 AS WAS REQUIRED WITH POINT SYSTEMS. THE SPARK THIS UNIT PRODUCES IS MANY TIMES STRONGER COMPARED TO POINTS. This has to be the best money you could ever spend on your point style or oem electronic ignition system. BRAND NEW IN THE BOX, Will fit big block mopar(RBmotors)413, 426,440(Willnotfit361,383, or 400) THIS UNIT IS IDENTICAL SIZE TO THE ORIGINAL POINT DISTRIBUTOR WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE MALE STYLE CAP. ALL MALE STYLE CAPS ARE ABOUT HALF AN INCH TALLER VS. THE FEMALE STYLE. ALL THAT'S NEEDED IS AN EXTERNAL 12 VOLT COIL. THIS UNIT IS SUPPLIED WITH A MALE STYLE CAP. IF YOUR WIRES ARE BELOW 8MM SIZE YOU MUST UPGRADE TO THE LARGER SIZE WIRES. POINT STYLE DISTRIBUTORS WERE NOT DEMANDING ON PLUG WIRE SIZE DUE TO THE FACT THE VOLTAGE WAS MUCH LOWER COMPARED TO HEI IGNITION. IF YOUR BUYING WIRES THEN DO PURCHASE THOSE THAT HAVE THE TERMINALS THAT WORK WITH A MALE STYLE CAP. THIS IS A MUCH BETTER SETUP COMPARED TO THE OEM FEMALE STYLE CAP. THE PERFORMANCE DIFFERENCE FROM POINT TO ELECTRONIC IGNITION IS DRAMATIC TO SAY THE LEAST, NOT TO MENTION MOST EARLY POINT STYLE DISTRIBUTORS ARE WORE OUT. This distributor can be installed in less than 30 min to one hour. It's fair to say that this unit will work in most vehicles that were built prior to 1977, and much later in the pickup trucks. all the way back to the late 60's, using the engines listed above. We have had so many Dodge owners request this unit. Another nice thing, it has a somewhat oem appearance, except for the small chrome module housing at the lower base of the distributor. This unit has a vac. advance, and I'm sure has a bit more aggressive curve plot to it. ONCE AGAIN, HERE IS THE LIST OF ENGINES THAT THIS UNIT WILL FIT 413,426,440 CID ENGINES. Some of the many benefits of electronic ignition over points are as listed below. Much better fuel mileage Far less pollution, as the fuel is burned much better Faster start ups, especially in cold weather Those with carbs. prone to flooding will notice a huge difference, as the spark on electronic ig. is many times stronger than point style ignition. Virtually no maintenance, compared to points Spark plug life is 3-5 times longer, as well as plug wires Much better performance, over points, mostly due to the better combustion of unleaded fuel, as this was the primary reason for the development of electronic ignition. Point dwell changes as points wear out, causing your timing to advance dramatically. This brings your engine much closer to detonation, not to mention hard starting, and poor performance. Over all engine life is much longer with electronic ignition over points. This is a fact. Most old distributors have wear in the shaft bushings, causing fluctuations in performance. It would be impossible for a distributor that's been ran for 15 or more years to not have excessive wear. Eliminate the early style brain box, and many wires on primitive electronic ignition systems that came out around 1972 They were also very unreliable.

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